Guides are the cornerstone of any tour. They can ‘make or break’ a visit to any city. We are so excited about the quality of guides that work for Discover Walks.



Eva is originally from Slovakia, well actually she was still born in former Czechoslovakia. She moved to Prague 8 years ago and totally fell in love with the city. So she decided to stay. She actually has her diploma in chemistry, but visiting different places, looking at architecture swiped her off the feet and she found out that her real passion is being a guide, introducing Prague to other people. She has been a licensed guide for 3 years now and still can´t get enough.

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Aja prague city guide

Aja is an always smiling optimist obsessed with travelling, good food, theatre, films and anything new. She has also worked at several different places around Europe such as Italy, Poland or Germany. However, the more she travels the more she falls in love with Prague. Her favourite spot in Prague is Letna park (the view!!!). So pack your suitcase, come to Prague and let Aja show you around. Be careful: do it only if you are not afraid of falling head over feet in love (not with Aja of course, with Prague!!! 😉

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Marketa prague city guide

If you ever wondered what tiny dark jazz clubs of Prague to go to, Marketa will recommend you the best. The reason of it is that apart from showing you around the Old Town and Prague Castle, you can count playing he saxophone among her hobbies.

Besides that as a student of psychology she loves meeting new people, especially in an international environment, since she lived in London for a year. However she gladly came back to Prague where she was born and now she is excited to show you all its beauties!

Or something like that, you can adjust it if you want 🙂 I am sending you a picture of me, too.

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