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enrique madrid city guide

Meet Enrique, a passionate lover of his wonderful city, Madrid, a very open minded and easy going person who since early age took interest on the art and history of his country and his “beloved” Madrid.

With a degree in art history and a PhD in Spanish 19th century art and history he will definitely make your time in the capital of Spain unforgettable.

Madrid, an unknown”child”, a city of peasants who give shape to this lovely city, a city which with Enrique’s guidance is not going to let you down!

Luis David

luis david barceona guide

It is said that “the World is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page”. Luis-David wants to read the whole book, and that´s why he travels as much as he can.
His passions are History and Madrid, the city where he was born. He loves showing the capital of Spain because you can breath history everywhere. David will explain to you not only beautiful monuments, but also the everyday life in Madrid.
However, the Spanish culture is not only history. Gastronomy is an art for us, so what about a tapas tour downtown? – Join David on Facebook

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