Budapest walking tours

Budapest walking tours

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At Discover Walks, we’re proud to offer not only a range of top free tours in Budapest, but also a variety of guided walking tours, bike ventures, cuisine walks and other attractions.


Since we hold over 100,000 walking tours a year, we’re confident in our ability to show curious travelers all that there is to see.


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Explore our walking tours through the Hungarian capital for all things art, food, landmarks, and even a Budapest bar tour!

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The best things to do in Budapest

As far as tourism goes, Budapest is a prime destination for travelers young and old. To give you an idea of just how rich the history in this city is, Budapest holds the nickname “the pearl of the Danube”.
Conveniently, this happens to be one of the best European cities to explore on foot, so naturally we’ve covered every inch with our dynamic tour packages.

On a free walking tour Budapest you’ll pass famed attractions such as Buda Castle, Heroes Square, the Central Market and St. Steven’s Basilica. Since Budapest sits at the foot of the Buda Hills, the cityscape is predominantly flat and accessible, making it easy to explore in its entirety so long as you wear your comfiest shoes!

Did you know Budapest is famous for some truly delectable local temptations? From traditional goulash to chimney cake, you’ll be grateful to have signed up for some extra cardio in between. You can read more about the best restaurants in Budapest in our blog. Be ready to eat well when you visit us!

If you’re looking to explore Budapest in a unique and interactive way, our local guides can guarantee an experience you won’t soon forget. Book well in advance and secure your spot…

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