What is Belgium’s capital?

Grand-Place – Grote Markt© visit.brussels – Jean-Michel Byl – 2022


What is Belgium’s national dish?

What famous city is this?

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City guide

Where to stay in Athens – Best area’s guide

The growth of this historic city has gained popularity among many people that plan to visit Greece. It is a must-stop for anyone traversing this beautiful country known as the home of democracy.

Athens attracts millions of tourists annually and is one of the most toured cities in Europe. Its main attraction being the imposing Acropolis and the Parthenon among other numerous monuments.

There is more to see in this city that has been in existence since the 5th century.

The historic museums with ancient artefacts and has one of the longest footpaths leading to main archaeological sites at its historic centre.

Finding a place to stay in this city is not an uphill task, there are plenty of hotels to choose from as per your budget, convenient transport in and out of the city. The eateries and pubs are great and their hospitality is undisputed.

There are different areas in the city to choose from, so I have 5 best area’s guide on where to stay in Athens.


5 tips every tourist should know before visiting the Eiffel Tower

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Hvar and Split – Fun in Croatia

As noted in a previous article, my wife and I spent ten days exploring the mid-coastal section of Croatia. We started with Split and Hvar. Split is the second largest city in Croatia. That said, Split has only 160,000 people in it, So, it is more of a small to mid-sized city.

For a tourist, probably the coolest thing about Split is that a significant portion of its old town area is built on and into the Diocletian Palace. The palace/fortress was built in 300 AD for a retiring Roman Emperor. And the structure creates a very intriguing series of narrow streets, alleys, pathways and buildings. Now occupied mainly by stores and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. We had a great time exploring and discovered our first ‘rubber duck stores’ there. It is fun to see what crazy things people will get into.

Brides Old Town, there is the Klis Fortress in Split. At this point in its history, it is more famous as a set for Game of Thrones than anything else.

Part of the reason we chose Croatia for part of our time in Europe was to have a bit of beach resort time. For this, we needed to find a nice beach in one of the many towns and villages that dot the coast as you leave Split. Our favorite town in this area was Omis. 

We enjoyed walking along the pathway along the water. Often, we were the only ones out. Below is the view from our terrace.


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