Where to work out in Paris: our best tips!


If you’re coming to Paris but cannot spend a day without working out, this article has been written for you! I will share with you our best tips on where to work out in Paris!

Being fit is definitely one of the trendiest habits and a priority for most people. It’s important to maintain your health. Whenever one exercises, they always feel much better and healthy. This is why if you have this good habit, you should keep up the good work and work out even though you’re away from home.

Paris is a beautiful city and most Parisians work out on a daily basis. While in Paris, you can enjoy the beauty of the city while working out! It’s true that you will walk a lot from one landmark to another… But if you need that extra exercise, read on and find out our best tips on where to work out in Paris!

For a jog

Paris is a very lively and dynamic city. There are plenty of places for you to work out. If you are feeling to go for a run, you will be satisfied, because in Paris there are a lot of parks and gardens where you can exercise, relax and meditate! In this part of the article, I will tell you my favorite places to go for a jog! I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Along the banks of the Seine


Whenever I work out, I always make sure I have room and that I will not be disturbed. This is why going for a jog along the banks of the Seine is extremely pleasant, especially if you go during the off-peak hours, which are in the morning when people are still waking up, or at night when people are at home going to bed.

Running along the banks of the Seine is a great idea, because you get to work out while enjoying both Left and Right bank of Paris!

In the charming Jardin du Palais Royal


People who visit Paris for the first time usually don’t get to see the Palais Royal garden. To be honest, it is not that famous after all. I consider it to be a hidden gem! Because it is only known by the locals! The palace is stunning, so it is totally worth the visit! But the garden is even more marvellous. You will fall in love with the place!

I usually go running there early in the morning when all the Parisians are heading to work and I have the whole place to myself. Since it is not a touristy place, you get to enjoy the silent Paris, when everyone is still getting ready to start the day.

If you’re not an early bird, you can go during the afternoon or during the evening. The Jardin du Palais Royal is a very peaceful place to go for a jog. However, avoid going there between 4 pm and 6 pm, because that’s when children get out of school and they enjoy going to this garden to have their snack and play with their friends at the end of the day before going home.

For a swim

The Suzanne Berlioux swimming pool: The best to stay fit!


Located inside the Forum les Halles, the entry fee for adults is five euros and 3.80 euros for children. I love to go there on the mornings when there are less people and I have this gigantic swimming pool all to myself! If you like to challenge yourself, the Suzanne Berlioux is great! It’s 50 meters long and it’s my favorite one to stay fit. I challenge myself and try to do laps in the swimming pool as long as possible!

The Josephine Baker swimming pool: Swimming in the Seine!


Built on a boat in 2007 for “Paris Plages” (Paris Beaches – every summer, the banks of the Seine used to turn into beaches around the 20th of July, for at least four weeks), the Josephine Baker swimming pool floats on the Seine. Almost at the same level, you have the feeling of swimming directly in the river! It is open the whole year. In winter, it’s protected with a glass roof, and in summer, they take it off so that you can enjoy the sun. In July and August, the ticket price is around 6 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. Plus, during the summer, the Josephine Baker swimming pool opens at 7 am and closes at 11 pm. So stunning sunsets are guaranteed while relaxing in the swimming pool!

Work out with Parisians

Play boules game


First of all, let me tell you about the goal of the boules games and its rules. Pétanque is maybe one of the simplest games ever. Basically you have one small plastic ball, that we call the “cochonnet” – “the piglet” in English. Each player has three big iron balls.

The basis of the game is to throw the piglet two or three meters away. Then, each player in its turn has to throw an iron ball so that it gets the closest to the piglet. So, the purpose is to get our iron balls the closest to the piglet. When every player has thrown the three of his balls, you get closer to it to check which ball is the closest. The owner of the closest ball to the piglet is the winner. Pretty simple, don’t you think?

Join fitness classes


If you feel like joining a fitness class, you also can. In my opinion, one of the best gyms in Paris is the Neoness. You will find Neoness gyms all around the city of Paris. Go to the one which is closest to where you’re staying, and ask for their schedules and prices of the fitness classes that interest you the most! I’m sure they will help you and figure out a way you can still work out while in Paris!

You now know where to work out in Paris! I hope these tips will be useful to you! Also, I would love to hear from you and your own experiences. Where did you work out while in Paris? What are your favorite places to work out in Paris? But also, what are your least favorite places? If everyone shares their best tips, each one also gets to enjoy the best of the city.

It’s important to adopt an healthy lifestyle, good habits and to maintain a physical activity. It’s good both for the mind and the body! See you soon in Paris for some exercises and some walking around the city!

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