Besides the artistic traces of iconic artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, Rome features unforgettable murals, street paintings, and other gems of young artists’ imagination.

Rome is not a conventional city. Its artistic glamour can be experienced everywhere you go.  From the grandeur of the Colosseum, to the scenic authenticity of the Trevi Fountain and the multi-colored street art, Rome is a focal point of powerful artists ideas.

Where can you see some of Rome’s most astonishing street art?

”Welcome to Shangai,”  Street Art With an International Flavor in Rome

Image by Flickr

It’s an ordinary neighborhood. It’s an ordinary building. What makes this spot extraordinary is the unusual mural, called ”Welcome to shanghai,” that brings visitors into the secrets of the population that first inhabited the area.

Simply a block away from Cristtofo Colombo, this is a unique gem for those who want to explore the ethnic secrets of the Eternal City.

Being part of a project by Big City Life, this creative fragment of the city features an open air zone for the enjoyment of both tourists and locals. 11 buildings are part of the project, and each of them showcases the artistic ideas of a particular artist. Some of these artists are Mr. Kleva, SETH and Jerico.

San Basilio Street Art, One of a Kind Green Neighborhood

Image by Urban Kultur

The San Basilio area is located in the north-eastern corners of Rome, and many people associate it with its high crime rates from the past.

Today the San Basilio area has blossomed into the scenic green neighborhood that it is today, featuring beautiful buildings and breath-taking Roman hill panoramas and fresh all-green nooks.

Fresh artistic ideas give life to the new area of the city, making it a trendy ‘escape’ for locals and visitors. The Sanba Project is one of those initiatives, targeted to improve the artistic appearance of this developing neighborhood. The Spanish artist Liqen is one of the street art painters, depicting the unusual bond of men and nature on the walls of a few buildings.

Ostiense, the Uniqueness of the Street Art World Has Come to Rome

Wall of Fame, Image by Flickr

Ostiense is a paradise for the lovers of street art. Featuring Tor Marancia which consists of a plethora of council houses on via Annio Felice that have been painted by a plethora of local and international artists, this area is a popular mural art center for each and every traveler.

One of Ostiense’s most notable projects is the one designed by Seth, and portrays a character climbing a crayon ladder. The character peeks into a five-story building, gaining a view of a magical, powerful world that mimics an open-air showcase of art.

Others of the areas’ highlights include Fronte Del Porto on Via del Porto Fluviale, which is a barrack that has been transformed into a mural, featuring monster faces, and adopting the building windows to portray the monsters’ eyes.

Another street art project which depicts a gigantic figure swimming in a fish-filled sea,  with spread out hands, indicting drowning, is called Fish’n Kids on Via del Porto Fluviale. It has been depicted on the façade of Ostiense’s fish market.

A third highlights of Ostiense’s street art is the Wall of Fame on Via dei Magazzini Generali, by mural artist JB Rock who depicts famous characters among which are Dante Alighieri, Zorro and Frieda Kahlo! He uses a corresponding alphabet letter for each.

San Lorenzo – Vibrant, Trendy and Full of Artsy Murals

Image by Wanted in Rome

San Lorenzo is an iconic art destination for Romans and locals. The area is urban, chic,  and also home to budding fashion designers and innovative artists.

The city neighborhood is now growing at a rapid rate – however, it was nearly destructed by the Bombing of the Allies during the World War 2, leading to major transformations in the neighborhood’s overall look, until it became one of the most vibrant city spots for social mingling.

Featuring ethnic restaurants and affordable taverns, San Lorenzo is also home to some of the country’s top street art, featuring murals by Alicé Pasquini, C215 and Borondo.

One of San Lorenzo’s most notable street art works is called the Female Faces on Via dei Sabelli, featuring a woman’s row, with feminism appeal, depicting strong independent women, that are the painter’s focus.

Pigneto, a Developing Area With an Edge

Pigneto is a chic, quite happening area that is in close distance to the Prenestino district,  and consisting of endless pines tree rows. Those pine trees were once planted in a villa , giving the name of this unique area.

The Pigneto area has been lately associated with a redevelopment project named Light Up TorpignaThe neighborhood is also  the historic location of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s first movie Accattone, and features numerous artsy murals.

Rome is an art-oriented city – you can get pieces of inspiration everywhere you go, and can bring memories with you home from all corners of the city.

So many of the city neighborhoods feature various works of art depicted on the walls of numerous buildings and monuments, and also channel the artistic power of budding and established artists, that have called Rome home to their creative ideas.

From the trendy glamour of San Lorenzo to the scenic cosmopolitan vibe of the Piazza Spagna, Rome will provide inspiration for all those seekers of fun artistic ideas.

There is so much art to explore in the Eternal City!