Magnificent churches, luxurious hotels, French food, French wine… if you are getting married in Paris, you are probably seeking for the very best. So, if you cannot escape the prescribed photo session in tuxedo and white dress organized by the stepmother or the best friend that has not stopped crying during the ceremony, let’s at least do the whole thing really well. Go to one of these wonderful wedding photo spots to take the pictures you will still be proudly showing to your grandchildren in 50 years. Here’s where to get married in Paris.

Les Champs Elysées


No surprise the most beautiful avenue of the world is one of the best wedding photo spots in Paris. Les champs Elysées is quite touristy, but if you go at night, the enlightened Arch de triumph will give your photos a glorious yet mysterious look. Triumph of love, let’s say. Tip on the best pose: do not go too close to the arch, and do not seek for the symmetry if you do not want your picture to look too stiff.

Where to get married in Paris champs-wedding

Notre Dame and Pont de l’Archevêché

The 850-year-old cathedral is also one of the best wedding photo spots in Paris If you go in a summer afternoon, when the blue of the sky contrasts beautifully with the beige of the stone, you might meet other newly weds accompanied by a photograph and a second guy whose sole mission is to throw seeds all around the bride to attract the pigeons…

Do not imitate them if you do not want to soil your white dress. Tip on the best pose: avoid the crowded forecourt and prefer the garden behind the cathedral, or even the Pont de l’Archevêché, where you get to have a gorgeous view on the flying buttresses spouting from the greenery, and the thousands of padlocks attached there by thousands of loving couples.


The Louvre

Want to walk in the footsteps of the kings of France like Kanye and Kim? The Louvre is probably the wedding photo spot that will best suit you. The former residence of the royalties before they move to Versailles is gorgeous when empty in the evening. The alliance between the old stone and the modern glass pyramid, the reflection of the buildings on the calm waters of the basins, the quit majesty of the vast courtyard will give your pictures a surreal look.



Would like something more authentic? Montmartre is the ideal wedding photo spot in Paris. The hill is filled with nice viewpoints on Paris’s rooftops, little climbing streets and lively squares. And of course, the Sacré Coeur at the top of it, that some like to compare to a huge wedding cake…


Jardin du Luxembourg

If you prefer the nature, the Luxembourg garden will be your favorite wedding photo spot in Paris. In the heart of the capital, this park offers large sandy paths, multicolored flowerbeds, nice fountains, and hundreds of those typical green metallic chairs on which Parisian lovers like to kiss.

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