Where to find Late Night Food in Paris


One of my favorite things about Paris is being able to get food at quite literally any time of day.

All over Paris there are restaurants that keep their retail hours open throughout the night into the early hours of the morning; some even offer their full menu 24 hours a day.

Most regular cafes and restaurants in Paris will close their doors around 11pm each evening. Those that stay open later will do so until around 2am or 5am, depending on the location and popularity of the cuisine.

by Alexandre Godreau – Unsplash

Many of the late night food vendors offer delivery service on top of keeping their actual store open through the night, so leaving your house isn’t even a necessity either. If you’re heading home after a night out, however, visiting the actual locations is a nice way to unwind before making your way to your bed.

Here are a few of the best late night dining options around town and the foods they offer.

Le Tambour in Paris

8 Rue de la Jussienne

It’s always nice to know that should you encounter an unexplainable craving for snails or foie gras at three in the morning you need simply head to the 1st arrondissement to get some.

Le Tambour is a twenty four hour establishment in this part of tow, so late night dining is their specialty. You’ll enjoy all of the traditional French food you know and love, as well as all of the strange delicacies, all day, everyday.

Aside from being one of the only late night restaurants serving up this kind of cuisine, the restaurant is surprisingly affordable and consistently good. Service is friendly and the staff remain in good spirits despite working the graveyard shifts.

Le Tambour in Paris – by Le Tambour – Uploaded by them

Le Tambour is actually just a five minute walk from another twenty four hour bistro situated closer to the Seine. Au Pied de Cochon would be their closest competitor in this area, however as far as customer reviews go, Le Tambour wins in every regard.

When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. So at the crack of dawn I suppose one isn’t really too fazed by which place got a higher rating on the internet. Both Le Tambour and Au Pied de Cochon are worthwhile spots to get some late night eats in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Maki Night Sushi in Paris


Maki Night Sushi is solely a delivery based restaurant that covers most of the arrondissements in Paris. There is no physical location for this restaurant and all orders have to be made over the phone or via their website & will then be brought to you.

Maki Night opens at 6pm and operates until 6am daily. You can contact them anytime during this window for a fresh sushi delivery to your door.

Maki Night Sushi – by Maki Night – Sourced from their website

The menu is not solely sushi based. Maki night also offers a range of rice and noodle based dishes, knowing that not everyone can handle raw fish first thing in the morning.

The delivery service is slow, you’ll wait roughly an hour for your food to arrive so don’t order if you plan on going to bed anytime soon. The delivery staff also rarely have change or credit card facilities, so the exact amount of cash on hand is recommended.

Pizza Nuit in Paris

6 Place Auguste Métivier

Pizza Nuit is situated in the far east of the city, just below the suburb of Menilmontant where Edith Piaf grew up (fun fact).

This establishment is the definition of late night food; they don’t even have the option of dining during the day. The kitchen opens at 10:30pm and serves until 5am daily, 6am on weekends.

It is strictly a late night diner where you can only order pizza. As far as quality goes, one really can’t be picky about pizza in this part of town during these kinds of hours. The food won’t be winning any culinary awards but it is filling and affordable.

Pizza Nuit – by Pizza Nuit – Sourced from their website

If heading to the east of Paris during the dead of night just to get pizza isn’t on your agenda; Pizza Nuit offers a late night delivery service as well called Pizza24. You can order online or over the phone and delivery staff will bring your food to you anywhere in Paris.

The physical Pizza Nuit store sits on the north-most boundary of the Père Lachaise Cemetery. This is the biggest cemetery in Paris and a beautiful part of the city to explore during the summer when the trees & flowers are in full bloom.

Monoprix Champs-Élysées in Paris

52 avenue des Champs-Élysées

The neighborhood between the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde isn’t great when it comes to eating late at night. Unless you’re open to taking a cab to find food, or waiting on a delivery, you won’t have much option.

The Monoprix is a large supermarket situated right on the famous Champs-Élysées street. The supermarket is one of the only ones in Paris to keep their doors open until midnight, daily.

by nrd – Unsplash

When the hunger hits and you’re out of options, this is a great market to head to in order to purchase some ingredients and fresh produce to pull together a late night meal.

If you aren’t in the mood to prepare a meal yourself, the Monoprix also has a large ready-made food section and deli where you can pick up fresh meals that have been prepared by the store. It’s not gourmet dining but it will satisfy your hunger until you can get to a proper restaurant the following day.

Aux Deux Amis in Paris

45 Rue Oberkampf

Nightlife rules the area of Oberkampf, so this little spot right on the main strip does really well as people stumble out of the bars and clubs that surround it.

Aux Deux Amis is a cozy bistro that specializes in tapas and wine. The food is delicious, we are truly spoilt to be able to enjoy it so late into the evening.

Due to the late night nature of the spot, and the general energy of the Oberkampf area, Aux Deux Amis maintains a laid back, loud and vibrant atmosphere inside of the restaurant at all times. This is not the place to go if you’re looking for a quiet meal before bed.

Aux Deux Amis in Paris – by Aux Deux Amis – Uploaded by them

The staff are fun, the music is loud and the people are incredibly social. It’s become somewhat of an institution in this part of town, where the party animals can break between bars to refuel and gain back some energy to take them on into the morning hours.

I recommend visiting Aux Deux Amis with friends so that you can order a bunch of the small plates and try a bit of everything.

Homies in Paris

13 Rue Beautreillis

Another tapas joint that functions off of noise and chaos, Homies can be found on the eastern boundary of Le Marais. It is considerably outside of the district center, but night owls make their way here by foot quite easily once they get tired of the bars.

Homies is a place where you can enjoy both a drink and a light meal without having the energy of the evening die down.

Homies – by Homies – Uploaded by them

The location of this late night dining option is convenient and anyone who has taken a free guided walking tour through Le Marais will understand why. Just a short walk east from Homies will bring you right to the Place de la Bastille, the central plaza for the Bastille neighborhood in Paris.

While most bars in Le Marais are only permitted to serve alcohol until 2am, many bars in Bastille are able to continue service until between 3am up to 5am. This makes it an ideal place to which to migrate after ones evening hangout starts closing down.

Planet Burger in Paris

16 Rue de Rochechouart

Planet Burger is a favorite late night dining spot for the people in Montmartre. This district isn’t used to having access to late night dining options due to its notably non-central location in the north of Paris.

Planet Burger isn’t situated in Montmartre itself, but rather near the southern boarder closer to Pigalle and the rest of the 9th arrondissement.

Planet Burger Menu – by Planet Burger – Sourced from their website

The food is simple and tasty, what more do you want at two in the morning? You can visit or order delivery from here up until 5am, seven days a week.

Planet Burger is great because they also have a full desert menu to accompany your hamburger meal. A one stop shop if you’re looking for the full dining experience while the rest of Paris is sound asleep.

Note that there is a minimum spend of €15 if you choose to make use of their delivery service. You’ll also have to have the exact cash on hand upon arrival.

Le Nepo in Paris

48 Rue Caulaincourt

Le Nepo is the backbone of Montmartre’s late night food source. You’ll find it close to the Montmartre Cemetery near the western side of the hill.

Le Nepe is open until 2am everyday except for Mondays when they are closed.

The food is wonderful; tapas-style dishes with hearty flavors. I recommend the ceviche; or if you’re really hungry do the €19 tapas special which gives you a choice of any four of the dishes.

Le Nepo Paris – by Le Nepo – Uploaded by them

Le Nepo is central for me so I find myself here more often than I care to admit. What I love about dining here so late in the evening is that the food doesn’t leave you feeling ten times heavier and unable to sleep for the next two hours. This tends to happen with the faster late night foods in the city.

If you really want to kick your digestive system into gear, take the short stroll through to the Sacre Coeur after your meal and marvel at the monument by night. The outside of the church is open to the public twenty four hours a day and, as I’m sure you know, boasts one of the best views over Paris.

Ben’s in Paris

19 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

Back to the Bastille we go, and this time right in the thick of it all.

Ben’s is situated virtually on the doorstep of the Place de la Bastille, right across from the iconic Opera house.

Ben’s has a lengthy day of business which starts at 11am and runs right through until 1am the following day. This is their schedule seven days a week, year round.

The menu is made up of a variety of creative burgers and homemade fries. For €17.50 one can do the special which gets you your choice of burger, choice of beverage and a slice of one of their homemade cheesecakes for dessert.

Ben’s in Paris – by Ben’s – Uploaded by them

The portions at Ben’s are quite big and many people aren’t actually able to eat the cake in the end, but the staff will happily wrap it up for you to take home for an even later night snack.

There are veggie options for the vegetarians and vegans to enjoy. All meals have the option of being upgraded to a double patty rendition.

While eating inside Ben’s is cozy, I do enjoy taking my order as a full takeaway and making the short walk to the Place de la Bastille next door. Seeing the monument lit up by night, and the plaza so quiet & void of tourists, is not something one gets to do often. Perch on one of the many benches in the square and enjoy your Ben’s from here.

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