In the hurry of the great departure to Paris, it happens to forget some essential things home. But no worry, Paris will ever have a solution for you. Want to know where to find in Paris what you forget at home? Here is my guide to play down and spend the best stay ever.

Where to find in Paris what you forget at home?

Forget your adapter or charger?


As a traveler myself, I know how annoying is to run out of battery for my camera or phone, moreover when i don’t know where to buy electronic devices.

In Paris, you would have to go to the FNAC shops for example in Boulevard Saint Germain or Montparnasse mall or to Darty. Both are selling charger and adapter and they are established in many different areas of Paris.

Forget an extra bag for your shopping purchases?

Being in the city of fashion is really tempting. But don’t worry for the amount of your purchases and feel free to meander in the numerous shops.

And if you need another suitcase, there are different specialized sellers. The one I recommend you is the Rayon d’Or in Republic square. There is a solution for every budget there.

Forget something in your vanity case?

For me as a Parisian, Monoprix is the best network of shops for beauty products. There is a wide choice of brands at reasonable prices. You can find there shampoo, toothpaste, make up.

Another practical aspect is that there are a lot of Monoprix in Paris and the biggest ones developed a whole floor dedicated to beauty and clothes, such as the one in Boulevard Saint Michel (métro stop Cluny La Sorbonne).

Forget a raincoat and shoes for walking?

Sometimes the weather can surprise you in Paris. The grey sky can turn into a beautiful sunny afternoon but also into hours of rain. Different shops provide equipment according to your budget, if you need good shoes to have great walks or if you want a raincoat.

I recommend you GoSport or Decathlon. Those two networks of shops have many different brands and sellers can give you practical advice.

Forget a dress or a suit to go to the opera or a class restaurant?

You may go the Opera, the the theatre or a classical concert without having planned it before your arrival in Paris.

Even if the Standards of dressing are more and more casual, most of the Parisians like to dress up when they to go out for special occasions. As it is one the most fashionable city in the world, it won’t be difficult for you to find an elegant outfit.

I recommend you the in the Opera Garnier area galleries Lafayette and the Printemps. So many brands are gathered in the same building, I’m sure you will find whatever you are looking for.

Galeries Lafayette Opéra in Paris

Forget a book?

You have forgotten your favourite author and can’t stand to spend your holidays without him? Paris has plenty of book shops in English waiting for you.

My personal advice is Shakespeare & cie, 1 min walking from Notre Dame Cathedral with a wide choice and even second-hand books. And at the first floor of the establishment you will find a reading room.

Another tip is to go to Gibert Jeunes on Saint Michel Square. The yellow bookshop is established in different buildings, each specialized in a particular subject.

At the number 10, you will find books in English, Spanish, Italian, and other languages. And in the main building at the number 5 you ll have a impressive choice of books and guides about Paris.

Saint Michel Square
Gibert Jeune bookshop Saint Michel Square in Paris

Forget your favourite sweets?

If you want to eat a traditional meal from your country during your stay, it is possible in the great épicerie of the Bon Marché in the 7th district, metro stop Sèvres Babylone.

My personal advice is really to go there, even to try speciality from all over the world. Products are organized according to the country of origin and and you also have ready to eat food prepare on site or fresh cook meals to take away. (good tip to prepare a delicious and fresh pique nique).

Grocery of the Bon Marché in Paris

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