Where to Eat Sushi in Paris


It seems there are few parts of the world left untouched by Japanese cuisine — and thank goodness.

The sushi culture in Paris ranges from expensive, fine dining all the way to cheap, roadside sushi specials that will only set you back a couple of euros. The point being, there is sushi for every budget and in every arrondissement in Paris.

I’ll let you in on a few of my favorite sushi spots. Ready?

Rice & Fish in Paris – by Rice & Fish – Sourced from their website

Sushi Marché in Paris

20 Rue Mirabeau

This first sushi spot is situated in the lower end of the 16th arrondissement. Being so far out of the center, it is my recommendation that you visit Sushi Marché before or after a visit to la Seine Musicale which is in the same neighborhood.

Sushi Marché is authentic Japanese cuisine at its finest. The sushi is phenomenal and reasonably priced, but they also offer an extensive menu ranging through tempura to miso eggplant.

Sushi Marché in Paris – by Sushi Marché – Uploaded by them

If the weather is good you’ll be permitted to dine on the terrace. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and Mondays; you don’t really need to book in advance here, there is usually always walk in availability.

Patrons who have been supporting Sushi Marché for years say that when you consider the quality and the price combined, there is no better place to enjoy sushi in Paris. The journey to the 16th becomes well worth it.

Nearest metro line: Église d’Auteuil

Blueberry in Paris

6 Rue du Sabot

Blueberry is a maki sushi bar on the Left Bank not far from the Musée d’Orsay. There are free guided walking tours that will take you from the banks of the Seine down through to the Jardin du Luxembourg, passing right by Blueberry on the way.

The chef at Blueberry has opted for a concept that celebrates al the color available in the foods that we eat. This theme is reflected from the minute you step into the restaurant all the way to the foods presented on your plate.

Blueberry in Paris – by Blueberry – Uploaded by them

Fruits are embraced at Blueberry as the shish chef attempts to combine conventional savory sushi with sweeter elements such as strawberries or mango. The fruity flavors extend to their mixology sector where you can enjoy creative cocktails perfectly paired with your food.

The menu is mostly centered around maki rolls that come in portions of six. I suggest two or three portions per person in an assortment of flavors so you can taste them all. The truffle maki is my favorite.

There are noodle and rice dishes available to those who aren’t avid sushi eaters.

Nearest metro station: Saint-Germain-des-Prés

Rice & Fish in Paris

22 Rue Greneta

I find that the more one eats sushi, the more daring one becomes with their sushi flavors over time. I recall eating my first ever piece of sushi, a small maki roll filled only with avocado. I chewed on it as is, considered the blandness and whether or not I needed this dull food in my life before picking up a second piece, and a third…

It took a good few plain sushi meals before I finally opened myself up to the notion of soy sauce. The sushi experience was taken to a whole different level, as many of you know.

Rice & Fish in Paris – by Rice & Fish – Sourced from their website

It didn’t take long for be to finally dabble in lacing my rolls in ginger — or dare I say it, the infamous wasabi!

Today there are few things I won’t agree to try on sushi. Rice and Fish, the sushi restaurant on the Right Bank between Paris’ 2nd and 3rd, exists for all the most daring of sushi eaters who are open to experimentation for their meals.

Rice & Fish make use of creative sauces, garnishes and ingredients to ensure each dish is more interesting than the last. Combine this with bottomless sake and you’ve likely found paradise for a few hours.

Nearest metro station: Réaumur – Sébastopol

Takara in Paris

14 Rue Molière

Takara was the first sushi restaurant ever to settle in Paris. It was founded back in 1958 and has been serving the people of the 1st arrondissement ever since. Takara is a short walk from the Louvre Museum and Tuileries Gardens .

Despite the location, Takara has managed to keep their prices quite reasonable over the years, considering the quality of the fish. Do the lunch special if you want the very best deal; this is served in a bento box style which includes your choice of sushi along with soup.

Takara in Paris – by Takara – Sourced from their website

It is important you make a reservation before dining here, the place is almost always packed to the brim. They are open 7 days a week until 11pm, giving you the option of late night dining as well.

Try the azuki dessert!

Nearest metro station: Pyramides

Maki Night Sushi in Paris

+33 1 43 41 83 34

Maki Night Sushi is a very different sort of sushi experience in Paris; one that I was very grateful to be introduced to not too long ago.

Instead of having a physical location, Maki Night brings the sushi to you, regardless of where you are in Paris.

Maki Night opens for service at 6pm. You can order from an extensive menu of sushi, noodles and rice dishes through the night up until 6am the next day. Orders are to be placed by phone.

Maki Night Sushi – by Maki Night – Sourced from their website

Who would have thought you could stumble home at 4am and still have access to fresh made sushi delivered to your doorstep? Paris really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Orders take roughly an hour to arrive from the time of calling to time of delivery. Yes, this is considerably longer than a pizza or burger delivery but when you consider the nature of the food and how long it actually takes to prepare fresh sushi before driving through the city, it’s not that bad at all.

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