Where to Buy House Plants in Paris


Furnishing your perfect Parisian apartment would be largely incomplete without at least some plant life.

The city of Paris comes to life in the summer months when the parks, botanical gardens and cemeteries are at their greenest. Parisians love the outdoors, so when the cold rolls into Europe come October, one needs to bring the gardens inside.

by James Lindsay – Unsplash

A lot of house plant shopping can be done on a whim in Paris. Weekend markets and vendors along side the Seine often have a surplus of houseplant stock for sale. The plant shops in Paris are a different experience all together; almost like plant museums, beautiful curated spaces with experts on each plant ready to help you make a choice of who to take home.

Let’s buy some plant friends.

LEAF in Paris

Leaf is a plant lovers dream; it is a unique space, on the causes an unplanned detour of nearly every free guided walking tour that flows past it in the Canal Saint Martin

The bright white walls in contrast to the pastel greens of the plants causes some sort of energetic catharsis the minute you step inside. You’ll be greeted by a knowledgeable staff member who will walk you through the shop while discussing your needs and wants.

One needs to keep in mind that not all house plants can survive in the same conditions. The staff at LEAF will take your personal living space into consideration when recommending plants to purchase. You’ll even be offered a cup of tea in the process.

LEAF in Paris – by LEAF – Sourced from their Facebook

Different apartments equal different light. While you may personally love ferns, your space could do better with succulents.

LEAF offers an array of plant species ranging all the way from said succulents to ferns and even small trees. Their hanging plants are the favorites of everyone who visits the store.

The variants range between very affordable through to hundreds of euros. The cost will depend on the rarity of the plant and its age.

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday TO Saturday – 12pM to 8pm
ADDRESS: 46 Rue Albert Thomas, 75010 Paris, France
METRO STATION: Jacques Bonsergent

Garden Truffaut Paris in Paris

Bercy Village is always the go to for home decor and market style shopping . Just across the Seine from the main village is the largest garden warehouse in Paris.

Garden Truffaut is where you’ll go to invest in house plants and buy all of the tools, equipment or soils you need to establish your home gardens. They are also the only plant shop in Paris where one can purchase carnivorous plants for home or garden.

Garden Truffaut Paris in Paris – by Garden Truffaut Paris – Sourced from their Facebook

There is a garden animal section to this plant warehouse where fish and other garden pets are available.

Needless to say their range of house plants extends far beyond those you’ll find in the specialized stores around Paris. Because this is not a specialized house plant establishment the prices are extremely cheap.

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Sunday – 10am to 8pm
ADDRESS: 85 Quai de la Gare, 75013 Paris, France
METRO STATION: Quai de la Gare

Mama Petula in Paris

I like Mama Petula because it’s a one stop shop for both plants and pots!

The business is family run by some individuals who have a link into the house plant surplus world. It’s not your conventional retail store, more of a home sale in the back of a private residence.

Mama Petula in Paris – by Mama Petula – Uploaded by them

You’ll need to take cash if you wish to purchase any of the plants and trees available in Mama Petula.

Also note that Mam Petula is only open on Saturday and Sundays between 2pm and 7pm. They are currently not open during the work week at all.

OPENING HOURS: Saturday and Sunday – 2pm to 7pm
ADDRESS: 74 Avenue Denfert-Rochereau Bâtiment Oratoire, 75014 Paris, France

Boutique Plantes Pour Tous in Paris

Boutique Plantes is another variety plant store just north of Bercy Village. It shares property with Ground Control, a community space filled with restaurant kiosks and a bar area. They also offer dancing later in the evening.

The Boutique Plantes is a wonderful plant shopping space where you’re facilitated by specialists every step of the way.

Boutique Plantes Pour Tous in Paris – by Boutique Plantes Pour Tous – Sourced from their Facebook

The plant shop is open during the same daylight hours as Ground Control. You can do your house plant shopping and then treat yourself to a well deserved drink afterward.

Out of all the plant shops in Paris the Boutique Plantes stocks the best range of cacti options.

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday TO Sunday – 1pm to 9pm
ADDRESS: 81 Rue du Charolais, 75012 Paris, France

aKagreen in Paris

Akagreen is a new and interesting concept store for the city of Paris.

Following recent studies surrounding the powerful, calming and healing abilities of plants, aKagreen have gone ahead and attempted to create a space where people can work amidst these powerful entities.

It’s a community co-op space with the plant shop located as part of the facility, mostly directed at freelancers who need somewhere to sit with their laptops every day. This is a popular concept in the neighborhood of Oberkampf where many Parisian freelancers live. Café Oberkampf is around the corner from aKagreen, another main hangout point for the locals here.

aKagreen in Paris – by aKagreen – Uploaded by them

Most of the plants in the store are for direct sale, others will need to be placed on order. 

If you need some plant life inspiration before you’re ready to pick one, Pere Lachaise cemetery is just down the street; the most beautiful and biggest garden cemetery in all of Paris.

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