Where To Buy Bio Cosmetics in Paris

Using organic cosmetics is not only good for your skin but is also good for the environment. Often we don’t take the time to look in detail at what’s inside the products that we use. Lucky for us, several beauty brands are 100% organic with pure ingredients that are not being tested on animals. In this article, you will discover brands that offer organic beauty products and where to go shopping for them in Paris. Enjoy the read.


Visoanska Paris – Sourced from their website

This beauty brand could be familiar to you already. It got famous around the globe with its high quality and completely natural products. The brand now possesses a shop in the center of Paris. By the way, if you plan on going there you can kill two birds with one stone and enjoy a free walking tour of Notre Dame, you will learn all about the history of this beautiful monument that went through a terrible fire recently.

Now back to the shop. When going there, you will be welcomed by two enormous flowers at the door. Inside is a true beauty temple. This high standard-cosmetic brand is a combination of ancient savoir-faire and modern biotechnology. Visoanska conceives its products to reduce allergen risks considerably and in a way that respects the environment. Their hit product is the Source Première, it is anti-aging facial care that is used as Micellar water. It is mainly made up of amber.

One last thing about this one. You can also do a complete skin examination. Experts will then advise you on the products to use on your skin. The brand also conceives made-to-measure products based on your DNA…!

 16 Rue de Turenne, 75004 Paris –  Everyday from 10 am to 7 pm

Graine de Pastel

This one is all about one plant: the pastel. You will be surprised to learn that it is not only a simple color but also a plant with many benefits for your health and your skin.

The shop is located in Le Marais, in the center of Paris. With its blue front window, it is one of the most famous addresses of the capital to look for when you are shopping for organic cosmetics. It especially attracts people for its specialty: the pastel. This plant is known for its healing properties. It also contains some proteins that work very well as an anti-aging treatment.

The brand is also very clear about one thing: no added ingredients like silicone or phenoxyethanol. Only organic, eco-friendly and made in France products.

18 rue Pavée, 75004 Paris


Akane products – Beauty cookie

This brand comes directly from Hong-Kong. It draws its inspiration from the savoir-faire in cosmetics that exists around Asia. Now based in Paris, products are made in France.

If you are a fan of the “multimasking”, Akane makes your dream come true. For those who don’t know what that is, the principle is simple. Instead of using one single mask, you apply one for each different part of your face. One on your forehead, one for your cheeks, one for your nose, etc…

You will find three masks: one against redness and irritation, another black one that purifies and unclogs and the last one, the white one, that exfoliates the skin. If you have very dry skin, the brand recommends using the “Bed and Breakfast” nourishing care oil (made with organic muesli…).

51 rue Lepic, 75018 Paris – Monday to Friday, 10:30 am to 7:30 pm 


Veganie Paris – Les Carnets de Marine

Veganie is a tiny little shop that’s hidden in the rue Quincampoix near the Pompidou museum, it offers a good selection of vegan cares and cosmetics.
Being a vegetarian myself, I can only imagine how hard it must be to find vegan products and food. Every time that you buy something, you have to make sure of the ingredients. Luckily, it has been a few years since vegan shops have started to emerge in the capital and Veganie is one of them.
When going there, you will find a rather large selection of cares, shampoos, conditioners. Even hair-dye products that are made only of with natural ingredients. Also, you may want to take a look at the website as the shop regularly organizes workshops: a nice way to spend a moment with a group of friends!
96 rue Quincampoix, 75003 Paris  – Monday to Saturday, 12 am to 7 pm 

Le Comptoir des Savonniers

Handmade soaps – Sourced from their website

Are you looking for handmade and completely natural soaps? Le Comptoir des Savonniers is The address to go to. They offer a very large variety of soaps, sold by weight.

Soaps are handmade, their ingredients furnished by trusty producers. If you are looking for an exfoliating soap, go for the black soap. If you need to moisturize your skin, the brand recommends using its Karité-Jojoba product. Finally, if you are struggling with acne, you may use the soap made with tea tree.

32 rue Saint-André des arts, 75006 Paris – Tuesday to Saturday


Aroma-Zone Paris – Le Blog de Lili

Aroma-zone recently opened a new 340 meters square shop boulevard Haussmann in the 8th district of Paris. If you like natural products and DIY, go to this address. The concept is simple: they offer you cosmetic bases that you can personalize almost indefinitely.

You have 19 neutral bases to which you can add essential oils and fragrances. You have little booklets that help you to find the recipe that will suit you. They also offer different kinds of workshops, from 19 euros an hour to 65 euros the four hours.

73 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris

Maison Senteurs de Fée

Maison Senteurs de Fée – Paris Marais

Last but not least, this one literally means “House of fairy scents”… The shop is hidden in the center of Paris, in Le Marais. It was created by Katia Bielli who has always been passionate about cosmetics.

It is worth going out of your way to test the different oils that the cosmetic store has to offer. They are 100% natural and 100% organic. You have different perfumes like rose, jasmine or orange. The must of the must is to pour a few drops of oil in your bath, relaxation guaranteed!

2 Rue des Haudriettes, 75003 Paris  – Tuesday to Saturday, 12:30 am to 7:30 pm

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