If you are wondering what to see in Sintra near Lisbon, here are some hints as to what to do and visit. Sintra is a wonderful one day trip outside of Lisbon and I’m really glad you’re considering visiting it – because you’ll thank yourself afterwards. Here are some of the best things to do in Sintra. If you’re visiting Sintra near Lisbon and have no idea what to look for, here are some suggestions to enjoy your visit as much as you can.

Pena Palace


What to see in Sintra near Lisbon

If you are visiting Sintra near Lisbon, you’ve got to spend some time at Pena Palace. This colorful palace was considered world heritage by UNESCO and is one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal. Taken out of a fairy tale, it is both a romantic and adventurous venue and its rooms tell the stories of Portuguese kings and queens, hosting one of the most breathtaking views of Sintra.

Moor Castle


Visiting Sintra near Lisbon requires a passage though the Moor Castle. The Moor Castle is definitely one of the things to see and one place to walk through in Sintra. On top of a hill, this Arabic origin castle stills holds its stone walks and you can feel that you were brought back to ancient times as you walk through the magical paths of the castle.



When visiting Sintra near Lisbon, you must go to Piriquita and try the local pastries (I couldn’t help myself from suggesting food – we love food!). In a narrow street in the center of the village, you’ll find two sweet delicacies to bite: travesseiros, puffy pastries filled with egg cream and coated in sugar and queijadas de Sintra, small round little cakes that are often sold in packs of six that you’ll love and want to take back home. After walking in the Moor Castle, this is a great stop for a coffee and a pastry.

Sintra National Palace


Close to the town center in Sintra, near Lisbon, you’ll find one of the things I recommend you to see and visit: the National Palace of Sintra. This 15th century palace is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting palaces around Lisbon. Here, you’ll discover rooms with Arabic inspired tile decorations, cute interior yards and the two famous kitchen chimneys. The Pena Palace is also beautiful, but I believe this one has a more intimate feeling to it and I hope you feel the same as you walk through this historical palace.

Palácio de Seteais (Seteais Palace)


Built in the 18th century, the Seteais Palace is one of the places to visit in Sintra near Lisbon. On high ground, when the weather is clear you can both the Pena Palace, the Moor Castle and the Atlantic Ocean. It is now a hotel, but don’t worry! If you’re not staying for the night, you can still visit the viewing point and take a look of hilly Sintra and the ocean, at a place that inspired Os Maias, one of the most famous novels by the renowned Portuguese writer Eça de Queirós.

Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira

My final suggestion of what to see in Sintra near Lisbon is to visit Quinta da Regaleira. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, this palace hides in plain sight symbols of Masonry, Knights Templar and Rosicrucianism. You can go down the initiation well, inspired and representing the layers of heaven, purgatory and hell from Dante’s Divina Comedia and walk through the primitivism inspired gardens. As you can see, this palace left nothing to chance. Every millimeter has a meaning and if you join a guided tour (and even if you just walk around by yourself), you’ll dive into the most mystical of worlds.

While in Lisbon, join us for our tours in Alfama and Belém. Much like Sintra, magical areas of Lisbon you’ll want to discover.

Enjoy Sintra!

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