What to see in Óbidos near Lisbon


If you are wondering what to see in Óbidos near Lisbon, here are some hints as to what to do and visit. Óbidos is a wonderful one day trip outside of Lisbon. A very special village loved both by Portuguese people and visitors from other countries, here are some of the things that will make you fall in love with this village. Read on this article and find out what to see in Obidos near Lisbon.

What to see in Obidos near Lisbon

Visit Óbidos Castle


When in Óbidos near Lisbon, you must visit the Óbidos Castle. Thought to have been originally built by the Moors, this castle was conquered by our first king after the conquest of Lisbon. Unlike other fortifications, this castle remains very well preserved until today and you can walk on the stone walls as an old king or guard looking down at the village.

Medieval Fair, Chocolate Fair and Christmas Fair


Visiting Óbidos near Lisbon, you might want to check the dates and get ready to see different fairs taking over the village. Around Christmas, during December, Óbidos is transformed into the Christmas Village. During the summer, in July and August, it hosts one of the biggest medieval fairs in the country. And during spring, in April and May, it hosts the International Chocolate Festival. So… when are you coming? It’s a tough choice, you better come three times a year!

Walk into Senhora da Graça Door

Senhora da Graça Door

Visiting Óbidos near Lisbon, walk into the village through the Senhora da Graça door and take a moment to admire the traditional blue and white tile-work. The entrance dates back to the roman times and is home to the praying chapel dedicated to our “Lady of Graça”. A great way to start your journey, allow time to stop and take in all the beauty and history of this entrance.

Have some Ginjinha


When visiting Óbidos near Lisbon, you must try some ginginha. This is a traditional black cherry liquor and, even though you can find it in Sintra and Lisbon, it is originally from Óbidos. So, join the tradition and walk into one of the local taverns to drink local ginjinha in a chocolate cup: how it should be!

Visit the Santa Maria Church


Very different from the big city churches, if you go to Óbidos near Lisbon, you want to visit Santa Maria Church. It is simpler than cosmopolitan ones as Óbidos is more of a village than a city. It was turned into a mosque during the Muslim domination of the area and turned back into a church after the Christian conquest of the area. Its simplicity is striking though and the paintings on the alter panels are worth a visit.

Walk the village streets


If you are visiting Óbidos near Lisbon, you’ve got to spend some time enjoying the village typical streets. You’ll see these are different from anything you’ll find in Lisbon, but they are very characteristic from other regions of Portugal. This is a great way to get to know how the non-Lisboner Portuguese live. Take a walk through the village to discover shops with traditional ceramics and crafts, the traditional ginginha and pop into one of the many restaurants for a great Portuguese meal. And, since you’re in the mood for a walk, join us in Lisbon for our walking tours in the city.

You now know what to see in Óbidos near Lisbon! Óbidos is one of the best one-day trips from Lisbon. It is not that far, and allows you to truly experience the Portuguese lifestyle and culture. If you have some spare time, seize the opportunity to visit Lisbon neighbouring cities! You will love them! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! Enjoy Óbidos and I hope to see you in Lisbon too!

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