If you are wondering what to see in Cascais near Lisbon, here are some hints as to what to do and visit. Cascais is a wonderful one day trip outside of Lisbon (if you’re staying in the city) or a great area to settle and enjoy away from the busy city. Here are a couple of things you can do while in Cascais.

What to see in Cascais near Lisbon

Historical Center



If you are visiting Cascais near Lisbon, you’ve got to spend some time enjoying the historical center. Cascais was a small fishermen village that turned into a destination for European royalty and war spies during the 20th century. Looking for some James Bond stories? You’re bound to find some around here. The beautiful mansions that housed spies and members of royal families are still up today and the village itself has a very interesting atmosphere and lots of pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself in the evening.

Boca do Inferno


Visiting Cascais near Lisbon requires a passage though the Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Mouth). Located just after Cascais, this is a huge cliff with turbulent waters said to be the entrance to Hell. It used to be a cave but the superior part collapsed and now it is a big opening where you can see the fury of the ocean. Nearby you’ll also find local restaurants that have the best seafood in Lisbon. You might need a taxi to get here, but the view (and the food) are extremely worth it!



When visiting Cascais near Lisbon, you must go to the beach. You can stay near the center of Cascais and spend some time in Praia da Rainha or take a train stop to Praia do Tamariz in Estoril. If you have a car, drive a bit towards Sintra and go surfing at the windy Praia do Guincho. Whichever you choose, finding time to enjoy the beach while in Cascais is a must.

Casino Estoril


One train stop away from Cascais, near Lisbon is Estoril. Casino Estoril is one of the places I recommend you visit near Cascais. Not simply for the fun of some (healthy) game, but also for the concerts and shows that the Casino is known for. If you’re staying nearby, this is a great plan for an evening.

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Enjoy Cascais and we’ll see you in Lisbon!

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