What to pack for Paris in Winter


Are you coming to Paris in Winter? If you are, you’re probably wondering what to pack! Don’t look any further. I’ve carefully written this article for you! First of all, you should read this article about Paris weather in winter. You will find some informations about what temperatures to expect while in Paris. This will give you a head start on what to pack for Paris in winter.

Facing the Parisian winter is a unique experience. The winter in Paris can get pretty harsh, but the city does not fade in its charm with the numerous landmarks, the beautiful architecture, the history and the many other details. Walking the city may be difficult due to the cold weather, so indoors activities are definitely preferred and advised. Your hands will get cold, but your hearts will get warmer.

I actually love winter, because one can be much more creative with the outfits and play with layers! Plus, winter clothes are the confiest clothes! The only issue is that sweaters are usually kind of thick, so there’s not always room for many stuff in your luggage. But, you don’t need to worry, in this article I will provide you with some useful tips and help you pack for the winter in Paris! Read on and find out what to pack for Paris in Winter!

Leave your high heels back home


Do you know what winter shoes to bring? I strongly advise you to forget about high heels, they are not practical at all. You will spend most of the day walking around the city, visiting all the beautiful landmarks and the charming streets of Paris, so you need to come with the warmest and most confortable shoes! Otherwise, you will reach the end of the day with blistered feet!

The shoes you should bring for Paris in winter are waterproof (preferably vegan) leather boots. If you want to know more details on what shoes to wear in Paris depending on the seasons, read this article!

Stay comfortable


If you want to know something about Parisian fashion, you need to know that Parisians have the coolest fashion sense. The secret to Parisian style is simply to keep it simple. In this article, I tell you everything you need to know about Parisian fashion!

First of all, if you wish to fit in the crowd, pack neutral and dark colors. In Paris, one wears a lot of black, grey, beige, and navy. But then, they make a fashion statement with one colorful item (may it be the sweater, or the scarf, for instante). You will have to keep it simple but subtly stand out through the accessories or one special and original piece of clothing. You’ll need to have a good eye for details.

Everything you pack will depends on the amount of days you’re staying in Paris. If you’re spending less than a week in Paris and are only allowed to bring a cabin bag, my advise is for you to bring two pairs of trousers. Keep in mind that one of them has to be worn and the other one packed. I think two pairs of pants are more than enough. You need to remind that you are probably going to buy some souvenirs, so you will need room in your luggage for your return home. You can read this article, if you want to know my personal suggestions on what are some of the best souvenirs from Paris!

You need to stay comfortable, so you should bring your warmest and cosiest sweaters, maybe three or four. Bring some blouses or long-sleeved shirts to wear beneath your pullovers to keep your body heated. To play with layers is definitely a key move to enjoy the winter in Paris, especially if you plan on taking the metro. On the metro, you can get hot really quick, because you also do a lot of walking underground in the metro corridors and there’s a lot of people so the place easily gets hot and make you sweat underneath your winter clothes. If you wear layers, you will be able to remove them until you feel comfortable. Everything you need to know about the Parisian metro is told in this article, enjoy the reading!

Choose wisely your bag


Your bag has to be very practical. It should be large enough to fit all your stuff for the day, and comfortable enough to be carried around the whole day. Choose a classic and stylish one that will match all your outfits and that can be worn both day and night. A comfortable bag has to be light and practical. If I were you, I would pick a cross bodybag, or a trendy and simple backpack over shopper bags because you would get tired much quicker. If you like fanny packs, waist bags are back in trend, but they are now worn across the chest. You need to be careful on the way you wear it, otherwise you will be easily spotted as a tourist by the locals!

Bring warm accessories

To look stylish, accessories always play a key role! They give a special touch to an outfit. Beanies, scarves and gloves can surely do a lot! If you pick some bright and fun colors, they will enlighten your outfit and keep you warm as well. If you pick dark colors, look for small details, such as embroidery or lace.

Prevention is better than cure

No one is immune to the flu and unplanned situation can happen. Since winter in Paris is kind of tough and you will keep moving from indoor places to outdoor places, getting a runny nose or an inflamed throat can happen. Just for precaution, I advise you to take some medicines you’re familiar to. If you rather buy them in Paris if the need arises, you will find pharmacies all around the city. Note that pharmacies in France are very different from the ones you find in the United States, for instance. You don’t need to worry, I got you covered. In another article, you will find out plenty of useful informations related to Parisian pharmacies. Read it here.

You now know what to pack for Paris in winter! I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it has been useful. If you have a few tips of your own, feel free to share so we can grow as a community of travelers! Winter in Paris is the best. You will spend unforgettable and magical moments. The weather will be cold outside, but you will feel warmth inside of you. During the cold days, Paris gets a unique hearty atmosphere! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything! And if you’re coming during another time of the year, this article will give you a few tips on what to bring! I hope to see you soon in one of our tours!

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