What to do in Rome in Summer


Spring and summer are the seasons during which Rome shows its brightest side. Streets are filled with tourists, the flowers of the Trastevere balconies bloom and you breathe a unique and magical air. Let’s see what the best things to do are in Rome, in Summer!

•Lake of Villa Borghese

Temple of Esculapio and the Lake of Villa Borghese by Pinterest

Get ready, if you decide to organize a trip to the capital in summer, be ready for the heat. The beauty of Rome is also given by its typically Mediterranean climate, which prevents it from being too cold even in winter months.

However, in summer temperatures rise considerably, creating problems for your visit. One of the places that I recommend to visit without having to suffer from the heat is the  lake of Villa Borghese. Located in the green heart of Rome, this little gem of a lake is a real haven of peace and a meeting point to escape the summer heat of the capital.

Here you can even rent a small boat for about twenty minutes / half an hour for the modest sum of three euros to be able to take a tour inside the lake.

On an island in the middle of the lake, we find the Temple of Aesculapius, a masterpiece in Ionic style from the end of the 18th century, which can be accessed through a wooden walkway that connects it to the mainland.

Tempio di Esculapio is located in Via Aldrovandi 6, Rome. For every informations you can call : 06 0608

•Night Visit to the Colosseum

And if the heat was an opportunity to visit the Colosseum in the evening? Through a guided tour of a few people, you will be able to admire one of the most unique works in the world, whilst simultaneously enjoying the fresh air of the Roman summer evenings.

Tours for 1h30 from 20h00 to 22h30.
26€ for adults
Kids under 6 enter free
Check their website for more details

Visit Underground and Roman Churches

Domus Aurea by Internet

During the day, the heat may seem stifling to visit the city and enjoy its beauties, so why not take advantage of the high temperatures and dedicate yourself to visiting an unusual Rome; the underground and ancient churches.

One of the examples not to be missed is the “Domus Aurea”, splendid imperial residence built by Nero, who describes it in detail: the rooms were decorated with gold and gems, the bathrooms had drinking water and even healing properties.

Amidst these eighty hectares of construction, Nero built an artificial pond surrounded by woods and vineyards. Today the only survivor of this masterpiece is a single pavilion, which was incorporated into the Baths of Trajan, from where once a bright portico extended. Today it is a sort of construction site, which can be visited with a guided tour and where all information is to be found on the dedicated website.

Domus aurea is located in via della Domus Aurea 1, Roma.  It’s open only Saturday  at 9.15 to 16.15 and Sunday at 9.15 to 16.15.

• Go to the Sea!

Ostia Beach by mycafeaulait.at

If the heat is strong and the only thing you want to look for is refreshment? Go to the sea! A few kilometers along the Via Ostiense or the “Via del Mare” if you are traveling by car, you will arrive at the Lido di Ostia, a small town on the Lazio coast.

Here, there are many beach resorts and restaurants where you can enjoy an excellent first course of fish.

Are you without a car? No problem, there is the little train that leaves from the Piramide station to Ostia, which will leave you just behind the beach!

For all informations about the trains visit this website.

•Boat on the Tiber

Boat on Tiber by Pinterest

To see the city from a different point of view, far from the noise and chaos of the center of the Capital, you should ride on one of the boats that ply the waters of the river symbol of Rome. For more than an hour you will be immersed in the sight of Roman masterpieces such as Castel S. Angelo and Piazza del Popolo, and on board you will find audio guides to be used in different languages.

From 10.30 to 18.30 the boats leave every thirty minutes from different landing points: Isola Tiberina: Lungotevere degli Anguillara,Ponte e Castel Sant’Angelo: Lungotevere Tor di Nona, Palazzo di Giustizia: Lungotevere Marzio, Piazza del Popolo: Lungotevere in Augusta.
For every informations about the prices you can visit the web site.

•Visit the Ancient Appia

Appia Antica by EnRoma.com

Many times we have defined Rome as an open-air museum, and the definition is quite fitting for the wonderful Via Appia Antica. On sunny days, this part of Rome that joins the Castelli Romani, becomes even more beautiful, with the world of antiquity that mixes with parks and greenery…

There are many things you will find in this splendid street, such as the “Sepolcro di Priscilla”, at the intersection with Via Ardeatina, the Tomb of the freedman Marco Servilio Quarto, and the tomb of Seneca. This street, defined by the Romans as the “Queen of the Streets”, is open to the public, but some monuments have only certain access times.

The Via Appia can be reached by Metro A from Colli Albani, Cinecittà, Arco di Travertino, Lucio Sestio, Giulio Agricola and Subaugusta.


Roman Bioparco by Pinterest

The great Zoological Garden of Rome, located inside the Park of Villa Borghese and for your summer days will be a very valid alternative. The Bioparco is home to more than 200 species from the 5 continents and large fans are installed in the summer months that throw fresh steam, making your visit pleasant. Inside you’ll find pink flamingos, the famous Komodo Dragon, leopards, lions, and a wide variety of exotic plants so can recreate the animal’s own environment.

Get here by Bus n° 3, 52, 53, 926, 217, 360, 910 / 910 Bus during the weekends
Metro, red line: stops “Piazzale Flaminio” and “Spagna”

•Aperitif on the roofs of Rome

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a drink outdoors until late, and above all,  it is the perfect time to sip a good cocktail in one of the many rooftop venues in the capital. For this, visit the “Terrazza del Plaza”, a beautiful terrace located on the fifth floor of the Grand hotel Plaza,which will brighten up your aperitifs every day in a chic and glamorous setting

Located in Via del Corso 126

Plaza Terrace by its website

“Achilli al Dom”, another wonderful terrace located on the fourth floor of Hotel Dom of Via  Giulia, where you can enjoy excellent gourmet burgers in front of a breathtaking view.

Hotel Dom is located in Via Giulia 131

Terrace of Dom Hotel by Tripadvisor

The “Terrace of Hotel Cèsari”, a wonderful terrace located near Piazza di Pietra where you will enjoy good aperitif and cocktails.

Hotel Cèsari is located in Via di Pietra 89/A

there are so many places that will make you admire from another perspective a city that for centuries has given unique emotions to so many visitors who crowd its eternal streets every month.

•Tour of the Museums

Maxxi Museum by Pinterest

The museum tour is definitely not to be missed. If the heat is felt, the air conditioning of the many Roman museums will be your ally, and you certainly won’t regret it. Lose yourself in the halls of the splendid MAXXI, the National Museum of Arts of the XXI Sec, a museum opened in 2009, where you can admire the masterpieces of modern art and installation site, or in the halls of the more classic Borghese Gallery, where the scent of past will take you back centuries.

The MAXXI, is located in Via Guido Reni 4A, Rome.
The Borghese Gallery is located in the park of Villa Borghese .

• A Visit to the Giardino degli Aranci

Giardino degli Aranci by Instagram

Another place not to be missed is definitely the Giardino degli Aranci, at the top of the Aventine Hill, a true oasis of peace and tranquility where you can admire fruit trees and from afar the majestic St. Peter’s Dome.

At the end of the long avenue, you will find two squares from where you will enjoy an entire view of the city, where the bitter orange trees will be placed as a background, from which this place takes its name.

The Giardino degli Aranci is open every day from sunrise to sunset and its beauty has its best during the summer