What to Do in London on Saturday


London is a very exciting city any day of the week, but I understand that you’re more likely to have free time during the weekend. That’s ok, today I am sharing with you a list of plans to do on a very specific day of the weekend: Saturday.

From eating recommendations to sport activities. Equally cool indoor and outdoor spaces. Plans to do alone or in a group. Whatever your preference is and your budget, I have you covered. The following is a list of varied plans and suggestions on how to best spend your Saturday. Hopefully, you’ll return to this list more than once for ideas and inspiration.

All that said, you can also delight yourself with some of these activities any day of the week. You can have an amazing brunch on a Tuesday morning and go ice skating on any other day. However, some of these plans are day specific – like Portobello Market – and you might want to make some room for it on that day.

Take your time, let you mind wander and keep an eye for the following plans to do… maybe next Saturday?

1. Treat yourself to pancakes & coffee for breakfast

The Breakfast Club in London – by The Breakfast Club – Sourced from their wesbite

For those with a sweet tooth (guilty!) the weekend is the perfect moment to get our weekly pancake fix. London’s brunch scene is getting more and more exciting and nowadays one can enjoy a deliciously sweet breakfast almost anywhere across the city. However, if I could only pick one, I would choose The Breakfast Club in Soho.

The lip-smacking pancakes are to die for and there’s plenty of choice regarding combinations. In fact, you can even mix both sweet and savoury toppings for the best of both worlds – go on, treat yourself!

One friendly warning, portions are huge, you might want to share your pancakes with somebody else.

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2. Wander around London’s leafy parks

Regent's Park

Regent’s Park – Image sourced from Unsplash

From the remarkable Royal Parks to the more intimate secret gardens, London has some wonderful green spots across the city. They’re a fun way to keep yourself walking (or thinking) within their beautiful landscape, regardless of the season.

If you are seeking to do some exercise, Hampstead Heath will provide some challenging hills. If you are after the views exclusively, try Primrose Hill. For a romantic stroll and parkside pleasure don’t hesitate, direct yourself towards Kensington Gardens. And if you find yourself in the mood for a splash, head to Hyde Park’s lido, which is open all year round.

Parks that have a continuous exciting program include Regent’s Park and St James’s Park.

3. Fuel your creativity by checking the work of other artists

The British Museum

The British Museum – Image sourced from Unsplash

With an abundance of libraries, shows and museums, the British capital is a constant source of inspiration and fun. London is rich in culture and one can learn quite a lot from studying the work of other creatives.

There are currently over 250 museums in the British capital as of 2019, meaning that you’re never far away from one. In fact, London has some of the world’s finest museums such as the British Museum, the V&A and the National Gallery. The best? They are free.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see in person London’s remarkable art, it’s stimulating and it won’t leave you indifferent.

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4. Savour the delicious street food from Borough Market

Borough Market

Borough Market – Image sourced from Unsplash

If you are one of those people who love mixing flavours, one of the best ways to delight your stomach is snooping around the stalls at Borough Market.

From Argentina (try the empanadas of Porteña) to India (those yummy moong daal dosa at Horn Ok Please). From oysters (Richard Haward) to cheese (Neal’s Yard Dairy). From sweet (oh the doughnuts of Bread Ahead) to savoury (don’t miss the Scotch Egg of Scotchtails).

Borough Market catters to all tastes so whether you’re looking to stock up your pantry ready for the week ahead or overcome your hangover with some amazing street food, Borough Market has you covered.

Location: 8 Southwark St, SE1 1TL (Google)
Opening Times: Mon-Thu (10am-5pm), Fri (10am-6pm), Sat (8am-5pm)

5. Join a walking tour

Walking Tour - Image sourced from Unsplash

Walking Tour – Image sourced from Unsplash

We can almost guarantee that whatever the area of London you choose, there will be several fun facts you don’t know yet. They might be related to Henry VIII, literature or a building you’ve probably spotted but never paid the attention it deserved.

Join a walking tour to learn about the nook and crannies of London. From Royal London to  Street Art and maybe something related to a film? Learn about places, people and traditions you might have never heard about before.

There’s plenty of choice and a big area to cover, you’ll spend a couple of nice entertaining hours and probably meet interesting people along the way. 

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6. Get those muscles working at an ice rink

Natural History Museum Ice Rink

Natural History Museum – Image sourced from their website

As if getting to the gym during the week wasn’t hard enough, let alone squeeze in a workout during the weekend when we’re meant to get some rest. Worry not, working out can be a lot of fun when ice skaters are involved.

Get your muscles working over the weekend at some of the capital’s most iconic ice rinks. Most of them start somewhere around November and are open until late January. My favourite one has to be the ice rink at the Natural History Museum.

The setting is beautiful and the atmosphere magical, especially when it gets closer to Christmas.

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7. Hunt for a bargain at Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market

Portobello Road Market – Image sourced from Unsplash

Portobello Road Market has its origins in an 18th century farm that called themselves after Puerto Bello in Panama. Long story short, after the farm was sold, the area was still involved in the production and sale of foods (Notting Hill was slowly being developed and occupied by wealthy tenants).

Nowadays, Portobello Road Market – which takes place on Saturdays from 9am to 7pm – is home to the world’s largest antiques market. You’ll be able to browse over 1,000 stalls selling all kinds of antiques and collectibles.

Location: Portobello Rd, W11 3DB (Google)
Opening Hours: Saturdays from 9am to 7pm

8. Have a pint at one of London’s most iconic pubs

The Churchill Arms

The Churchill Arms – Image sourced from Unsplash

Pubs – or Public Houses as citizens used to call them – are a typically British form of architecture. Technically, a visit to the pub could be considered a cultural activity. Really? No, not really but still is fun to discuss this curious typology of architecture while sipping a cold beer or cider.

If you happen to be around Notting Hill, make sure you check the iconic Churchill Arms, which by the way serves authentic Thai food too – weirdly delicious combination.

Another two you can’t miss while in London: the historic Argyll Arms and the beautiful Crown and Anchor Pub.

9. Enjoy a movie in an arthouse cinema

Electric Cinema in London – by Electric Cinema – Uploaded by them

Watching a movie can release some of the weekly stress, especially if you do so in a beautiful environment. London has some handsome-looking cinemas that date back to the beginning of the 20th century; locations that have been refurbished the old grandeur of the past and have comfy sofas, blankets and sometimes even drinks delivered to your side table.

Even if the film you picked is bad (hopefully it will be good), you’ll enjoy a most delightfully relaxing evening.

In my opinion, the best of all cinemas is the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. It dates to 1910, potentially being the oldest cinema in Britain and after much turmoil it opened again in 2003.

Many people were involved in saving the cinema, being Audrey Hepburn and Anthony Hopkins amongst them.

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10. Leave London for a day trip

Oxford University

Oxford University – Image sourced from Unsplash

As much as I love London, some weekends I just need to get away from the noise, traffic and pollution. If you are thinking about treating yourself to a well-earned weekend away, I have some recommendations for you. From historical cities like Bath, to university cities such as Oxford or Cambridge.

From royal cities like Windsor or trendy cities like Bristol, we have you covered. These pretty locations might seem like they’ve been snatched from a fairytale, but they are closer to London than what you think – less than 2 hours away.

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I hope you enjoyed this list and found at least one plan that you’re really looking forward to doing next Saturday. If you are new to London, you might want to begin with our list of Top 10 Things to Do in London.