If you are wondering what to do in Lisbon around Martim Moniz and Intendente, here are some ideas you can take. Martim Moniz and Intendente are known as the melting pot of Lisbon. A lot of immigrants from all corners of the globe settled here and you feel a very characteristic atmosphere in this area of the city. If you’d like us to guide you through Martim Moniz and Intendente, check out our private tours in Lisbon here.

If you’re visiting Lisbon and have no idea what to do in Lisbon around Martim Moniz and Intendente, here are some suggestions to enjoy this area as much as you can.

Praça Martim Moniz


What to do in Lisbon around Martim Moniz and Intendente

If you are in Martim Moniz and Intendente in Lisbon, you might want to check out the main Square. As this area is the cultural melting pot of Lisbon, you’ll find different cultural festivals taking place here. From the Chinese Year celebrations to the Indian Holi, you might get to enjoy a festival from the other corner of the world right here in Lisbon. Besides, being the cultural melting pot of Lisbon, you might also want to check out nearby restaurants with international cuisines.

Mundial rooftop bar


The Hotel Mundial in the area of Martim Moniz and Intendente in Lisbon offers a great plan for your evening: a drink at its rooftop bar. Located in the center of the city, its top floor lets you enjoy the city from a bird’s eye point perspective. Going up before sunset, you’ll have a great view and it’s a nice way to start your evening before dinner or to follow up on your great meal nearby.

Casa Independente


Another great thing to do in Martim Moniz and Intendente in Lisbon is to have a drink at Casa Independente. This house is an alternative place with a very characteristic environment. It offers great food and live music and it’s great to do for a drink and chat with your friends. Located in Largo Intendente, one of the main squares, it’s a place where locals love going after dinner.

A Vida Portuguesa


If you’re in Martim Moniz and Intendente in Lisbon, one thing to do is to visit A Vida Portuguesa (The Portuguese Life). This shop is known for selling only traditional Portuguese crafts and they are the only ones allowed to trade Bordalo Pinheiro ceramics, a very typical type of ceramic work by the famous Portuguese artist of the 20th century. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir or you simply want to see traditional crafts, this is a great shop to visit.

Feira das Almas


If you are in Martim Moniz or Intendente in Lisbon on the first weekend of the month, one of the things to do is to visit Feira das Almas. Feira das Almas is an alternative fair that showcases the work of Portuguese craftsmen. Here you can find everything, from clothing, to soaps, illustrations and oil recycling candles. With live music and taking place in Taberna das Almas, an old glass and mirror factory, it is a great escape from more touristic attractions and into the lives of Portuguese people.



The last suggestion of what to do in Martim Moniz and Intendente in Lisbon is to go uphill and discover the famous area of Mouraria. This is a very quirky neighborhood in Lisbon and it’s known for its Fado houses. Fado is the traditional Portuguese singing, born from the sailors and their families who spent years apart and longed for the day they would meet again. This area is great to explore and to sit for a meal and live Fado. I’d recommend you join our Alfama tour to discover more about the way we live as Portuguese and as Lisboners and then head on to Mouraria for a great meal and live Fado. If this sounds like a good plan, join us in Alfama here.

See you in Lisbon!

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