If you’re visiting Lisbon there’ a chance you’ll want to take tram 28, it is a known must do ride in Lisbon. But what can you do alongside the route of this famous tram line? Here are some suggestions of what to do in Lisbon alongside the Tram 28 route.



What to do in Lisbon alongside the Tram 28 route

The first thing to do in Lisbon alongside the tram 28 route is to explore the area of Graça. Uphill on the other side of Castle of Saint George, this is a typical area of Lisbon where you’ll find breathtaking viewing points such as Miradouro da Graça or Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte.



Alongside the tram 28 route, another thing you can do in Lisbon is to visit the Cathedral (Sé). This Cathedral is a mixture of architectural currents as it was extended on its original foundations. It is quite interesting to see how this church from the 1100’s (yes, that old) has been modified and recovered and still holds an important role in the religious life of the capital city of Lisbon.



Another thing to do in Lisbon alongside the tram 28 route is to visit the area of Baixa. Rebuilt after the destructive earthquake of 1755, this are is very organized and exhibits influences of European architecture of the time. It is very different from the quirky neighborhoods in the hills of Lisbon such as Alfama, that house the story of the Portuguese soul. Discover Alfama with us here.

Estrela Basilica


One thing to do in Lisbon alongside the tram 28 route is to visit the Estrela basilica. In front of the Garden 5 de Outubro (commonly known as the Estrela Garden),it is a beautiful church to visit for its marble architecture. If you take tram 28 from downtown Lisbon all the way up to Estrela, you can visit the church and then have lunch at the nice, simple restaurant you find in the garden.

Campo Ourique + Prazeres


One other thing to do in Lisbon alongside the tram 28 route is to visit the area of Campo de Ourique and the Prazeres Cemetery. In the old aristocratic area of the city, the relatives of those buried in the cemetery have built monumental statues to their deceased relatives, showing off their artistic tastes and personal conviction, which makes this cemetery an interesting place to visit. In the neighborhood of Campo de Ourique, you can also find (in my opinion) the best food market in town: Mercado de Campo de Ourique. Perfect for a meal, a drink or a sweet snack.

Castle of Saint George


Lastly, one thing you can do in Lisbon alongside the tram 28 route is to visit the castle of Saint George. To get there, you might want to get off by the Santa Luzia viewing point and from there is one street up to the Castle. Unless you walk around the traditional streets around the castle, you won’t be able to say you’ve seen Lisbon properly. The best thing to do is to join us at the arch of Saint George’s castle and discover Lisbon with us in our Alfama tour.

Enjoy Lisbon, with a ride on tram 28 or walking with us!

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