What To Do As a Solo Traveler in Madrid

Planning a solo trip can be unnerving. You might worry that it will be impossible to enjoy the city without a travel buddy. But this is definitely not the case, especially in Madrid.

There are so many different things to do as a solo traveler in Madrid that you probably won’t even get to do everything on this list. Nonetheless, the article will prepare you for your trip and show you all the various activities that the city has to offer. Below are our top tips for the single traveler.

Have brunch.

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Salvador Bachiller makes for the perfect brunch spot, and it’s suitable to be your first stop from the airport. Here, you can order an açai bowl for breakfast or a lunch item like a burger. They also have an amazing piña colada.

Bachiller is one of the restaurants in Madrid where you can find an allergen list at the back of the menu, for those who have sensitivites. On their menu, you’ll also find a tasty veggie burger and other healthy options.

There are many locations around the city, and you’ll know one when you see one. Every Salvador Bachiller is marked by the pink flowers that hang above the entrance. After eating, you can buy something upstairs at their store, which sells luggage, bags, and fashionable accessories.

For a brunch spot that’s popular among foreigners, check out Federal Café. This is a scrumptious restaurant with Instagrammable plates. Before starting a day of exploration, charge up with a latte and breakfast. Here, you can order pancakes, avocado toast, eggs Benedict and more.

Go shopping on Gran Vía.

This busy central street of Madrid is sure to have your favorite store. Gran Vía is home to a three-story Zara and three Starbucks within walking distance.

Whether you want to shop at Bershka, H&M, or Pull&Bear, you’ll find them all right next to each other. This is a good place to come to shop for popular Spanish brands. If you didn’t already know, Spain is the home of Inditex, one of the world’s largest textile companies.

Among its many subsidiaries are Zara, Pull&Bear, Oysho and Bershka. These brands are all really nice places to shop, and as the rest of Spain is, they’re affordable. You might want to hide your savings from yourself before going shopping in Madrid.

On this street, there’s something for everyone. Boys might get lost in the football jerseys, as both Atlético de Madrid and Real Madrid have shops on Gran Vía. Moreover, general souvenirs can be found in many of the large stores that line the street. There are even several options for having a snack in between stores.

Try out Metropolitan Gym / Spa.

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There’s no better way to spend your alone time than relaxing in a steam shower. So why not spend a day at Metropolitan gym and spa? With four locations around Madrid, there should be one near you.

Working out is always a good idea, and it’s actually known to reduce the effects of  jet lag. This luxury gym and spa has everything you need to reboot your system, even massages and other cosmetic treatments.

The gym has every machine you could think of for strengthening muscles, and plenty of cardio workouts like the treadmill and bike. In fact, this gym offers spin classes and yoga sessions, so you don’t need to go somewhere else for a professional lesson.

Relax in the park.

One of the most charming things about the big city of Madrid is that it’s quite spread out and provides many green spaces to enjoy nature. No matter where you are staying, you should be able to find a park nearby.

If the weather permits, grab a sandwich and walk to the nearest park. Here, you can read a book or simply lay down in the grass and feel the warmth of the sun. Though Retiro Park is the most famous, there are countless other grassy parks throughout the city that are just as nice.

Visit the roses.

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Right next to the magnificent Basilica de San Francisco in La Latina, there’s a beautiful rose garden. In each bed, flowers of a different color are planted. A circular bed of red roses stands at the center of the garden.

This space is a lovely place to walk around or relax on a bench and enjoy the weather. At the very back, there is a statue in front of a view of the skyline. The rose garden is also one of the best places to take pictures in Madrid.

Go to El Rastro.

In Madrid, Sundays are for El Rastro. The market takes place in La Latina, spanning out through the streets. If you arrive before 3pm, you’ll get to walk through the many booths and discover what the Madrileños are selling that day.

Goods for sale include clothing, tapestries, sunglasses, and more. You can even find a new phone case here. El Rastro is worth the visit whether you buy something or not. You’ll blend right into the crowd as you leisurely explore the booths.

See famous art at a museum.

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When traveling alone for pleasure, it can be fun to go to a local museum. In Madrid, you can’t miss the Golden Triangle. This triad is made up of the Museo Reina Sofía, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, and Museo del Prado.

At these famous museums, you’ll find artwork from Goya, Velázquez, and other legendary artists. Plus, there are many other museums around the city other than these three.

Attend a Flamenco class.

Learning a traditional dance is a great way to integrate yourself into a culture that you are visiting. Observing the local people is also an interesting way to pass the time.

Since Flamenco originated in Spain, you have to see what it’s like while you’re in Madrid. At Flamenco classes and events, you’ll find people singing, dancing, and playing the guitar. It’s an environment you can’t miss out on. And even if you’re not brave enough to dance yourself, you can just watch everyone else perform.

See the famous view from a rooftop.

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There’s a chance you’ve seen this famous landscape before. It’s the famous street that ends up on brochures and advertisements of Madrid. The Gran Vía spectacle includes a view of the metropolis and the lively surrounding city. Many people go to the top of the buildings to take pictures.

The Azotea del Círculo is a restaurant / bar at the top of the Círculo de Bells Artes. Here, you can have dinner and a drink and take photos of the view. If you want to take pictures without staying to dine at Azotea, you’ll have to pay a small fee per person.

Try tapas.

The name, tapa, traditionally refers to the snack you receive as a compliment to drinks ordered at the bar. Today, the term also refers to the little bites you can find at markets and restaurants.

The tapas that you’ll receive with drinks will usually be olives, french fries, or chips. If you find a market like Mercado de San Miguel, you can order baguettes slices topped with Iberian ham, or perhaps a slice of tortilla de patata.

Attend a bullfight.

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This controversial activity has been a source of entertainment for the Spaniards since approximately 710 A.D. Located in Salamanca at a stadium called Las Ventas, bull-fighting still takes place almost every day in Madrid.

Buy a ticket and take your seat at Las Ventas for a taste of the deeply rooted Spanish tradition. You will have to decide for yourself whether you think it’s a moral sport; the show is not for the fainthearted.

Watch a theater show.

Madrid actually has a large scene of theatrical productions. From comedies to monologues, there are several theaters hosting events. Attending a show is a great way to enjoy the Spanish language and get lost in their culture and entertainment.

Moreover, you don’t need to be with a crowd to go to a theater show. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. There are over 30 theaters in Madrid for you to choose from.

Explore Sala Equis.

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This hip movie theater is an enchanting place to see the newest films or even just meet some friends. The venue features a large open space where you can eat a hot dog and drink a beer while watching a silent film.

Upstairs, there’s a chic bar where you can order your favorite cocktail. Sala Equis is the kind of place where you can stay for hours, since there’s more than one thing going on. Whether you catch a premiere or just check out the space, you’ll enjoy it.

Have dinner at a nice restaurant.

If you’ve read about the best restaurants in Madrid, then you know that there are countless spots for you to sit down and enjoy dinner for one, regardless of what type of food you’re feeling.

Check our top 10 list to find restaurants that will satisfy your cravings, whether you’re looking for sushi, Mexican, or burgers. You will find eateries on every corner in Madrid, and they are typically very reasonably priced.

Try fine spirits at a Mezcaloteca.

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When you have no one else’s plans to adhere to, why not take a seat at Corazón Agavero and discovery the luxury of Mexican spirits? At this bar in La Latina, there are many tequilas, mezcals, and more.

The fine spirits are good enough to drink straight, which is why you can order a plate of various shots, but they also make perfect cocktails.

The mezcaloteca makes an amazing Paloma. Many of their drinks are fruity, and all of them taste exquisite. You might stand up a bit tipsy after chatting with the bartenders for a bit, because it’s hard to stop at just one cocktail.

Enjoy a cocktail.

It’s always nice to enjoy a cocktail at a rooftop bar, but it’s even nicer to do so by yourself if that rooftop bar has live music. Since Madrid has many rooftop bars and many DJs, there’s plenty happening on the city’s rooftops for you to discover.

ME Hotel is a great option for spending the evening enjoying the music and the sunset. The hotel rooftop has expansive seating for your own private space and spectacular photo ops of the evening skyline and Spanish architecture. You won’t want to leave.

Go to a night club.

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Going to a venue to listen to music can be fun even if you’re not with friends. And it’s the best thing to do late at night. Fortunately, Madrid has a variety of spots to immerse yourself in the nightlife and conclude the day.

If you like to be able to sing along to music, go to Teatro Kapital. This seven story club offers a different experience on every floor. On the main stage, you’ll likely see a live performance by the dancers.

An alternative commercial club is Teatro Barceló, which also has multiple floors and various genres playing throughout. This club not only shows the best of commercial music, but also presents some house, techno and reggaeton.

For those who prefer a venue that plays strictly techno, try Mondo Disko. This is an intimate underground club with one stage, where artists play on nights like Thursdays and Saturdays. Otherwise, Goya is popular among house music fans. The club is romantically lit and often showcases international artists.


Now that you’ve seen activities to fill up every hour of your day in Madrid, you’re probably more excited to begin your journey. Have fun exploring the sunny city of Spain and discovering everything from food to art.

And even if there weren’t so many wonderful activities, Madrid would still be a lovely place to travel solo because the local people are so friendly. If you run out of things to do, just go sit at the bar somewhere and chat with the natives. No matter what you do, you’ll love Madrid.