What shoes to wear in Paris


As you know, Parisians have a great sense of style and fashion. Paris is known to be one of the best cities of fashion in the world for good reasons! The most outrageous, shocking and influential trends have started in Paris. Fashion designers, such as Coco Chanel, Dior, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, revolutionized the fashion industry. They shocked the world, made history and opened up people’s mind.

While in Paris, you will probably want to fit in the crowd! You want to look as stylish and elegant as Parisians do. Being trendy does not mean you have to feel uncomfortable. You need to ally comfort and elegance to achieve the perfect classy outfit.

If you’ve read our guide for all seasons about what to wear in Paris, you might be wondering what shoes are the most appropriate to wear in Paris to go with your outfits. Shoes are essential to an outfit, because they complete it and give its final and special touch. I want you to enjoy the city of Paris in the best conditions. This is why I want to help you by giving you a few advices on what shoes you should be packing for your trip to Paris! Read on and find out what shoes to wear in Paris!

For spring and summer

During spring, the weather is very unpredictable. It can be chilly in the morning and, then, it can get very hot during the afternoon. So the best you can do is to play with layers. You can wear some rolled up jeans, or a 7/8 pair of jeans. Reveal your ankles, it is very typical of Parisian fashion. A tee-shirt or a cute blouse, and a cardigan or a trench coat, in case it gets a little colder during the day.


You also need to know that the beginning of spring is always pretty chilly. The days only get warmer at the end of April. If you need to know what shoes to wear in Paris, ankle boots, lace up boots, sneakers and loafers are the best choices! Loafers with some ankle socks or some see-through socks can be very original and elegant.

During summer, you should be wearing light fabrics. Do not wear textiles such as polyester, because they will make you sweat. The summer in Paris can be very harsh. On hotter days, it will be essential for you to stay hydrated. Also, wear comfortable clothes. For the ladies who feel like wearing dresses or skirts, forget the tight ones! Choose wide ones, midi or long, that will allow you to walk easily. You can also wear bermuda shorts, or denim shorts, whatever suits you best.


If you’re wondering what shoes to wear in Paris during the summer, you should definitely pick flat ones that are breathable. Sandals, espadrille wedges if you want to gain a little height, some superga or vans sneakers are also recommended. These types of shoes go well with any outfit if you pick the right color. So, make sure you chose some neutral colors!

For autumn and winter


At the beginning of Autumn, you can still wear some sneakers, because it can still be warm and sunny. But, during autumn, the weather quickly cool down. So you need to be prepared. It usually rains a lot, so you should be bringing a waterproof coat. I highly recommend you to bring ankle boots for the autumn-y months.


For winter, bring some warm waterproof boots. Some vegan leather ones are the most advised. For instance, the Dr. Martens brand are selling some vegan boots that will guarantee your foot warmth and protect your feet from high winds and showers. This way, your outfit will be cruelty-free and on top of the trends!

You now know what shoes to wear in Paris! In a few words, you should be wearing the ones that make you feel at ease and trendy. However, if I were you, I would definitely pick flat shoes and leave heeled ones back at home. Because, since you will be walking all around the city of Paris, it can be exhausting. But if you have the right shoes, it will be much more easier than expected. Comfortable shoes and socks are essential to the success of your stay in Paris!

If you feel good, visiting the greatest Parisian neighborhoods will be a real delight! Montmartre, the Marais, both right and left bank of Paris await you! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has been useful! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything. Also, if you have tips of your own, feel free to share, so we can grow as a community! See you soon in Paris!

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