What is the best French cheese? A cheese aficionado like me would say that this is a terrible question, but as a cheese lover I can try to answer it. There is no best French cheese, you have to make different categories of cheese and then you can try to answer this question.

We (or at least I) can classify cheese in 4 different types:

  • Hard cheese
  • Soft cheese
  • Goat cheese
  • Ewe cheese

The award of the best French cheese in the Hard Cheese category goes to: Cantal!


What is the best French cheese? cantal

This cheese comes from the French department of the same name and is made of cow milk. Its taste is strong but you can choose its intensity by choosing a more or less old cheese. The older it is the stronger. It is a traditional French cheese you should find on every good cheese plate! It is a very common cheese, so you can find some everywhere, from grocery stores to cheese stores, it is often used to make a salad more tasty, in this case it is sliced in little cubes, but purists like me will tell you to cut a thin slice of it, and eat it which bread and SALTY butter (not all French will agree on that one the salty butter is the best in my opinion).

The award of the best French cheese in the soft cheese category is: Camembert!


You might have already tasted an ersatz of Camembert in your country, but the real one is the best; if you like very strong cheese. When you bite a slice of Camembert, it’s like an explosion of taste in your mouth (I strongly recommend you to not kiss anyone after this smelly experience) its softness provides a long and strong taste. To find a good camembert ask the seller in a fromagerie, OR if you’re in a grocery store open the box (but not the paper) and press the cheese with your thumbs, if it is soft, it’s good, then smell it, if it stinks: it’s better! The best way to eat Camembert is with a slice of good bread, don’t spread it on your bread, just drop it. And enjoy.

The award of the best goat cheese goes to: Pouligny-Saint-Pierre


Initially produced in the village of the same name, this goat cheese is not too tasty but really fruity. It’s fresh, it’s soft, and it’s for classy cheese lovers. As for every cheese, don’t spread it on your bread when you eat it: drop it. When you spread a cheese it can change its texture and you won’t have the real sensation of the cheese in mouth. As an example, if you spread the pouligny it will lose its aerated consistence. Pro tip: to cut this pyramid shaped cheese, cut triangular slices from the top to the bottom, as you would do for a round Camembert, except that you need to be a bit more handy. I can recommend you a very fruity red wine, I won’t tell you which one, but maybe you can ask you cheese store seller, this cheese might be hard to find in grocery stores!

And the best cheese on the ewe cheese category is: The Osseau Iraty!


Fruity, with a strong but yet really soft taste (do you understand what I mean? I actually do it means that is SO GOOD) it is my favorite cheese. Produced in the Pays Basque, this cheese is perfect for cheese lovers and cheese amateurs, it’s also perfect with an Irouleguy red wine (take care of which wine you choose to drink with that cheese, the tannin of the wine might seem stronger if you drink it with ewe cheese, so follow my recommendation or the one of your cheese or wine seller!)

The best French cheese is something that can’t be really objective, I recommend that you taste different cheeses: got cheese, ewe cheese, cow cheese, so you can know which type you prefer, and so you can have your own opinion on this unsolvable question: what is the best French Cheese?

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