Unmissable Outlet Stores near Paris

The only thing better than shopping in Paris is shopping in Paris at discounted prices.

Being a hub of luxury fashion and brands from around the world, the bills can rack up during your average day out in this enticing city. Between the malls, galleries and fashion districts, shopping in Paris can consume much of your time and much of your budget.

Yes, windows shopping along the Champs-Élysées or inside the Galeries Lafayette can be fun — but sometimes you want to be able to partake in the purchasing of garments as well.

Discount shopping – by Narain Jashanmal – Unsplash

While outlet shopping isn’t huge in Paris there are a number of destinations nearby that offer discounted rates for top name brands. Knowing where to go to find the best deals is key. I’m going to let you in on some of the best kept outlet shopping secrets that the locals hold near and dear to their hearts.

Some of them will require a bit of a day trip out of the city. This can be easy to orchestrate particularly if you were originally planning on visiting sites such as Versailles at some point regardless.

One Nation near Paris

1 Avenue du Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy

While on the subject of Versailles let’s take a look at our first unmissable outlet store, the One Nation Paris. This shopping complex is not far from the historic palace that is about a 40 minute journey outside of Paris center.

One Nation Outlets – by One Nation – Sourced from their website

It is a massive outlet structure and definitely worth visiting if you get the chance. I like to come out here during the change of seasons to gather some discounted garments to prepare for the weather to come.

One Nation is made up of two floors. The ground floor is where you’ll find all the street wear, casual clothing and sporting outfits. These come from an array of well known name brands including Levi’s, Vans and Mango.

The second floor is dedicated to the luxury fashion that Parisians know and love. The impressive range of designers will have you lost in the space for hours.

One Nation Outlets – by One Nation – Sourced from their website

All patrons who are members of the European Union will benefit from a further 12% tax deduction on all the available garments. Also note that there are no restaurants within the center, just a few coffee shops for light snacks and drinks.

The One Nation Paris offers a shuttle bus for all customers to take advantage of. They leave daily from the Paris Opera, the Arc de Triomphe and the Palace of Versailles.

Vallée Village near Paris

Another outlet that will require a bit of a day trip is the Vallée Village situated thirty minutes outside of Paris center. The outlet store is just five minutes from the iconic Disneyland Paris — maybe an idea to leave the kids here while you do your shopping!

I use the word “store” loosely. The space is actually a full shopping village featuring over one hundred luxury fashion brands at discounted prices. Amongst them are the likes of Burberry, Guess, Kenzo and Calvin Klein.

Vallée Village – by Gzen92 – Wikimedia Commons

You’ll need some time to work your way through this space. Upon arrival, head directly to the welcome center and collect a map of the village. Take it from someone who has made this mistake: don’t attempt to navigate the space without the map! It’s helpful, I promise.

The village is open to the public every day of the week, bar one or two public holidays. There are restaurants and coffee shops available in the space as well so you really can plan to spend most of your day here.

Kilo Shop in Paris

The Kilo Shop is a chain of stores around Paris that sell second hand and vintage clothing. The items are sold by the kilo, meaning you’ll pay the same per weight whether the garments are worthless thrift items or high-end designer pieces.

You can really make your money go a long way in this store. My favorite one is over in the heart of St- Germain-des-Près. Shopping in this part of town is already a great way to spend a day… as is walking the area and enjoying the street life it has to offer.

Kilo Shop – by Kilo Shop – Sourced from their website

Inside the Kilo Shop it really is the luck of the draw. The items are hugely discounted if you consider how much you’re spending per kilogram — finding pieces that you actually want is the hard part.

Think of it as a treasure hunt of sorts. First to find the Chanel wins.

McArthurGlen Troyes near Paris

For those serious bargain shoppers who don’t mind a bit of a trek to get to this outlet mall; you’re in for a treat! The McArthurGlen Troyes is the largest outlet mall in all of France.

The downside is that this outlet is situated quite a distance from Paris in the Champagne region of France. It will take roughly one and a half hours to get to by train — but it is well worth it.

The outlet store is actually made up of three separate complexes situated apart from one another. If your intention is to visit all three in one day then it may be in your best interest to hire a car for the day.

McArthurGlen Troyes – by Troyes Tourism – Sourced from their website

Here you’ll navigate your way through hundreds of luxury brands and thousands of discounted garments to take home. From Kookai to Lacoste to Calvin Klein; all seasons catered to and all items priced well below regular retail.

This outlet is open seven days a week. There are a number of restaurants and cafes in which to dine and take a break between shopping!

As I said… if you know where to go, you can save a lot of money when shopping in the city of Paris. Taking memorable garments home from your trip doesn’t have to leave you in travel debt for months to come.

Head out to any of these outlet stores and reap the benefits they hold — you’ll thank me later!

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