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Top 10 Most beautiful lakes in the United States


The United States has some of the most beautiful lakes on the continent.  These lakes are spread through different geographical locations and are never short of fun activities.

Most of the lakes have beautiful sunset and sunrise as their backdrops while some are near mountains. If you love camping, some of the lakes have camping grounds and cabins too. 

Some of these lakes are tucked away in the woods while some are right by the city. Did you know that there are more than 13,000 lakes in the state of Minnesota alone?

Lake Superior is by far the largest freshwater lake and it lies on the border of three American states as well as a Canadian province.

From natural lakes to man-made reservoirs, these lakes offer some of the best vacation spots.  Here are the top ten most beautiful lakes in the United States.

1. Crater Lake, Oregon

Photo by WolfmanSF – Wikimedia

Crater Lake was formed more than 8000 years ago when Mount Mazama erupted. The crater was later filled with water and the lake was born.

This landlocked lake gets its water from the rain and melting snow. It remains clear all throughout the year. On a good sunny day, the light goes to about 400 feet into the lake. The lake is 1943 feet deep.

Crater Lake is the deepest in America and the water remains clear all year round. There are two islands on this lake; the Wizard Island and Phantom Ship  

Activities: swimming, fishing, scuba diving.

2. Lake Martin, Alabama

This lake has a 750 miles’ shoreline and is one of the beautiful landmarks among Acapulco Rock and Chimney Rock.

The lake, sitting on 44,000 acres of land and there I plenty of parking space for RVs. People gather here for the 4th of July celebrations and the Alexander City Jazz Festival.

Popular attractions here include eagles nest, Chimney Rock, sandy beaches, restaurants and islands.

Activities: swimming, boating, water skiing, golfing, camping, horse riding, hiking, fishing.

3. Lake Tahoe, California & Nevada

Photo by Michael -Wikimedia

Lake Tahoe is one of the most attractive lakes in the United States. Tourists like visiting this lake because of the several fun activities like skiing and boating.

The clear water of this lake as well as the mountain vistas reflecting in the glass water is irresistible. It is indeed a photographer’s paradise.

There is a national park near the lake hence a ton of activities to indulge in. the amenities surrounding the park are all dedicated to tourists. You will find restaurants, clubs, and casinos.

Activities: skiing, snowmobile riding, snowshoeing, along with water sports, hiking, and bicycling.

4. Caddo Lake, Texas & Louisiana

This lake spreads to over 27,000 acres of land. The lake is surrounded by Spanish Moss trees, part of the world’s largest cypress forest.

Caddo lake is made up of an interconnected swampy marsh, bayous and backwaters. The lake is home to alligators that hid under submerged trees.

Since the water is not safe for swimming, the best way to explore the lake is on a boat or a canoe.  

An interesting fact about Caddo Lake is this is the only natural lake in Texas. It is also home to the largest bald cypress forest in the world.

Activities: alligator spotting, boating

5. Hanging Lake, Colorado

By Joshuahicks – Wikimedia

The Hanging Lake is set on the edge of the cliffs at Glenwood Canyon. It is an irresistible lake with its sparkling azure waters. One may mistake this lake for a tropical locality.

There are waterfalls that drain their water to this lake. You will need a permit to get on the hiking trail that is 1.2 miles long.   

The farther you go on the trail it doubles as a boardwalk that was constructed to protect the lake bed.

Swimming in this lake is prohibited but you can head to Sprouting Rock. Here, the waterfall is perfect for a cool down.  

Hanging Lake was named as a National Natural Landmark in 2011. It was formed by limestone deposits of the fault lines.

The trail leading to this lake is one of the popular ones in Colorado.

Activities: hiking

6. Lake Chelan; Washington

Lake Chelan happens to be the largest natural lake in the state of Washington. It occupies 51 miles of stunning natural beauty.

This lake is also the third deepest in the United States. It is 1,486 feet deep at the Wapato and Lucerne Basins. The basins were formed during the Ice Age.  

The lake is surrounded by picturesque vineyards, mountains and quaint towns. It is close to the North Cascades hence perfect for hiking.

Activities: boating, hiking, water sports.  

7. Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming

Photo by RG Johnsson – Wikimedia

Yellowstone Lake is a part of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. this is the largest lake in the park additionally, it is one of the largest highly elevated freshwater lakes on the continent.

The lake freezes in winter apart from the hot springs in the park. Even though the temperatures soar during summer, the water remains ice cold and swimming is not allowed.

Exploration of the lake is done on a boat, canoe or kayak. The lake welcomes more than 2 million tourists every year.

Activities: fishing, boating.

8. Lake Michigan, Illinois

Photo by Tony The Tiger – Wikipedia

This lake is one of North America’s five great lakes. Most of its shoreline is found in Illinois. One of its many beaches can be accessed in downtown Chicago.

Lake Michigan is shared among four American States.

The beaches have white sand. There are also islands like Beaver Island, Fox Islands, Northerly Island, and Manitou Islands.

Another interesting fact about this lake is that it is home to Hiawatha National Forest, Manistee National Forest, and Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness.  

Activities: swimming

9. Lake George, New York

Lake George is found in the northeastern part of New York state, it is also among the most popular and beautiful lakes in the country.

To get the best experience here, visit the lake during summer. There are a ton of activities to do at this lake. You will accommodation for extended stays.  

Activities: swimming, camping, hiking, boating, fishing, and even white water rafting.

10. Lake Powell, Arizona & Utah

Photo by Alex Proimos – Wikimedia

This man-made lake is the second-largest water reservoir in the US. It was created as a result of a dam on the Colorado River.

The emerald water of this lake is surrounded by crimson sandstone cliffs. There are more than 100 canyons to explore going for more than 200 miles.  

Rainbow bridge found in canyons is the world’s longest natural arch.

Activities: kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing.