The Best Juice Bars in Seattle


Smoothie -breakfast

Smoothie breakfast by Abi Porter from Wikimedia Commons

Juice bars are increasingly offering smoothie bowls loaded with açai berries and other “superfoods,” and it appears that this fad is here to stay. Goji berries, smoothies, avocado toast, and organic granola are among the many healthy options available to Seattle residents; here are some of the best juice bars in Seattle. 

1. Fit Bar Superfood Cafe (multiple locations)

Açaí na tigela

Açaí na tigela by chahayes from wikimedia commons

Expect a short wait if you want to visit Fit Bar’s tucked-away location in the North Admiral neighbourhood across the West Seattle Bridge. The Admiral açai bowl is lavishly stocked with blueberries, hemp hearts, goji berries, mulberries, flaxseed, and bee pollen, so the effort is not in vain.

For a satisfyingly high-protein treat, consider the PB Power, which is made with Adams peanut butter and topped with sliced banana, blueberries, coconut, and hemp granola. Fit Bar also has a facility in Renton for people who live a little further south.

2. HeartBeet Organic Superfoods Cafe

strawberry lemon smoothie

strawberry lemon smoothie by Vanessa p. from Wikimedia Commons

The smoothies, juices, salads, and grain bowls at this adorable tiny store on Queen Anne Avenue are made with plant-based superfoods.

Diners may indulge worry-free in a Cookie Monster smoothie or a vibrantly green Buddha Bowl because the menu is gluten- and dairy-free and many things are available uncooked. In order to satisfy the need for a sweet yet healthy dessert following a superfood-rich meal, HeartBeet now has a sibling brand, Pure Pies.

3. Eve

Not every dish has to be suitable for breakfast or a light lunch. Eve in Fremont could be the answer if you’re looking for hearty, satisfying, farm-to-fork bowls that can dress up for dinner.

Choose cold beef vermicelli topped with flavorful, Southeast Asian-influenced aromatics or pile the Eve Hot Bowl high with ancient grains, nuts, seeds, greens, and optional meats. It is very advised to put an egg on it.

4. Sweetgrass Food Co.

Juice Bars in Seattle

Juice Bars in Seattle by Brenda Godinez from Wikimedia Unsplash

In this spacious downtown location, Sweetgrass offers delicious, sustainably sourced meals along with a hearty dose of positive energy. For a delightful lunch, settle down with a laptop and a smoothie like the Matcha Matcha Matcha (make it a bowl for a little bit more).

For dessert, Sweetgrass’s colourful bowls might not even be as popular on Instagram as the gluten-free buckwheat chocolate “snail cookie.”

5. Jars Juice

Juice Bars in Seattle

Juice Bars in Seattle by Sara Cervera from Unsplash

Juice is in the name, and SLU’s Jars Juice offers the hungry residents of Amazontown more than 40 fresh selections for juices, smoothies, and fruit bowls. Additionally, Jars offers poké, turkey, bacon, and sunny-side-up eggs to top their popular avocado toast. Sit down on one of the cafe’s plush couches for a brief break or get a Green Juniper drink to go.

6. Pressed Juicery

Because of the founder’s conviction that everything nutritious should be cheaply priced so that everyone may afford it, Pressed Juicery was founded. Healthy living ought to be affordable and pleasurable at the same time. Before you begin your daily routine, stop by Pressed Juicery and indulge in some celery juice or another favourite drink. Additionally offered here are protein biscuits, balls, and bars.

7. Bubble Tea Fresh Fruit Juice

Juice Bars in Seattle

Juice Bars in Seattle by LyfeFuel from Unsplash

Your stomach will be content if you are. When you place an order here, it might happen. You can really see what is going into your body thanks to the fresh ingredients that are shown throughout the nutritious drinks. Avocado and mango smoothies with grass jelly and fresh fruit bubble tea are popular options. Even better, all of these drinks are inexpensively priced.

8. Juicebox Café

The Best Juice Bars in Seattle

The Best Juice Bars in Seattle by Element5 Digital from Unsplash

Juices made from organic cold-pressing seem fantastic, don’t they? This café specializes in vegetables and serves delicious juices, blended drinks, and health shots. Your health and mood would benefit greatly from turmeric green juice. Your stomach and mouth would both like the Green Milk.

Juices are just one aspect of this café. In a roomy and welcoming setting with enough for 25, it also offers breakfast, lunch, and weekend brunch. When it comes to breakfast, the yoghurt parfait is a great option. Why don’t you get a potato spinach sandwich and hen-egg scramble for brunch here?

9.Assembly Hall

Assembly Hall is the last stop. For those who are yearning some Asian food as well as fantastic juices and coffees, this unique eatery is a must-visit. In the morning, just before you start visiting Seattle, buy yourself a freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, a blended smoothie, a vegetarian burger, or grilled cheese and tomato soup. If you enjoy your breakfast, stay for more and have a delicious lunch.

10.Jucivana Coffee & Smoothies

The Best Juice Bars in Seattle

Strawberry juice by Alex Lvrs from Unsplash

Ordering pure juices from Jucivana can help you restore your body to its optimal state of health. The fresh smoothies and juices are prepared using a variety of organic veggies and fruits.

Favorites are Green Fitness and Hangover Buster. The fact that these beverages are incredibly healthy for your body may be inferred from their names. Along with a variety of pastries, hot beverages are also offered. Before starting your adventure in Seattle, get a tasty snack.

In a big city like Seattle, it’s extremely doable to have a joyful and healthy vacation. Be sure to stop by the aforementioned juice bars as well while seeing the sites.