The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia


The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia

Juice by Joanna Kosinska from Unsplash

Everyone has seen those Instagram accounts where images of these incredible-looking juices are posted. You’re probably asking, “Where can I buy a juice like that to make my Instagram page appear wonderful, while still being healthy?” when you browse such pages. Well, you can now locate them. The juice bars listed below will keep you healthy and make your Instagram followers envious.

The best and most popular juice bars in Philadelphia are listed below. We created our own list based on people’s reviews that will help you locate the finest juice bars in Philadelphia that are close to you.

1. The Enerjuicer

The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia

Smoothie by Pille R. Priske from Unsplash

In 1999, The Enerjuicer was established. The main site debuted in South NJ’s Cherry Hill Mall. The idea that returning to nature is the only way to find the uncommon mix of excellent health and happiness is the inspiration for The Enerjuicer. The Enerjuicer’s concept is around utilizing only natural, fresh fruits and vegetables that are mixed and squeezed right in front of the client.

Fresh, vibrant fruits are displayed in a large display refrigerator. Customers only need to choose from the menu or come up with their own concoction, and the smoothie, juice, or Acai will be made right away.

2. Satya Juice

The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia

Fresh juice by Rajesh Kavasseri from Wikimedia Commons

For those who desire to be their best selves, Satya Juice offers wholesome premium juices and thorough cleaning regimens. They are committed to using the most natural method so that you are getting the best vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. They care as much about the planet’s health as they do about their own. For their juices, they thus look for the goods that have been ethically and mindfully produced.

In order to promote realignment with natural cycles, they deliberately support sustainable supply chains, work with recognized organic farmers, and incorporate seasonal vegetables into their goods. They are dedicated to providing the greatest quality product to assist your journey because juicing is an investment in your health. All of Satya Juice’s ingredients are raw, natural, and cold-pressed.

3. Little Man’s Juice Bar & Grill

The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia

The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia by Whitney Wright from Unsplash

Little Man’s Juice Bar & Grill creates tasty, syrup- and flavour-free beverages that are 100 percent organic and created with wonderful fruit and vegetable mixes. Additionally, they provide delectable vegan foods, such as cheesesteaks, bowls, all-day breakfast items, and desserts.

They are now open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. They are providing curbside pick-up at this time out of concern for your safety. Your order is placed over the phone.


Since 2006, Tbaar has become a successful brand in New York. Tbaar offers premium vitamins and products, including 100% Fresh juices, smoothies, and bubble tea. In Brooklyn, New York, their first store debuted in 2006. They currently operate more than 20 locations around the United States, including ones in Texas, New York, Delaware, Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Texas.

They are still continuously expanding and growing. Tbaar encourages people to live a better and more environmentally friendly lifestyle. They are more than just a juice bar or tea house. Launched in New York City, Tbaar Corporation sells luxury teas, fruit smoothies, and entirely fresh juices.

5.Stripp’d Juice

The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia

juice by Mateusz Feliksik from Unsplash

According to Stripp’d Juice, their bodies are the only thing they can fully control since they are constructed and maintained like machines. Their everyday decisions—good or bad—have an impact on their general health. They offer themselves the chance to live life to the fullest now and in the future by taking charge of what they put into their bodies. Their food and drink begin with what goes in, much as their bodies do.

They exclusively make use of locally sourced, ethically produced foods and ingredients. Never accept less. Their food is non-GMO and naturally produced. They are attempting to do the reverse since so much food in today’s society has undergone some form of modification at some point in its life cycle.

6. Ryan Crown’s Juice Club

Super-loyal supporters of Ryan Crown claim he is the most knowledgeable juicer in the industry. If you want some of the magic to be sent directly to your home, he even operates a delivery service. He’ll customize juices and offer advice for just about any issue you have.

7. Sookhee’s Produce

Sook Hee’s is a tried-and-true classic, not a hip, new juice bar. Numerous juice lovers concur that their fruit is some of the freshest available, and their juice consistently pleases. Additionally, they frequently charge slightly less than many of their rivals do.

8. Lithe Method

The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia

Juice by Element5 Digital from Unsplash

The temple of svelteness in Philadelphia may be more renowned for its high-intensity workouts than for its meal options, but they offer excellent juices both on their own and as part of comprehensive detox programs.

Lithe has serious exercises in mind, so they mix their juices with substantial meals to keep you going. The drinks may resemble those of a Blueprint Cleanse. NB: They suspended juice manufacturing for the holidays, but it will resume by mid-January. If you choose not to attend their classes, juices and snacks are still accessible.


HipCityVeg is not a juice bar.  Actually, it’s a fast-food restaurant (a vegan fast-food place, but still). However, their trademark Groothie has become such a status symbol among the stylish people in Rittenhouse that our list would not be complete without it.

(There are many really nutritious food alternatives, as well.) When you get tired of all that juice, you may indulge in more indulgent foods like fried “chick’n” and sweet potato fries.

10. Fuel

The Best Juice Bars in Philadelphia

Juice by Giorgi Iremadze from Unsplash

The city’s most complete location for food and, well, gasoline is by far Fuel. Juice and smoothies are available, of course, but there are also salads, sandwiches, and small plates with a lot of high-quality protein, as well as calorie and WW point totals, on the menu. Your goals may be met with the support of their employees, who can help you make the finest decisions.

Now that’s the top ten best juice bars in Philadephia, do let us know in case you happen to visit any of these places.