10 Most Beautiful Overlooked Castles in the United States


Castles in the USA? Trust me, I was as surprised as you are. But as it turns out the United States had its own ear of Medieval culture, and certain landscapes still play home to palaces, mansions and ancient chateaux. 

If you’re looking to be enchanted while in the far west, here’s where you need to go:  

1. The Breakers — Rhode Island

Once the frolicking space for the more wealthy and influential of USA’s elite, Rhode Island is home to many a grand mansion and mini-castle. The most famous is that of The Breakers; a property that was once the summer residence of the Vanderbilt family. 

The Breakers — Rhode Island – by UpstateNYer – Wikimedia Commons

The structure was completed in 1895, and the castle boasts an impressive 70 rooms that are design inspired by piazzas of Genoa and Turin. 

2. Hearst Castle — California

California isn’t short of chateaux, and Hearst Castle is the one that overlooks San Simeon. It was constructed between 1919 and 1947 for an at-the-time famous newspaper tycoon named William Randolph Hears. He himself used to refer to the estate as ‘The Enchanted Hill’, and boasts 165 rooms across four separate buildings. 

Hearst Castle — California – by King of Hearts – Wikimedia Commons

3. Hammond Castle – Massachusetts

In 1926, inventor and scientist John Hays Hammond put the construction of the Hammond Castle into progress. Situated in Gloucester, Hammond was inspired by the castles he observed during his childhood spent in England. 

Hammond Castle – Massachusetts – by Robert Linsdell – Wikimedia Commons

A mix of Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance artifacts, one can see what an avid traveler Hammond once was. 

4. Biltmore Estate — North Carolina

Just outside of Asheville one finds the Blue Ridge Mountains, and within these mountains one finds the Biltmore Estate. Another owned by the Vanderbilt’s, this French Renaissance château was built because George Vanderbilt fell in love with the landscape during a visit just before 1889. 

Biltmore Estate – by JcPollock – Wikimedia Commons

This estate is today home to a vineyard and winery that produces award winning wines. 

5. Bishop’s Palace – Texas

Yes… a palace in Texas. This one is found in the Historic District of Galveston, and it was constructed in 1892 for an affluent attorney and his family. Steel and stone were chosen as the materials of choice by architect Nicholas Clayton. Features include stained glass windows and a massive mahogany stairwell. 

Bishop’s Palace – by nsaum75 ¡שיחת! – Wikimedia Commons

6. Bannerman Castle — New York

This castle is as remote as one can probably get in New York State. Situated on a tiny island just up the Hudson River, the Bannerman Castle was built in the early 20th century. It was built with Medieval Scottish fortresses in mind, and is unlike anything else found in this neck of the woods.

Bannerman Castle – by PhreddyCox – Wikimedia Commons

7. Lyndhurst Mansion – New York

Keeping in New York, the Lyndhurst Mansion is another Hudson River gem that was built in 1838. The Gothic style is all credit to architect Alexander Jackson Davis and it is considered one of the most impressive castles in all of the USA. 

Lyndhurst Mansion – by Elisa.rolle – Wikimedia Commons

Over the years, numerous influential people have called this spot home, including NYC mayor William Paulding. It was opened as a museum in 1965. 

8. Castello di Amorosa — California

Straight out of Tuscan design books, this castle in Napa Valley looks as though it was built back in the 13th-century. In reality, this construction took 15 years, and doors were opened in 2007!

Castello di Amorosa – by Oleg Alexandrov – Wikimedia Commons

It was designed by Dario Sattui as his dream winery, and the castle is surrounded by hundreds of acres of vineyards all producing award-winning Italian wines. Almost all of the castle’s 107 rooms are used for the winemaking process. 

9. Boldt Castle — New York

As far as American castles go, this one on the USA-Canada boarder is hard to top. It’s a six story masterpiece and every corner is Instagram-worthy — being here is a bit of a time warp, to say the least. 

Boldt Castle – by Hamidreza – Wikimedia Commons

You’ll find Boldt Castle on Heart Island! 

10. Bishop Castle — Colorado

This charming castle was made by one man, and one man alone. Jim Bishop built this beauty by himself in 1969, and it’s become one of the most important roadside attractions in this part of the country. 

Bishop Castle – by Hugo90 – Wikimedia Commons

There is no fee to enter, and the walk along the rooftop is something you won’t easily forget.