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10 Best Cooking Classes in San Francisco


San Francisco is the thirteenth-largest in the United States. It is one of the most desired cities in the country. This is because of the booming economy, great weather, amazing delicacies, and endless opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy some activity.

Cooking classes in San Francisco are a perfect way to explore dishes, try new cuisines, and indulge in food cravings. The classes feature recipes that satisfy tastes, preferences, and skill levels. You will learn soft skills that easily impress others while helping you keep track of your dietary needs at the comfort of your kitchen.

Looking to surprise someone this thanksgiving? Worry not. A few cooking skills will have you whipping things in the kitchen like a chef. Enroll today and became a kitchen master. Let us now look at the 10 best cooking classes in San Fransisco.

1. Crimson Kitchen

Phtoto by Cemalettin göçmen. Wikimedia Commons.

Are you interested in how to prepare Indian cuisines? Look no further. Crimson Kitchen offers Indian cooking lessons in San Francisco. Students who enroll at Crimson Kitchen are taught how to cook traditional recipes. The classes are 3-4 hours long in duration. Crimson Kitchen is warm and welcoming.

On arrival, students are given a traditional snack and drinks of their choosing. The lessons can be taken upon by individuals or groups of people. They take place in a private home. Crimson Kitchen is located in San Francisco, CA 94131.

2. Culinary Artistas

Do you have kids? Do you wish to impart to them top-notch cooking skills at an early age? Culinary Artistas is the cooking class for you. Culinary Artistas is a cooking school for kids in San Francisco. The lessons in the school are taught in a fun and safe environment.

Apart from being taught how to cook, kids are also taught healthy eating habits. It is a good opportunity for parents to introduce veggies to kids in a soft manner. Kids are also taught about their community and their culture in the class.

They also have services like single and multi-day camps, birthday party hosting, and field trips. Culinary Artistas is a well-rounded and holistic facility. It is located in San Francisco, CA 94109.

3. Draeger’s Cooking School

Street food ,Peanuts. Photo by brainbox tamil. Wikimedia Commons.

Draeger’s Cooking School offers a wide range of cooking classes. It has many professional chefs who take up the role of teachers. One of the chefs in the facility is Gonzalo Guzman. Draeger’s Cooking School gives you a wide range of options to choose from.

A good tip is to look up a chef and consider your interests before choosing the class a particular chef handles. The school offers both private special event classes and group classes. Draeger’s Cooking School is located in San Mateo, CA 94401.

4. First Class Cooking

First Class Cooking offers first-class and world-class cooking lessons to the residents of San Francisco. I am even people who are not from San Francisco are free to enroll in their cooking classes. First Class Cooking offers a conducive and fun environment for learning.

The facility is also invested in using local ingredients that are of top quality. The classes are open to first-timers as well as experienced chefs. Depending on one’s pocket, they also have wine pairing and nutritional classes. The school has been featured on SFBG. It is located in San Francisco, CA 94107.

5. Gochiso Kitchen

Are you a Japanese food fanatic? Maybe you’d love to take it a notch higher and learn how to cook Japanese food? Gochiso Kitchen is the place to go. Gochiso Kitchen offers Japanese cooking lessons in San Francisco. Individuals can choose between a homey Japanese cooking class or a full-blown sushi-making class.

The lessons are spread out over one to two hours. Group classes accommodate up to 8 people. Private custom classes are also available. But one has to pay a price for this. The owner who once lived in Japan taught cooking classes in Japan as well. Gochiso Kitchen is located in San Francisco, CA 94158.

6. Hands On Gourmet, Inc.

Photo by 94rain. Wikimedia Commons.

you in the corporate world? Are you interested in participating in cooking classes as a form of team building? Guess who has all that figured out. Hands On Gourmet, Inc.!! Hands-On Gourmet has been on the market for decades.

It provides private cooking parties as well as team-building events for 10-100 individuals. This wonderful company can set up at a place of your choosing, prepare cooking stations, pair wine and clean up after. I have one word for these cooking classes, perfect. Perfection does exist.

This is a unique way to conduct team building. The school has over 30 chefs who cater for the classes. Hands On Gourmet, Inc. is located in San Francisco, CA 94107.

7. Junior Chef Stars

The name of the cooking class speaks for itself. Junior Chef Stars is a cooking class for kids and teens. The school has been in operation since 2002. The duration of its operation is a confirmation of the quality of the cooking class.

It utilizes cooking lessons to help kids improve their ability to socialize, it fosters team building and boosts their confidence. The cherry on top is that they also learn basic kitchen skills and nutritional facts. All instructors are ServSafe and CPR and First Aid certified. Junior Chef Stars is located in Pacifica, CA 94044.

8. Kitchen on Fire

Kitchen on Fire is a creme de la creme cooking school in Berkeley. It was started in 2005. Going beyond merely teaching recipes, Kitchen on Fire explores techniques that are foundational to all recipes.

They teach the basic science behind certain foods and the proper cooking methods that make cooking easier. Kitchen on Fire offers both individual and group cooking classes.

They also offer team building. Kitchen on Fire is alive to teach people the nutritional value of food. It also offers catering for up to 150 people. Kitchen on Fire is located in Berkeley, CA 94709.

9. Mama Thai Cooking Club

Valentine’s Day party food. Photo by Silar. Wikimedia Commons.

Mama Thai Cooking Club is a community. It is a society. Mama Thai Cooking School offers classes on cooking Thai food. The hands-on class instructs on the basics of making Thai curry and chili paste, fruit carving to food decoration.

Mama Thai Cooking Club also teaches people tips and tricks to source the best ingredients. Mama Thai Cooking Club promotes the use of locally sourced, organic, and non-GMO produce. The owner of the club is a certified health coach and a certified National Registry of Food Safety Professional.

10. Parties That Cook

Parties That Cook has been offering cooking lessons since 1999 in San Francisco. This cooking school is mobile. It has a wide range of offers like team building, private cooking parties, and cooking classes.

Parties That Cook can handle from 15 up to 350 individuals for the group sessions. Parties That Cook promotes interactive cooking as means to connect and foster relationships and teamwork. The school was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. It is located in San Francisco, CA 94133.


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