Unique Sports to Try in Lisbon


If you are a passionate tourist who cannot hold back from exercise, then Lisbon is the right place for you. In Lisbon, you can find a lot of tourist attractions, but more than that, you’ll find ways to do physical activities or sports while you walk around this beautiful city. You can choose between hiking, running by the river, outdoor sports, diving in semi-Olympic pools or dive deep in the ocean, and so on. 

Lisbon trams – by Ввласенко – Wikimedia Commons

Lisbon is a city that seems to have everything, even for sports lovers who also do tourism without leaving their practices at home. Football and rugby are among the most popular sports in Lisbon, but these can be seen and practiced in most countries of the world.

However, in the Portuguese capital, you can find other disciplines that you will be able to practice in a unique way. You can tour the different sports clubs or get to know the water sports centers where diving courses are offered that will allow you to do something really exclusive. You don’t have to settle for playing the same game all the time, in Lisbon you can find sports and other activities to entertain yourself.

The Portuguese capital is the one where the ideal spaces for outdoor sports can be limited. However, this can be considered as an advantage for those tourists who want to know and practice something new and unique.

Hiking through different parks in Lisbon is one of the few activities that cannot be done in other parts of the world. If you want to know more about this and other sports activities you can do in Lisbon, we invite you to continue reading this post.

Lisbon’s the best running routes

If you’re one of those who like adventures then you won’t have any trouble climbing the high hills, which people normally climb on the tram or funiculars. If you want to start a sports activity in the city that doesn’t demand so much, then you can start by buying good sport shoes and start the tour.

Most tourists who come to the capital prefer to practice something exclusive like going to one of the beautiful golf courses, climbing in the Florestal Park or urban hiking. If you are one of those who want to play golf, you should know that you can choose from more than 40 high-level sites where you can do this sport. One of the best clubs and golf courses is the one in San Lorenzo, in the Algarve.

Other sporting activities that can be practiced in Lisbon in a unique way and different from other countries are water sports: surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, jet-skiing, fishing, sailing, swimming, mountain biking, horseback riding, hunting, etc..


Football in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Football is one of the most practiced sports in Europe. In fact, in Portugal there are different tournaments and leagues in which various teams participate; among the best known are Benfica and Sporting de Lisboa, eternal rivals.


Athletics in Lisbon has seen the growth of several legends in the discipline such as Rosa Mota, Carlos Lopes, Fernanda Ribeiro, and Manuela Machado. However, this is not a sport that attracts most tourists, but it is still practiced by the locals.


Cycling in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

In Lisbon, or rather in Portugal, takes place one of the most popular events of professional cycling, which is the Tour of Portugal. Several clubs participate in this event, such as SL Benfica, Boavista, Club de Ciclismo de Tavira, etc. 

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By Wilson Dias/ABr – Wikimedia Common

Futsal has several divisions in which teams from different states and cities of the country participate. In Lisbon, there are other subdivisions in which they compete against each other and then represent the city in the national league. The winners of the division will be able to play against the winners of the Portuguese Cup for the Portuguese Super Cup.


Although not exactly in Lisbon but in Estoril, the Estoril Tennis Club is a place worth visiting. It has a variety of facilities and services, including 18 tennis courts, a gym where they give fitness classes, as well as sauna, massage and wellness services. You can also enjoy a club located in the facilities of the club.

Martial Arts

Martial Arts in Lisbon

Martial Arts in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Martial arts often have many stories in Portugal, but especially in Lisbon. In the vicinity of the city, you can find some martial arts clubs where you can practice or learn one of these disciplines. Among the most practiced is jiu-jitsu, and judo.

There are academies that maintain an ancient martial art known as “Jogo do Pau”, which means Stick Fencing, which was used to protect and duel between young men who had lawsuits for young women.

In-line Skating Hockey

There is currently an ice hockey team in Portugal that has more than 10 world titles and 20 European titles. In fact, Lisbon is home to several of the champion teams in this discipline, SL Benfica and Sporting de Lisboa. 



Rugby in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

This sport is becoming stronger in the Portuguese city, as many locals would like to become part of the national team which has proved to be European champions on several occasions. However, tourists do not look much for this sport when they visit the city.

Nautical Sports

Nautical Sports Lisbon

Nautical Sports Lisbon, sourced from wikipedia

Water sports are a real attraction for tourists coming to the city of Lisbon. After all, not everywhere you can do sports like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking or sailing, but thanks to the coasts of the Portuguese capital, you can practice some of these sports or even learn them in one of its academies. In addition, Lisbon has been the birthplace of some surfers who have managed to win European championships.

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Dive Club Cipreia is the first school in Portugal dedicated to entertaining people with diving. This club has several diving lessons of all categories starting with the youngest (children under 10 years) up to adults and also teaches some special techniques. In addition to diving, they also offer sailing classes.


Golf Lisbon, sourced from Wikimedia

Golf has the characteristic of being a high-end sport in different countries. However, if you are one of those who like outdoor sports and at the same time want to appreciate the landscapes of Lisbon, and then you should visit one of the many golf clubs in the city.

It doesn’t matter if you are not a professional player or if you don’t know the techniques of the game. The intention is to practice something really unique to Lisbon and that you can appreciate the game and the surrounding areas. 

In some of the golf clubs, you can find classes that teach you to play the sport. In this way, you can learn something new and learn more about the culture of sport in the city. This is one of the sports most sought after by tourists, although for some it can be a bit boring. 

One golf resort is the Aroeira resort, which is perfect for those who want to vacation in Lisbon. However, you can also choose to go to Cascais and try other holes and other landscapes.


Walking through Monsanto’s Florestal Park can be a truly innovative and unique option for tourists in Lisbon. However, this park also has a climbing wall in which visitors can practice climbing. This sport is really something you don’t see everywhere, much less in the conditions you are in this city. After all, it is located in one of Lisbon’s most important parks.

In this climb, you can reach its maximum height of 12 meters if you are strong and brave enough. In addition, it has a width of 8 meters to provide a total of 130 square meters of scalable surface. So if you want to do something new and exclusive, try your courage and skill in this climb.

Climbing Lisbon

Climbing Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia


Walking is an excellent option for those who want to get to know the city and do some physical activity during the tours. In Lisbon, you can walk from the middle of the Marathon Bridge, where you normally start the Lisbon Marathon, or you can also jog on the river bank or along the coast.

There are groups of tourists who gather at certain points of the city with sports clothes, some cameras, and snacks, then go for a walk or jogging around the city, visiting tourist sites and capturing monuments and other attractions.

Cycling in Lisbon, sourcde from wikimedia

Cycling is another activity that tourists should try in Lisbon. There are some places in the city where you can rent a bicycle and do tours through the streets and promenades of Lisbon.

You can also opt for mountain bikes and go into the parks or other more demanding and rustic environments. In addition, with mountain bikes, you will be able to cross the different landscapes and enter forests and other really beautiful spaces of the city.

Kayak in Lisbon

Kayak in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Kayaking is a truly unique experience in Lisbon. This experience not only takes you to know the sea but can direct you to places that other tourists or visitors do not arrive independently. Some groups leave from the village of Sesimbra and gradually enter through the clear blue waters of the coast of the Arrábida Natural Park.

Another variety of this tour is that tourists can dive into specific areas to do some snorkeling and know the beauties that hide deep in the sea. 

With the Kayak tour, you can discover different places that are really impressive, of which other tourists overlook. You can also choose between the most convenient options for your tour, if you want to practice scuba diving, or even if you want to go to a private beach to clear better.

Some kayak teams also provide lunches, snacks, and drinks to make the moment even more satisfying. In short, kayaking in Lisbon is a unique experience for all tourists.

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Surfing in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Surfing may seem like a really attractive sport, but at the same time, it is not an easy thing to do. In Lisbon, you will find many of the best beaches for surfing, and in several of them, you will find groups or surf schools that can teach everyone who is interested in having a truly unique experience during their visit to the capital city.

In Lisbon, you will find the perfect place to start practicing this sport no matter what level of skill you have for it. You can find soft swells and different boards that can help you develop more confidence.

Start practicing rowing, getting up and riding the wave with the help of a facilitator. That way, little by little you can continue until you can ride bigger and bigger waves. You will also be able to visit other white sand beaches and enjoy the panoramic view that many people cannot appreciate. 

As we can see, Lisbon is not only about walking its old streets, visiting museums, or eating delicious cuisine in all the restaurants that are on the way, although it would not be a bad idea, but you can also do different activities, sports and recreational activities that may be done in different places. Here it can be appreciated in conjunction with nature and the beautiful scenery offered by the capital city.

Lisbon is a dynamic, attractive and perfect city for all types of tourists. From the one who comes alone to the one who wants to make the most of it and do everything possible to go around the city.

Even for those who love to learn new things, this city has these and many other activities that more than entertaining you can provide personal satisfaction and a benefit to your health.

If you are preparing your luggage to come to Lisbon, don’t forget to put your sports shoes and some sports clothes so that you can practice these sports and acquire new experience in your life like never before.

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