English: Miss USA Cheslie Kryst and Jude Louis Sola at Miss North Carolina Pageant

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By Olivia Hernandez

Remembering Cheslie Kryst

Last year a day like today, the kind of hell Cheslie must have been going through was really so dark and painful because ten days later, (30th January 2022) she committed suicide in the most painful manner. She jumped from the top of her building and passed. Her last Instagram entry said, “May this day […]


By Jay Knight

People Do Not Change

First, let me say that this is an exaggeration. People change all the time.  The problem is that very often they do not change the way you want them to. Missing this point can lead to spending time with, even marrying, the wrong people. If your boyfriend is rude and it bothers you a lot, […]


By Jay Knight

Decisions – How to make them and stay happy

Welcome Back to the Happy Class – the previous post is here in case you missed it. https://www.discoverwalks.com/blog/columnist/jay-knight/the-happy-class-lets-get-started/ Making decisions can be one of the hardest things humans do. They fret. They worry. And they make themselves unhappy all during the process – and even afterward by second-guessing their decisions. I break decision-making into two […]


By Saar Ba Khan

What’s so great about London. And not. – The City Bikes

I love London’s city bikes – the Santander bikes, the Boris bikes, whatever you call them. Compared to other cities, the London bikes are everywhere, every station has both bikes available and empty slots to park, the bikes are comfortable, and Londoners are incredibly respectful of their bikes. What a wonderful system. It beats any […]

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By Jay Knight

The Happy Class – Let’s get started

By definition, being happy should be fun, not work. So let’s go have some fun… It is good to understand that there are two kinds of happiness. They are so similar, it can be hard to tell them apart at times. One type of happiness I call Situational Happiness. Like a first kiss with a […]