By Paul Harris

Limitations to Sports Development

You will agree with me that there has been a massive development of various types of sports. Exposure, technology, advanced and intensive research, and, most importantly, opportunities to participate have all contributed to this. Football, basketball, and netball were the only most famous types of sports that were well recognized and prioritized three decades ago […]

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By George Wilson

Overpayment in football—ruining careers?

Imagine a world without football, and football itself did not exist in the first place. We can all agree that the world is changing, but that change is diminishing some critical individuals. I’ll take a close look at the football clubs. Are the standards that existed with football legends and clubs still in place? Is […]

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By Alexandre Gourevitch

Here is a novel idea for travelers: the restaurant

When I travel, I like to count my blessings. Hotels, museums, public transport, guidebooks and multi-lingual guides. All great innovations. What would travel be like without them? But I feel that one more innovation deserves credit. An innovation both surprisingly recent, and fairly under-appreciated. That’s the restaurant. Beautiful, tasty, sexy, we all love a good […]

Employees in holidays

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By Alexandre Gourevitch

Paid Leave. There would be no travel without it

Paid Leave is an invention of the modern times. The right for employees to be away from work and continue receiving the same pay during that time. Before paid leave was introduced, people worked 6 days a week, year round. Or 7 days a week. To compensate some, there were lots of public holidays here […]