Top 5 Boutique Hotels in Montmartre


Make sure to read our article Top 10 Things To Do in Montmartre before you start walking around Montmartre. This article covers you the best places to visit and gives you some great advice to make the most of your Paris trip.

Montmartre is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Paris in which to stay in boutique hotel environments.

The recent boom in the Airbnb business has seen boutique hotels (and regular hotels at that) struggling to fill their rooms they way they were used to doing in previous years. Boutique hotels are there to provide unique hotel rooms that have individual character, as opposed to big name hotels in which all rooms look the same.

Montmartre hopped on the Airbnb train early on, and travelers prefer to make use of unique, individually characterized apartments instead. The few boutique hotels that remain in Montmartre are incredible bargains when you consider the location in which you’ll be staying. Let’s take a look at the top five!

1. Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour in Montmartre

The Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour is the boutique hotel nearest to the Sacre Coeur, about a five minute walk east .

This hotel has perplexed me for quite some time. The theme of the space is love — perhaps inspired by the church of the sacred heart so close by, or the I Love You Wall just a few streets away.

When I say theme I don’t just mean you’ll find a heart shaped chocolate on your pillow every night. Each room is decorated in the spirit of famous couples who were in love during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour – by Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour – Uploaded by them

There are panel print outs of the lovers above the beds, bright red upholstery in every gap, heart shaped stairs, rose petals on the bed…

It’s like someone took my own personal honeymoon nightmare and threw it up inside this building in Montmartre — I mean that in the best possible way.

The Hotel Montmartre Mon Amour is boutique curation taken to the next level. Even the morning breakfast is love themed. I’ll be dining in a nearby cafe, but you must enjoy mon amour!
Average Cost: €120
ADDRESS: 7 Rue Paul Albert, 75018 Paris, France

2. Le Relais Montmartre in Montmartre

The Relais is my kind of boutique hotel: intimate, understated and free of red pleather headboards.

The interior is what you’d expect to find in your favorite grandparent’s home in the countryside. Vintage floral bedding, curtains to match, pastels on the walls and old carpets.

There is a small courtyard for guests to use for tea breaks or smoking. A continental breakfast is served each morning.

Le Relais Montmartre in Montmartre – by Le Relais – Uploaded by them

Since the residence is so small, the staff are able to give individual attention to more people at a time. Being greeted by name everyday is a very small gesture but it goes a long way.

The hotel is in a quiet residential block, one road behind the Café des Deux Moulins. You can come to this famous cafe for brunch every morning if you like, it’s a two minute walk.

Average Cost: €140
ADDRESS: 6 Rue Constance, 75018 Paris, France

3. Hôtel Le Chat Noir in Montmartre

The free guided walking tours in Montmartre tend to focus on the star of the show when it comes to cabarets, the Moulin Rouge.

Little do people know that not far away was once one of the pioneers in bohemian cabaret movements in Paris, the Chat Noir Cabaret. The establishment was part of Montmartre between 1881 and 1897.

The cabaret is long gone, but a boutique hotel remains in the building that once would have housed it. Its was named after the cabaret as an ode to the bygone years.

Hôtel Le Chat Noir – by Hôtel Le Chat Noir – Uploaded by them

The hotel has opted for a modern, stylish interior. To hint at the history of the building there are silhouettes of all the famous artists who frequented the cabaret back in the day. Each floor is dedicated to a different writer or poet from the cabaret period.

You’re incredibly central at le Chat Noir Hotel; Pigalle’s main entertainment strip is just below you and the wonders of Montmartre directly above.

Average Cost: €120
ADDRESS: 68 Boulevard de Clichy, 75018 Paris, France

4. Hôtel Môm’Art in Montmartre

Those visiting Paris to attend the Trianon Theatre might consider the Hôtel Môm’Art their hotel of choice. It’s on the same block as the theatre and nearby some of the best Montmartre restaurants, making your theatre night out a logistical dream.

The boutique hotel is family owned and run. It is a wholesome and chic space that has tried to incorporate modern & experimental French art wherever possible.

Hôtel Môm’Art – by Hôtel Môm’Art – Uploaded by them

Guests are treated to a breakfast buffet each morning in the stylish dining room. There is also a hotel bar on site, which is unusual for boutique hotels in Montmartre. On top of this, they offer massage packages for additional cost that can be enjoyed in their spa area or in the privacy of your own room.

Something guests at Hôtel Môm’Art value is the presence of a Marshall speaker and Nespresso coffee machine in each room that are free for use.

Average Cost: €150
ADDRESS: 42 Rue d’Orsel, 75018 Paris, France

5. Hotel Du Beaumont in Montmartre

I touched on a cafe earlier called the Café des Deux Moulins. This cafe in Montmartre became famous overnight around the world, following the release of the iconic French film Amélie that was filmed in the cafe.

Those who come to Montmartre to see the filming locations of this movie also like to stay in close proximity to the cafe itself.

Hotel Du Beaumont in Montmartre – by Hotel Du Beaumont – Uploaded by them

The Hotel du Beaumont is the nearest boutique accommodation to the cult cafe. The rooms are spacious and light, offering a unique French flair interior with just a hint of inevitable Montmartre kitsch (what’s with obsession with the color red, Montmartre?).

The exposed stone walling from pre-Revolutionary times compensates for the eyesores; combine this with the incredibly low cost per night and you’ll feel you’ve hit the jackpot.

Average Cost: €80
ADDRESS: 3 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris, France