Top 10 Places to Buy Cheese in Montmartre and What to Order Where


Sampling all the French delicacies in Paris isn’t everyones idea of fun. I recall my first encounter with cow’s tongue and snails & it’s not what I’d call fond.

Thankfully the French also specialize in more recognizable dishes including pastries, wines, breads, chocolates and cheeses. Safe to say none of these make your skin crawl at the thought of them, and that sampling a few new flavors of each while in Paris sounds like a worthwhile experience.

Montmartre is a food lovers paradise. Tucked between the winding streets are boulangeries, patisseries, cafes, bistros and more fromageries than you can imagine. Here follows ten of the best places to but fromage in Montmartre and what you should try in each establishment.

1. Fromagerie Lepic in Montmartre

20 Rue Lepic

This spot is a favorite amongst the free guided walking tours of Montmartre due to its very convenient location on rue Lepic, just a short walk from the I Love You Wall and Place du Tertre.

This fromagerie has a divine selection of cheeses all being sold at affordable prices. The cashier in Fromagerie Lepic can speak English so ordering isn’t as much of a scramble.

What to order: Brie with truffles

2. La Claque Fromage in Montmartre

49 Avenue Trudaine

This spot is an absolute must for anyone who is having their first introduction to French cheese while in Montmartre.

The fromagerie offers a tasting platter for just €30. With this you will receive samples of 14 different types of French cheese, a basked of French breads, dried cranberries and fresh walnuts to taste.

What to order: Tasting platter

La Claque Fromage tasting platter – by La Claque Fromage – Uploaded by them

3. Chez Virginie in Montmartre

54 Rue Damrémont

Chez Virginie has been a part of the Montmartre cheese making scene since 1900. It is one of the oldest fromageries in the area and is currently under ownership of a woman named Virginie, who inherited the business from her father.

There are cheese caves built underneath the fromagerie which Virginie also manages. This ensures that top quality products are being produced in this store at all times and the fromagerie is not relying on any outsourced products.

What to order: Brillat-Savarin cheese

Chez Virginie – by Chez Virginie – Uploaded by them

4. La Ferme Saint Hubert in Montmartre

36 Rue de Rochechouart

La Ferme Saint Hubert is situated near the bottom end of Montmartre hill. This is a one stop shop for all things cheese and deli oriented; think cured hams, dried sausages and jam-based toppings to pair with your selections.

The space is packed to the brim with products; this is one of the most inclusive cheese boutiques in the area.

What to order: Plain brie

5. Fromages et Ramage in Montmartre

22 Rue Ramey

A short walk east from the Sacre Coeur you’ll come to Fromages et Ramage; one of the few fromageries in Montmartre that will pair wines with your cheese selection for you in store.

There is street seating available and you can indulge in your purchases without needing to go home first. The staff are always smiling and their obvious passion for this craft is wonderful to witness.

If you are traveling and would like to take your purchases with you, they will properly wrap and vacuums seal your cheese so that it is fit for the trip.

What to order: Timanoix Cheese

Fromages et Ramage – by Fromages et Ramage – Uploaded by them

6. Butte Fromagère in Montmartre

32 Rue des Abbesses

This little shop is just a two minute walk from the Abbesses metro station in Montmartre.

To my (and your) delight this fromagerie hands out the most generous portions of sample cheeses out of all the stores in the area. They also couldn’t care less if you want to try every cheese in the shop before making your selection.

Just down the street there is a bakery called Au Levain d’Antan where you can pick up fresh baked baguette to pair with your purchase — I recommend doing this!

What to order: Saint-Félicien

Butte Fromagère – by Butte Fromagère – Uploaded by them

7. Fromager Androuet in Montmartre

23 Rue de la Terrasse

This fromagerie is widely considered to be amongst the best in the business when it comes to cheese in Paris. There are two other branches closer to the city centre, but this one in the north is where the original magic happens.

The hours at Fromager Androuet are slightly bizarre. They don’t open at all on Mondays and close in the middle of the day for a few hours between Tuesday and Fridays. Be sure to check the hours online before making your way up to the shop.

What to order: Comte cheese

8. Delicate and Healthy in Montmartre

6 Rue Ravignan

As you make your way from the Abbsses stop up through to the Sacre Coeur, you’ll almost always pass by Delicate and Healthy on the way .

The sore manager will handcraft a sandwich for you using local cheeses and meats. There is also a selection of wines and charcuterie available. Everything is delicious and the ambiance of the store makes it even more so.

What to order: Handcrafted sandwich based on your preferences

Delicate and Healthy – by Delicate and Healthy – Uploaded by them

9. The Milk Craftsman in Montmartre

70 Rue Blanche

This fromagerie is on the lower end of Montmartre hill not far from the Moulin Rouge.

The shop is centered around educating people on traditional French cheeses and the techniques embraced in order to create each of them. The staff will spend as much time with you as desired, slowly teaching you about each flavor until you are ready to make your selection.

They will sous vide package any products that you would like to travel out of France with.

What to order: Gruyere de debris

10. Fromagerie Crèmerie Frescolet in Montmartre

42 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle

The exterior of this fromagerie gets me every time; it is so charming you almost can’t resist going inside even if it is not on your itinerary.

This store imports a lot of their cheeses from all over France, meaning you are getting the best of the lot all in one place.

What to order: Goats Cheese from the South of France

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