Top 10 Places to Buy Art in Montmartre


When you think art and Paris, I’m going to bet that you think of the neighborhood of Montmartre! It’s true that in the 19th and 20th centuries especially, Montmartre was known as the artists quarter of Paris. Along with places like Montparnasse, if you were an artist at the time, this was the place to be.

Times have changed a bit since then, as Montmartre has transformed into more of a tourist attraction than an artists haven. But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of museums and art galleries still thriving in this northern Paris quartier!

If you’re heading to Paris to pick up some amazing artwork to fill your homes, I’ve got the perfect list for you. Keep reading for my top 10 places to buy art in Montmartre!

1. Young Artists Montmartre

Young Artists Montmartre

Young Artists Montmartre gallery – image courtesy of the Young Artists Montmartre’s Facebook page

The first place on my list goes out to all of those young artists out there. Who doesn’t love supporting artists just finding their footing in the notoriously tough art world?! As a young writer myself, I know I do.

Young Artists Montmartre is an art gallery with just that initiative in mind. The gallery is run by Julien Rousseau and his wife Sophie, who are passionate about supporting up and coming artists. Rousseau has art exhibiting in his veins, as the first Rousseau gallery was opened by his great uncle in 1948, and featured works by Maurice Utrillo and Raoul Duffy to name a few.

Today, you’ll find some lesser known artists works on display, but who knows, you could stumble across a future superstar! 

Practical Information
Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday 11am-1pm, 2:30pm-6:30pm, Thursday 2:30pm-6:30pm
Address: 7 Rue du Mont-Cenis, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Abbesses

2. Carré d’artistes Paris Montmartre

Carré d'artistes Paris Montmartre

Carré d’artistes Paris Montmartre gallery – image courtesy of the Carré d’artistes Paris Montmartre’s Facebook page

Carré d’artistes is actually a chain of art galleries, which includes 3 in Paris and another in Barcelona! The idea behind the concept is simple: to make contemporary art accessible to the public. Their prices are very affordable, and won’t break the bank if you decide to leave with something to take home! Their prices range from as little as 55 euros.

Good news for you if you aren’t coming to Paris anytime soon: they have a website where you can browse and purchase their products as well.

Practical Information
Opening hours: Every day 11am-8pm
Address: 6 Rue Yvonne le Tac, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Abbesses

3. art 21

art 21

Owner of art 21 Bruno shows off one of the artists in his gallery’s paintings – image courtesy of the art 21’s Facebook page

This art gallery is another that focuses on work of young artists. The owner, Bruno Hamelin, is passionate about each one of the artists on display in his gallery, so be sure to ask him to tell you a little something about them if you find yourself in art 21!

The gallery features paintings, each with a style all their own. Art 21 also has a website if you’re interested in checking them out before you visit, or if you’d like to buy something online.

If you’re a young artist yourself and you’d like to be featured in art 21, visit the site as well for their artists application.

Practical Information
Opening hours: Thursday-Monday 11am-7pm
Address: 27 Rue Tholozé, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Lamarck-Caulaincourt / Blanche

4. Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre

Place du Tertre in Montmartre by zoetnet – WikiCommons

I couldn’t mention art in Montmartre without touching on the Place du Tertre! If you’ve been to Paris before I’m sure you know where I’m talking about. It’s the bustling square just to the right of the Sacre Coeur that is filled with artists working on and selling their art.

It’s not easy to become an artist at the Place du Tertre…you have to apply for a special working permit and there are very limited spots available. Another catch? You are only allowed to paint or draw scenes of Paris, portraits of passersby, or caricatures of tourists.

So, if you’re looking for a hand drawn portrait of yourself, or a beautiful painted scene of Montmartre…check out the Place du Tertre! 

Practical Information
Opening hours: Every day sun up to sun down
Address: Place du Tertre, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Abbesses

5. Interios


Interios ceramic’s gallery in Montmartre – image courtesy of the Interios’ Facebook page

This gallery focuses on the art of ceramics! All of the pieces are handmade by artist Violeta Jerma, and make for the perfect small souvenir to bring home from Paris.

Jerma is a Lithuanian artist that has three different galleries, 1 in Paris and 2 others in Lithuania. If you ever find yourself in Vilnius, check it out!

Practical Information
Opening hours: Open everyday 10am-10pm
Address: 3 Rue des Saules, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Lamarck-Caulaincourt

6. Atelier 21 Bruno Emile LAURENT & Steph’L

Bruno Emile LAURENT

Artist Bruno Emile Laurent in front of his gallery in Montmartre – image courtesy of Yelp

Painter Bruno Emile Laurent has a really amazing story. He was born in Mons, France, but soon had to leave during the onset of World War II. He worked as a butcher, a bicycle repair man, in a car factory, and eventually settled in Paris where he worked as a caterer. He briefly dabbled in acting before he owned his own restaurant.

When he was 45, he decided on a whim to take a drawing class. He took drawing, painting and sculpting classes for the next 5 years and eventually went on to exhibit his work in the famous Salon des indépendants in Paris! His work is now even on display in The Montmartre Museum.

He focuses on mostly still life, landscapes and cityscapes. He just recently opened up an art gallery for himself in Montmartre and you have to go take a look for yourselves!

Practical Information
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-12pm, 3pm-7pm. Closed Sundays
Address: 21 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris
Metro Station: Pigalle

7. Alley Concept Street

Alley Concept Street

Alley Concept Street in Montmartre – image courtesy of the Alley Concept Street’s Facebook page

Alley Concept Street is a really interesting combination of an art gallery, boutiques, gourmet food, jewellery, and street art. Talk about something for everyone!

The concept is simple: pop up galleries and concept stores that take up a small corner in one of the most bustling sections of Montmartre, to bring the work on contemporary designers and artists to the public.

They also serve up a brunch at their Alley Street Café that is frankly delicious!

Practical Information
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11am-7:30pm. Closed Mondays
Address: 2-6 rue Androuet and 54 rue des Trois-Frères, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Abbesses

8. La Clairière

La Clairière

La Clairière art gallery in Montmartre – image courtesy of La Clairière’s Facebook page

La Clairière translates to English as “The Meadow,” and that is exactly the type of vibe you’ll find in this art gallery! They focus on exhibiting art that is dreamy, and makes you feel at peace, the same way you’d probably feel in a meadow.

They feature mediums that range from painting, pastel drawings, ink drawings, abstract styles, paper creations, photography, sculpture and even work on papyrus. Basically, everything you could ask for in an art gallery!

Practical Information
Opening hours: Friday & Saturday 4pm-7:30pm. Also by appointment by emailing:
Address: 93 rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Lamarck-Caulaincourt

9. Cité Montmartre aux Artistes

Cité Montmartre aux Artistes

Cité Montmartre aux Artistes – image courtesy of the Cité Montmartre aux Artistes’ Facebook page

The Cité Montmartre aux Artists is the largest structure of it’s kind in Europe. It was created in 1924 as a place where artists could peacefully work and live amongst other artists in the middle of Montmartre! When the structure was completed in 1930, it included over 150 workshops, a library, and exhibition hall and a co-op.

The association of artists has been putting on exhibitions steadily since 1933, and it shows no signs of stopping now. Today, they hold temporary exhibitions for the artists that live there, including opportunities to purchase the art as well. Check out their website for the latest exhibit!

Practical Information
Opening hours: Hours vary. Please see website for more information.
Address: 189 rue Ordener, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Guy Môquet / Jules Joffrin

10. Little Big Galerie

Little Big Galerie

Little Big Galerie in Montmartre – image courtesy of Little Big Galerie’s Facebook page

Little Big Galerie focuses on my favorite form of art: photography! They are passionate about finding the latest and greatest in the field and getting their work out there. Their favorite type of photography to display? Landscapes that are so beautifully done they appear to be paintings.

They also include artists that use different types of collage that includes photography in addition to other materials added in, producing a really interesting effect. Examples include artists such as Irene Jonas, who adds different colored dyes to her photos, or, Jose Ferrer who likes to collage many of his photos together to create a larger piece.

If you’re looking for some photography to take home with you, head to Little Big Galerie!

Practical Information
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 2:30pm-7:30pm
Address: 45 Rue Lepic, 75018 Paris
Metro Station: Lamarck-Caulaincourt / Blanche


Save this list for the next time you’re in Paris, and I’m sure you’ll find some art you can take home with you! What a great souvenir idea, right?!

I hope this article has inspired you to explore the more artsy side to Montmartre for yourself. Why not make a day of it, and visit all of the places on my list? Go ahead, I dare you!

If you’d like to learn more about Montmartre and Paris from one of our expert local guides, click here for all of our walking tour options!

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