Top 10 Things to Eat at the Place du Tertre


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The Place du Tertre is the main public square in the neighborhood of Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement, and is one of the most famous plazas in all of Paris.

This is because the center of the square is used as a collaborate art space for the Parisian street artists to set up shop and create works day in and day out. Everyday hundreds of tourists make their way up Montmartre hill to be part of this spectacle.

Place du Tertre – by Mister No – Wikimedia Commons

The square is lined by restaurants and cafes. Whether you make your way up here on your own accord or as part of a free guided walking tour, you’ll find ample food options to satisfy your cravings. Here are 10 things to enjoy eating at the Place du Tertre.

1. Crêpes at the Place du Tertre

In the northern corner of the square is a small crêperie called Au Petit Comptoir. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory between exploring the artists of the square you’re in the right place.

The classic Nutella crêpe is always a winner, however Au Petit Comptoir also offers a homemade pizza that they bake into a French bread instead of regular pizza base — delicious!

2. Authentic French Cuisine at the Place du Tertre

Within the Place du Tertre there is an abundance of authentic French bistros all offering the staple dishes that are native to the land. Think French onion soups, chocolate soufflés and Nicoise salads.

La Mère Catherine – by David McSpadden – Wikimedia Commons

There are over a handful of French bistros within the square but La Mère Catherine remains the clear favorite. On weekends you’ll have to queue to get in here. This was also the actual bistro where the word “bistro” was coined many, many years ago.

3. Partries at the Place du Tertre

French cuisines wouldn’t be complete with the accompaniment of fresh baked pastries. On the southern end of the Place du Tertre is the bakery of Carette.

Ironically, this spot makes better crêpes than the actual crêperie in the square — but that’s a story for another day!

Enjoy coffee and tarts while watching the day go by at Carette. Wonderful service, warm ambiance and affordably priced considering the location of the spot.

Carette – by Maria Eklind – Wikimedia Commons

4. French Delicacies at the Place du Tertre

There is a big difference between traditional French dishes and traditional French delicacies.

Delicacies in France usually involve parts of animals that people wouldn’t immediately think to include on a menu: snails, goose livers, cow tongue and udders, frogs legs, pancreas… shall I keep going?

Chez Eugene – by ijansch – Wikimedia Commons

Since the Place du Tertre is saturated with French bistro options, these delicacies follow close behind. Chez Eugene and Au Cadet de Gascogne are two worthwhile options within the square where these unusual dishes are cooked to perfection.

5. Late Night Food at the Place du Tertre

One thing I love about the Place du Tertre is that the space stays open late into the evening, even after all of the square’s artists have restarted for the night. Most of the restaurants are still serving guests at 2am, and the bars in the space open until even later than that.

La Bohème du Tertre is my personal favorite spot to head to for a late night meal. The street seating lets you enjoy the late evening in Paris from the outdoors, summer or winter this place is always alive.

The food is bistro style so expect everything from fillets to mussel pots to braised lamb.

La Bohème du Tertre – by Maria Eklind – Wikimedia Commons

6. Cafe at the Place du Tertre

Cafes are ideal places to eat during the day particularly if you have some time to kill or laptop-based work to do.

In the Place du Tertre the most popular cafe is undoubtably Au Clairon Des Chasseurs. You can’t miss it, with its large blue and white awnings that jut out into the square.

This is a beautiful cafe with many vegan and vegetarian options on the menu. Choose one of the tables toward the square center so you can people watch for a while as well, there is a constant flow of weird and wonderful groups coming through this space.

Au Clairon Des Chasseurs – by Pedro Szekely – Wikimedia Commons

7. Cocktails at the Place du Tertre

Meals can come in liquid form as well, you know? Le Sabot Rouge is the cocktail bar of the Place du Tertre and is a cozy little spot to stop by for a creative drink between sightseeing in Montmartre.

If sweet drinks are not your forte, the bar also offers an impressive collection of French wines that you can indulge in.

8. Pizza at the Place du Tertre

To enjoy a relatively well done rendition of the famous Italian dish you’ll have to head backs to Au Clairon Des Chasseurs. This is the only restaurant in the square offering proper pizza options.

Since pizza is not the main focus of the menu it can sometimes take a bit more time to get to the table. Be prepared to wait.

Place du Tertre – by Son of Groucho – Wikimedia Commons

9. Picnic at the Place du Tertre

As you make your way through the public square you’ll pass by many bench and seating options within the space. Over the years I’ve observed individuals bring their own picnic lunches into the Place du Tertre and enjoy them from one of these spots.

You can also purchase a bottle of wine from most of the surrounding restaurants to add to your pre-packed picnic foods.

10. Bar Snacks at the Place du Tertre

Like the rest of Paris, the bars in or near the Place du Tertre do not only serve drinks, most have full menus and bar snack options as well.

Especially during happy hour, these are great ways to get both food and drink in before moving on with your evening or day of excursions.