Top 10 romantic spots in Paris


There are many romantic spots in Paris. As a native Parisian, I give you my word: it is the perfect city to fall in love. There are many peaceful places to share moments of complicity with the loved one. The beauty of the City of Lights allows you to have the perfect romantic stay in Paris. Both day and night, you will enjoy the kindness of my city. Here is our list of the top 10 romantic spots in Paris.

The Top 10 romantic spots in Paris

French love birds love nothing more but to sit down in a quiet and nice spot of the city and kiss and cuddle. It is time you learn where to take your lover in Paris to do the same.

During the day

Saint Martin Canal – in the tenth district


To escape the traditional neighborhoods of Paris, I have my personal habits there. I think it’s a romantic spot in Paris to stroll calmly along the canal.

You can sit down on the edge of the canal and also admire the view from the top of the different bridges. During the sunny days, you have this impression to be in another city, less crowded and more welcoming.

Another tip is to have a drink at Comptoir Général, which has an eclectic decoration and offers good cocktails and sampling plates.

Montmartre’s mound – in the eighteenth district


In Montmartre, you will find one of the most romantic places in Paris! This spot offers a nice overview of Paris from the Sacré Coeur’s stairs. Peaceful and narrow streets hide many boutiques and traditional cafés.

Rotunda in Buttes Chaumont – in the nineteenth district


Have a walk with your lover is a real success when you can find calm romantic spots, being alone with your half. That’s why, you have to go for a promenade in this park looking for the smallest romantic monument.

Rooftops views

An overview of Paris gives you the opportunity to have a shared moment in the arms of the loved one. My personal advice is to go at the top of the Arab World Institute, or the terrasse of the Pompidou Center.

Tea time at the Great Mosque – in the fifth district

You may want to escape the crowded Paris, that’s why I recommend you this restaurant located in the locals of the Mosque. I’m fund of their tea and their delicious pastries. The setting is beautiful, decorated with traditional furniture. You can choose to have your tea time also in a tree-filled patio.

At night

Arts Bridge – in the first district


This bridge was initially famous for its love locks. Lovers used to come and hang a lock together, but the love locks were weighing on the bridge and damaging it. So all the locks were removed!

This bridge still is worth the visit because the view from there is one of the best! Try to immortalize the moment. Feel free to ask a Parisian passer-by, saying “bonjour“. Then, you may celebrate your love having a picnic on the bridge surrounding by natives during the warm nights.

Nocturnal museum visit

Most of essential museums are open once or twice a week at night. For instance, the Louvre closes every Wednesday and Friday at 10 pm. The Orsay and the Pompidou Center on Friday nights.

That’s the best moment to discover these museums’ collections. It’s really less crowded and there is also a particular atmosphere that I love. You can meander in the alleys, nearly alone. In other words, for a couple it’s a tip to spend a peaceful moment in one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, and above all watching masterpieces of Art.

Bateaux-mouches” in the first district


Paris is the City of Lights for a reason. Its buildings shine again at night, there is a huge effort on the lightning up of the landmarks.

Strolling calmly on the river offers you a new perspective. For you as a couple, it would be the perfect moment to relax after a day of visit, watching the beauties of the city.

I personally advise you the company Les vedettes du Pont-Neuf, an 1.30 hour long trip, departures every thirty minutes from the City Island. If you’re interested, at the end of each of our tour, a Perks Package will be handed to you, with some discounts for the Vedettes du Pont-Neuf boat cruises.

Dinner on the Saint Louis’s Island – in the fourth district

As a student, my first date was in this island because I think it’s one of the most romantic place to have dinner. There are different restaurants that offers intimacy and really good food.

After a tasty dinner, I recommend you to have a walk in the banks, you may even cross the Saint Louis Bridge, that offers you a magnificent view over Notre Dame, the Pantheon, the Town Hall. And most of the time there are musicians playing on this bridge.

Concert at the Saint Chapel – in the fourth district

It’s my personal advice for lovers fund of classical music. Listening to Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in this ancient King’s Chapel is an once-in-a life experience on City Island. You can get tickets at the entrance every day till thirty minutes before the show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article! Feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments! See you soon in Paris!

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