Top Places to Eat Eggs Benedict in Paris


Prior to moving to Paris I had no idea that Europeans took Eggs Benedict so seriously. I’d written it off as an American dish, one you might find on occasion but definitely not something to think about at the first notion of breakfast.

To my surprise, Eggs Benedict is a competitive dish within the breakfast and brunch industries in Paris. I’ve even been witness to an intense discussion about where one can find the best Eggs Benedict in the city and why everyone who disagrees is wrong.

by Constance Chen – Unsplash

The Eggs Benedict originated in New York City many years ago. It seems it has since made its way around the world and into the kitchens of some of the most esteemed chefs in the game.

If you’ve found your way to this page then it is likely that English muffins, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce gets you up in the morning; here are the top places in each neighborhood of Paris where you can find this Yankee special.

Le Marais: Benedict in Paris

19 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie

As the name suggests, you’re in for a treat as you enter this establishment in search of the menu headliner.

Benedict is situated near the lower end of le Marais, not far from the Cognacq-Jay Museum (a must if you’ve not yet been!).

Benedict starts serving up the famous dish at midday, seven days a week. Get here early, people queue for almost an hour sometimes just to get their chance at enjoying the Eggs Benedict prepared by the Benedict chef.

Benedict – by Benedict – Sourced from their website

As an alternative to the traditional Eggs Benedict, this restaurant also offers a poached egg burger which is a hit with children as is the macaroni and cheese.

Brunching is something that Parisians do best, so the fact that locals are willing to wait in line for the brunch menu at Benedict says a lot about the experience on offer.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about this part of town there are many free guided walking tours to take part in that run through the le Marais main streets.

Average cost: €20

Saint-Germain-des-Prés: Eggs & Co in Paris

1 Rue Bernard Palissy

Another hidden gem that you may need to queue outside of for a few minutes, but worth every second!

Eggs & Co is a wholesome little space; the owner even serves the customers herself.

What’s unique about Eggs & Co is that they serve breakfast all day long; from the minute they open at 10am until closing at 5, you’ll enjoy whatever your preference of breakfast foods ranging from pancakes right through to the star of the show, the Eggs Benny.

Eggs & Co in Paris – by Eggs & Co – Sourced from their website

Eggs & Co don’t open on Wednesdays so don’t make the same mistake I did and strut down into Saint-Germain-des-Prés expecting full hump-day service.

Dishes are reasonably priced considering the generous portions. Ideally you’ll want to dine here with a friend and share a few plates to get a taste of everything. The Eggs Benedict are phenomenal, but that’s not all the spot has to offer.

Average cost: €15

Notre Dame: Le Saint Regis in Paris

6 Rue Jean du Bellay

The Saint Regis isn’t situated on the main Notre Dame island; rather, you’ll have to cross the Pont Saint-Louis just behind the cathedral and walk onto the adjacent island floating in the Seine.

From here, the restaurant is about a minutes walk; situated on the west-most tip.

Saint Regis is your common, authentic Parisian bistro. They open everyday between 7am and 2am, serving all day food to the people of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Le Saint Regis in Paris – by Le Saint Regis – Sourced from their website

The Eggs Benedict is part of the breakfast and brunch menu, and is considered the absolute best in this area.

Saint Regis is the kind of place you run into looking for shelter from a sporadic Parisian rain storm, only to end up staying for lunch and probably dinner as well. The inside is simple and cosy; sipping hot chocolate while reading a book can send hours flying past you without even realizing.

Average cost: €15

Oberkampf: Big Love Cafe in Paris

30 Rue Debelleyme

Cool nightlife isn’t all the Oberkampf has to offer, their brunch-time spreads are quite impressive as well.

Big Love Cafe is a gorgeous little space that, from the outside, looks like a greenhouse for flowers. Definitely one of the more Instagram worthy spots in this part of town.

Big Love actually specializes in artisanal pizza making as part of their lunch and dinner menu. The pizzas are fantastic, authentically Italian without even trying to be so. They also use gluten free flour which makes it a much safer cuisine for many people.

Big Love Cafe in Paris – by Big Love Cafe – Uploaded by them

The brunch menu is where you’ll enjoy the Eggs Benedict. It is surprising that a specialty pizza restaurant should offer this on the menu and many customers leave hugely impressed by the perfection of the dish.

Try get here early as the popularity of this cafe is ever growing and lines are to be expects, especially on weekends.

After you eat, keep walking south and you’ll eventually come to the Picasso Museum in the far north of le Marais.

Average cost: €20

Bastille: Les Bonnes Sœurs in Paris

8 Rue du Pas de la Mule

If you were to walk through the streets of Bastille asking random strangers where to find good Eggs Benedict they would all lead you to the same place.

Les Bonnes Sœurs is a few blocks north of the Place de la Bastille, and also quite close to the east side of the Place des Vosges. I usually say get your food takeaway and eat it in the square instead of the restaurant, but Eggs Benedict is a dish best served hot and consumed off of an actual plate — so we’ll stay indoors for this.

I must make it clear that Les Bonnes Sœurs is the most popular brunch spot in this part of Paris and a waiting time of around 20 minutes is to be expected, especially on weekends.

Les Bonnes Sœurs – by Les Bonnes Sœurs – Uploaded by them

At Les Bonnes Sœurs you have the option of enjoying your Eggs Benedict with half bacon and half smoked salmon as your meat layer. Meaning one of the muffins will be made with bacon and the other with salmon.

To real Eggs Benedict connoisseurs this is kind of a dream; best of both worlds, if you will.

The portions of each dish at Les Bonnes Sœurs are huge. They are also all accompanied by generous helpings of fries and salad — you’ll will leave the antithesis of hungry, I assure you.

Average cost: €20

Les Halles: Twinkie Breakfasts in Paris

167 Rue Saint-Denis

The exuberant prices at Twinkie Breakfasts are largely thanks to the nature of the les Halles neighborhood. The 2nd arrondissement is considered a major tourist attraction to the city of Paris, therefore restaurants tend to charge considerably more.

Taking the food and dining experience into consideration, however, paying the extra euros is completely worth it. This really is the best place to get Eggs Benedict this side of the Seine.

Twinkie Breakfasts – by Twinkie Breakfasts – Uploaded by them

Twinkie serves their specialty with salmon instead of bacon; it’s light, it’s fresh and it melts in your mouth.

If you aren’t a salmon fan opt for the smashed avo and poached egg dish instead. The breads at Twinkie are organic. Their hash browns are the size of a small pizza — highly recommend!

This place isn’t great for vegans, there isn’t much to be altered or adapted to be plant based however there are great options for those eating gluten free!

Average cost: €30

Montmartre: Hardware Société in Paris

10 Rue Lamarck

The Hardware Société is a gem of Montmartre that I’m sure many of the locals wish could have stayed hidden. Brunching in Montmartre is one of the village’s favorite past times — on weekends you’ll find travelers from around the world mingling with Montmartre locals inside of the cafe.

Contrary to the usual ingredients, Hardware Société has made a name for themselves in the Eggs Benedict lover scene for using lobster instead of the usual ham or bacon.

Hardware Société in Paris – by Hardware Société – Uploaded by them

The portions are generous, the atmosphere is vibrant and the service is ever friendly. All in all a great way to start the day in Montmartre before heading through to attractions such as the Sacre Coeur just next door .

There are cookbooks available within the restaurant for anyone who would like to attempt the dishes at home. The are wonderfully transparent with their recipes.

Average cost: €20

Paris Central: Angelina in Paris

226 Rue de Rivoli

There are three branches of Angelina Tea House situated around Paris; the one with the eggs, however, is right in the centre of the city.

Firstly, Angelina is a well loved tea room in the city of Paris and dates back to 1903. The speciality of the space has always been chocolate making, and people from around the world queue here just to purchase some treats to take home with them.

Back in the day, Angelina was thee place to be seen if you were and influential presence on the streets of Paris. Coco Chanel was a loyal patron to this tea room and would frequent it multiple times a week.

Angelina – by Angelina – Uploaded by them

Today, the cafe and confectionary sections are separate so you won’t have to fight the queues on the retail side to enjoy some Eggs Benedict.

Amongst other things they also make incredible pastries and puddings. Dining here comes with a price tag to match, it is Paris central after all. It’s worth the splurge at least once to soak in the belle epoque ambiance of the space and the wonderful food.

Average cost: €35

Folie-Méricourt: Paperboy in Paris

137 Rue Amelot

I found Paperboy by accident one day while roaming around some galleries in the Folie-Méricourt area.

It is a beautiful, neat little space that feels like you’ve just walked into your best friends house; so welcoming and peaceful.

They do a range of specialty breakfast and brunch dishes; French toast, veggie bowls, granola, smashed avo and Eggs Benedict. They also do wonderful sandwiches and pressed juices to go if you are ever in a rush.

Paperboy – by Paperboy – Sourced from their Instagram

It is slightly pricier than what I would expect to pay in this part of town but nevertheless satisfying and worth supporting such a clearly wholesome business model.

They give you the option of adding avocado to your Eggs Benedict which seems to be an emerging trend amongst the youth in Paris. There are very few places that include avocado as an add on to this dish.

If you’re here on a cold day get the corn and coconut soup as well!

Average cost: €25

Invalides: Marlon in Paris

159 Rue de Grenelle

Marlon has the best Eggs Benedict nearest to the Eiffel Tower!

This is a Californian inspired restaurant that values a laid back atmosphere, so don’t be petered when you don’t receive the usual frantic Parisian service.

They serve their Eggs Benedict with salmon however bacon is an option if you request so.

If you’re able to manage something savory as well as something sweet, do the Benedict and get the brioche toast with ricotta as well.

Marlon – by Marlon – Sourced from their Website

As you come out of Marlon, you need only turn left and head directly down the street. You will eventually come to the Champ de Mars where you can view the Eiffel Tower. In the summertime these lawns are filled with people sunbathing and picnicking under the Parisian sun.

You’ll pass the Les Gourmandises d’Eiffel bakery on your left just before the lawns. It’s nice to purchase a sweet treat or two from here to enjoy on the grass.

Average cost: €20

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