Top Parisian spots to flirt

Are you here in Paris with your lover or your crush? Would you like to say “I love you” or to flirt in the most romantic city in the world? This article is made for you! We have taken the time to list for you, the top Parisian spots to flirt.

Have a walk in “Coulée Verte”

Top Parisian spots to flirt, coulee-verte

Are you ready for a very bucolic experience? If you want to bring your crush to a beautiful piece of countryside in the middle of the capital city, this is definitely the place! This peaceful and quiet 4km path is located in the Bastille district, next to an old railway. If you want to take thousands of selfies, the Coulée Verte will offer a fantastic background for your pictures!

Have brunch at Café de la Paix


You definitely can’t be on a trip in Paris without enjoying the pleasure of French cuisine! The Café de la Paix is the perfect place for a lunch or brunch. If you are fond of traditional and sophisticated French food, you will be satisfied!

Visit L’ile aux cygnes and Bir Hakeim bridge


Would you like to discover a very intimate place? This tiny island is made for you! A lot of tourists know ile Saint Louis or ile de la Cité, but not so many people have heard about the 3rd island in Paris… “Swan Island”! You can have a walk on the lovely “Swan Alley”, and have a wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower. You will also see the tiny Statue of Liberty owned by Paris. If you want to go there, I really recommand to pass on the Bir Hakeim bridge… you may have seen it in the movie “Inception”… it’s a master piece of modern architecture!

Discover the secrets of Montmartre together

Paris view in Montmartre

Montmartre is a beautiful area where you can take your lover. There you will find typical shops, tiny little streets and green places. It is also the perfect place if you are an art-lover because of street art and performers in the streets. So if you want a portrait of you and your crush, just ask one of the drawers at Place du Tertre.

Kiss in front of the “Je t’aime” wall

a walk in Montmartre

Obviously, one of the most romantic spots in Paris is this big “I love You” wall, in the Montmartre area. After reading what is written of the wall, you will be able to declare your feeling in more than 300 languages!

Enjoy a lovely tea time at Angelina Café


This lovely café is located on rue de Rivoli. You can drink a hot chocolate and enjoy epicurean delights in a sweet atmosphere. The Belle Epoque decoration add a very romantic mood to this place. Thus I would say that it’s the “place to be” for an intimate tea time.

Drink a coffee on a terrasse in Saint Germain or the latin quarter


If you are not a huge fan of pasty, you can choose to go on Left Bank to drink a little coffee in the afternoon. You can sit on a terrasse and appreciate this delicious moment with your crush. For example, you can go in Café de Flore in the Saint Germain district. It is a typically parisian café. This is where two famous French writers and lovers used to come: Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir.

Have a walk next to Canal Saint Martin

Things to do near Canal Saint Martin

In the middle of Paris, you can have a walk next to this cute channel. You can also choose a cruise on a boat. It is a cute and quiet place, so maybe is it the good spot to sing a serenade, just like in the Disney movie “The little Mermaid”?

Visit the temple of love & Buttes Chaumont park


The Buttes Chaumont park is probably the most romantic place in Paris to have a walk. Just imagine: you, guiding your lover next to the temple of love on a small boat, with a wonderfull sunset in the background… Even if it is a bit cliché, be sure that it will be an incredible memory for both of you!

Have diner at Tour d’Argent


Do you like candlelit diners? The “silver tower” restaurant is probably the best place for that. Feel free to drink a flûte of champagne, enjoying the wonderful vue on Notre-Dame cathedral.

Declare your love under the Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower

Visiting the Eiffel tower is a “must-do” in Paris. If you are not able to climb at the top, it is also OK to stay under the tower, admiring it from the ground. You can come at every time, but it’s always better at night. It is in general less crowdy, and the tower is shining. So it can be the best moment for you to kiss your lover!

Well, now you know the best spots to flirt in Paris! Get ready, Dom Juan junior!

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