Top Organic Cafes and Restaurants in Lisbon


In spite of being an old town, Lisbon has managed to stay well ahead of the rest of Portugal when it comes to healthy eating and the demands for organic foods.

Scattered around the city you’ll find restaurants of all dining classes that cater to the organic customer. The establishments that label themselves as organic eateries will only make use of organic certified products and ingredients.

Tayybeh in Lisbon – by Tayybeh – Uploaded by them

Bare in mind that there are different levels to organically certified foods. Organic certification is a spectrum, and while strawberries in one Lisbon cafe may be 100% organically grown, the bananas in the same cafe might only qualify at 80%.

Any level of organic is always better than none, however, and the health benefits that come with organic eating continue to astound the world as new information is released every year. Let’s explore organic Lisbon!

Traditional Portuguese: Tasca Fit in Lisbon

I struggle to put the cuisine at Tasca Fit under one label. Each of the dishes are unique and well executed, and there are plenty of options to suit vegans and vegetarians.

You’ll dine on everything from interesting Portuguese cakes to chicken breasts and salad; meat or vegetable burgers and different bread platters; there are even stuffed mushroom mains and (badly) stacked pancakes.

Tasca Fit is somewhat of an everything-canteen; and everything happens to also be organic.

Tasca Fit – by Tasca Fit – Uploaded by them

For the area, Tasca Fit is slightly overpriced. Expect to spend well over €10 for a light meal and drink.

It’s situated near the Alameda metro stop that comes in directly from the Lisbon Airport. This area is usually a newcomers first encounter with the Portuguese capital .

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Sunday: 12pm to 5pm // 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: R. Visc. de Santarém 69B, 1000-005 Lisboa, Portugal

Italian: In Bocca Al Lupo in Lisbon

Finding an Italian restaurant that makes an effort to source organic produce is like striking gold. Pure, organic wheat isn’t always easy (or cheap) to find and pizzerias often believe it not to be worth the hassle.

This restaurant is not only organic, they also cater to gluten free eaters in multiple ways. They have a few gluten free pasta choices on the menu as well as flute free dough for pizza bases.

In Bocca Al Lupo in Lisbon – by In Bocca Al Lupo – Uploaded by them

Take note: gluten free pizza dough usually has to be preordered a day in advance so that they kitchen can prepare it in time. If you are making a lunch or dinner reservation, let them know if you’ll be requiring this special request.

In Bocca Al Lupo do great cocktails, authentic Italian desserts and the restaurant is hardly ever frequented by tourists. It’s a local gem in the heart of Lisbon.

OPENING HOURS: Wednesday TO Monday: 7pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: R. Manuel Bernardes 5, 1200-009 Lisboa, Portugal

Vegan: Ao 26 in Lisbon

A common error of assumption is that all vegan food is automatically organic. Those who aren’t very clued on the cuisine will remain under the impression that since this food is cruelty free and healthy, thus it must be of organic origin too.

On the contrary, Lisbon has many vegan restaurants and cafes, but very few of them are organically sourced.

Ao 26 in Lisbon – by Ao 26 – Sourced from their Facebook

Ao 26 does a range of wholesome, plated vegan dishes and fresh juices. Most people come for their burgers, but their mezze plates and creative salads are also crowd pleasers. They are also experts at making a “veggie steak”; no explanation for what’s actually inside of it, but at least it didn’t die.

For dinner here you’ll absolutely need a reservation.

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Saturday: 12:30pm to 6pm // 7:30pm to 11pm
ADDRESS: R. Vítor Cordon 26, 1200-484 Lisboa, Portugal
METRO STATION: Cais do Sodré

Mexican: Mez Cais Lx in Lisbon

This little Mexican canteen won’t come up on any internet search engines as it is actually situated inside of Lisbon’s famous Lx Factory.

The Lx Factory is a well known spot on the saunter coast of the city. Inside is a co-existent industrial arts and food space with a variety of things to do, eat and buy. Sunday afternoons are considered the best days to see the Lx, but it is open seven days a week.

Mez Cais Lx in Lisbon – by Lx Factory – Sourced from their website

Mez Cais is the Mexican eatery of Lx Factory and is entirely organic. Authentic tacos, burritos and even margaritas made from non-toxic produce brought in fresh from the Portuguese farms each day.

I usually recommended that one takes a free guided walking tour through the nearby district of Belem and ends off by spending some time inside the factory.

OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Sunday: 12pm to 3am
ADDRESS: Rua Rodrigues Faria, No 103 Edificio H 0.09A, Lisbon 1400-372, Portugal
METRO STATION: Alcantara-Mar

Middle Eastern: Tayybeh in Lisbon

Tayybeh is a mission to get to from the city center, it’s right up the north coast, inside a modern district called Parque das Nações. The dining experience is more than worth the journey!

The food is authentic Arabic. The story of how this restaurant came to rest on Portuguese shores is a moving one. A few years ago a family of Syrian refugees fled their homeland on a small boat. They landed in Italy, and eventually managed to find safety on Lisbon’s shores.

Tayybeh in Lisbon – by Tayybeh – Uploaded by them

This is the families attempt at creating a better life in a new land. I encourage you not to skip this restaurant during your time in Lisbon — they cater to meat eaters, vegans, vegetarians and gluten free individuals.

I recommend the falafel, variety dips, tabbouleh salads and kubbeh at least as starters. The main dishes change weekly. Syrian ice cream for dessert!

Make a reservation prior to your journey up the north! The Lisbon aquarium is here too, so perhaps a full day trip is in order?

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OPENING HOURS: Monday TO Saturday: Varied
ADDRESS: Estr. Moscavide 62A, 1800-279 Lisboa, Portugal