Top Juice Bars of Paris


You’re about to read a very serious article, about the very serious art of juicing in Paris.

Prior to educating myself on the health benefits of this craft, I had not taken juicing very seriously myself. For some, however, juicing makes up the majority of their meal consumption per day — unsurprising, since you get almost ten times the nutrients and vitamins from a single juice than you would an entire plate of food.

by Devin Avery – Unsplash

So naturally, juice bars become the backbone of this new health movement. Throughout Paris there are competitive juiceries ready to mix your preference. Smoothies and smoothie bowls have stemmed from the juicing craze and make for a tasty alternative to regular pressed juices.

Carrot, orange and ginger is always my personal go-to — here’s where you can get your fix.

Juice Lab in Paris

11 Rue Jacob

The Juice Lab were somewhat at the forefront of the juicing movement in Paris. A woman named Mandarine Rouff, who worked in fashion in New York, came over to Pairs and spotted a gap in the market; so saw the birth of the Juice Lab.

Mandarine has a few branches around the city including in le Marais and the Palais Royal. My favorite store is the one in Saint-Germain-des-Prés — it is the fuller sized, sit in vicinity with a more extensive menu.

The original sit-in Juice Lab was originally in Montmartre, but it was closed and moved closer to the city center.

Juice Lab – by Juice Lab – Uploaded by them

If juice cleansing is of interest to you, this is the juice bar you’ll want to work with. They’ve developed a rage of targeted juice recipes for different types of cleansing and internal body flushing.

Smoothies are also made fresh in Juice Lab and there are healthy snacks on sale. Pity about how much single use plastic is wasted in daily operation; eco-friendly packaging should definitely be an option when you consider how much you pay per item in store.

Fragments in Paris

76 Rue des Tournelles

Fragments is a cafe in North le Marais that just happens to serve amazing juices as well.

Most people head to Fragments for their delicious breakfast and brunch options. Since I am a fan of anything drenched in lemon, the avocado toast is my reason to visit, paired with your own combination of fresh pressed fruits and veggies.

This is more of an ‘enjoy a juice with your meal’ kind of vibe. It’s not your very serious juicerie where you’ll have ample recipe options and add ons such as grass-boosters or kale extracts, you know?

Fragments – by Fragments – Sourced from their Instagram

Since the cafe is small you do have the option of ordering your juices to go. Not a bad idea considering the Place des Vosges is just three blocks south.

The cafe is open seven days a week; on weekends it is not unlike to incur a 30 minute waiting period before being seated. Diners here don’t seem to mind, the food and juices are simply that good.

Papaerboy in Paris

137 Rue Amelot

Even further north in le Marais than Fragments, is Paperboy.

I’ve spoken about this little spot before, the menu seems to repeatedly come up as one of the best grab-and-go places to eat in the French capital. Paperboy officially makes the best Eggs Benedict in the Folie-Méricourt neighborhood.

The store itself if clean and welcoming, there are plants hanging throughout the space and freelancers are encouraged to work for hours on end.

Aside from the famous Eggs Benny, Paperboy specializes in tasty, take away sandwiches and fresh juices. Paperboy does well to encourage the purchase of a fresh pressed juice with every meal.

Paperboy – by Paperboy – Sourced from their Instagram

On weekends this spot is filled with families all trying to take advantage of the lunch specials that they offer. You can indulge in the “fatty meal” for €23 which includes a pancakes, a burger, beans, a hot beverage of your choice and a fresh pressed juice of your choice.

Paperboy also gives you the option of adding avocado on top of absolutely everything. Another reason why this spot is so popular.

Juicerie in Paris

Juicerie has been the number one juicing spot in the 1st arrondissement for a while now. In the summer there is little better than stopping by here between free guided walking tours for an ice cold green juice to satisfy more that just your thirst.

Juicerie is the master of just that: green juices. It was the brain child of a French duo who were working in finance and law prior to their juice venture.

Green fruits and vegetables are the most cleansing to the human body. This is why green juices have seen such popularity over the past few years and this industry has been on the rise.

Juicerie – by Juicerie – Uploaded by them

Paired with a fresh salad and you’re pretty much the picture of health if there ever was one. Juicerie has incorporated a kitchen into their space as well and fresh salads are made daily, including quinoa based dishes for a seed additive.

This menu element takes Juicerie from just another juice bar to a full lunch stop that is good on both weekends or during the week. Parisians working in this area are seen frequenting the store during their lunch breaks.

Bob’s Kitchen in Paris

74 rue des Gravilliers

Bob’s Kitchen is a little hidden gem in the 3rd arrondissement! This is a vegetarian eatery designed like a canteen; the menu is ever changing depending on the fresh produce that the store is able to get in on any given day.

This means that you may not be able to have the exact same juice two days in a row, but you’ll be presented with various options to create an equally as good or better one.

While we’re here, the vegan, gluten free pancakes deserve some recognition as well. Topped with fresh fruit and non-sugary garnish, you feel a lot lighter after these than regular pancakes in other cafes in Paris.

Bob’s Kitchen – by Bob’s Kitchen – Uploaded by them

Back to the juices — I recommend simply mentioning to the staff what you’re looking for in terms of cleansing, immune boosting and nutrients. They’re pretty good at combining ingredients for the best juice for every person.

Lunch is served in Bob’s too, the kitchen stays open until 4pm daily. Because it’s situated down a quiet side street in the 3rd, there is hardly ever crowding or long waiting periods for a table.

Wild & The Moon in Paris

25 Rue des Gravilliers

On the same street as Bob’s Kitchen, just closer to le Marais, the Wild and the Moon franchise holds one of its vicinities.

There are a few of them around Paris thanks to the quick popularity that the cafe found shortly after opening. So popular, in fact, that the cafe was recently able to open up in Dubai as well due to popular demand.

The values at Wild & the Moon are quite simple; food should be both good and good for you, & good for the environment as well.

Wild & The Moon – by Wild & The Moon – Sourced from their Instagram

The store is focused on sustainability and environmentally friendly techniques. The owner, Emma Swako, is concerned with not only with sourcing ethical ingredients for all sectors of the menu but also with limiting waste within the cafe as well. She even found a way to transform the pulp left behind from the juices into health crackers.

This is one of the few juice bars in Paris where activated charcoal is used in juice options. There are juice cleanse programs available as well; different lengths and different strengths depending on where you are in your healthy healing process.

Be sure to try any of their raw, ready to eat desserts from the dessert fridge — unreal!

Causses in Paris

55 Rue Notre Dame de Lorette

When it really comes down to it, the most nutrient pressed juice available for the body, with the highest alkalinity per serving, is fresh pressed orange juice.

In Europe it is common to find OJ pressing machines in most grocery stores and food markets; a pile of oranges nearby ready to churn the fruits out.

Causses is a general store in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. This area is sometimes referred to by locals as So-Pi, which simply stands for southern Pigalle.

Causses – by Causses – Sourced from their website

In Causses you’ll ship for cold meats, dried cheeses, confectionary items and occasionally baked Italian pastries. Each Causses store has an OJ pressing machine available to all customers. You can bring your own carton to fill or purchase one of theirs.

In the warmer months in Paris its wonderful to run into Causses for a bulk load of fresh pressed juice that won’t set you back an arm and a leg. Buying OJ here in large quantities works out much, much cheaper than if you were to order one at a regular juicerie in Paris.

Causses is ideal for juicers who want to enjoy the benefits of the craft throughout the day, and not just during breakfast or on a walk between metro stations.

La Vie En Fruits in Paris

116 Boulevard Saint-Germain

If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably walk into La Vie En Fruits thinking it was some sort of cute candy bar where you’ll enjoy fresh made crepes. As always, looks are deceiving and this perky little shop is actually the nicest juice bar in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Le Vie En Fruits churns out fresh juices and smoothies by the dozen. Since it is only a block away from the Cluny Museum, foot traffic on this street is exponential and there is nothing better on a hot day between museum visits.

La Vie En Fruits in Paris – by La Vie En Fruit – Uploaded by them

At La Vie En Fruits you’ll have the option of having your juices made or blended with ice, frozen yoghurt or regular yoghurt. If the place is busy the staff may forget to ask for your preference, so be sure to state it as you give your order.

The store is closed on Sundays.

Soul Kitchen in Paris

33 Rue Lamarck

Despite being one of the best brunch spots in Montmartre, Soul Kitchen is also my go to on both rainy days and sad days when you just need a guaranteed pick-me-up.

The cafe is the epitome of light and love, and the interior attempts to reflect that. The menu is constantly updates and displayed across a chalkboard above the serving station. The furniture is mismatched, crates fill the space with fresh produce and the food options re colorful, always.

Soul Kitchen – by Soul Kitchen – Uploaded by them

The fresh pressed juices here are both reasonably priced and generous in portion, which is unusual in Montmartre. You can dine in if you want to absorb the ambiance of the place or simply grab one to go as you make your way up the rest of the hill to the Sacre Coeur .

As far as the menu goes, there are options suitable for vegans and vegetarians too!

Love Juice Bar in Paris

26 Rue Chapon

As you may have noticed, the 3rd and 4th arrondissements tend to be the districts most saturated with health food options. Love Juice Bar is yet another one located in the 3rd, just south of the Metiers Art Museum.

The menu is simple: fresh juices or smoothies or smoothie bowls. Healthy toppings are added to the latter to make for a more hearty meal experience.

Love Juice Bar – by Love Juice Bar – Sourced from their Facebook

Love Juice Bar also offers a well made and reasonably priced açai bowl that is packed with the Brazilian berry nutrients.

Without needing to advertise it, the store is naturally vegan, making use of only fresh fruit and plant based ingredients to formulate the entirety of their menu.

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