Top 7 Interesting Facts About Leonardo Da Vinci


A Renaissance figure, an artist, a philosopher, and an avid explorer of the human nature, Leonardo Da Vinci has become a powerful name, associated with art, creativity and penchant for passion and style. The painter’s extravagant personality has been reflected in his works of art which have attracted the attention of numerous art generations worldwide.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s life has been like the one from a movie. Born to a woman who was considered the  slave to a landlord in the Italian region of Tuscany, the painter developed an early affinity for the art world and became a leading figure of the Renaissance.

Leonardo Da Vinci was an illegitimate child

He was born in 1452 near Vinci, with modest means, and not being the product of a legitimate marriage.

There is a speculation that his mom Caterina was initially his father’s slave that later on became his lover.  Da Vinci’s mother never married Messer Piero, her landlord. He married another woman, and Da Vinci moved to the new couple’s house when he was 5 years old.

Da Vinci was particularly close to his father, but barely communicated with his estranged mother, after he left her home. Her influence on his life was bare, but he maintained a strong emotional tie with his father throughout his life.

Leonardo’s baptism was a popular event, with 10 godparents present in the celebration.

Leonardo Da Vinci Was Illiterate

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Despite being a high-profile Renaissance artist, Da Vinci did not have formal education, just basic instructions in writing and math.

His obsession with water was the leading stimulus of his creativity.  Da Vinci enjoyed observing the water and getting inspiration from its fluctuations and movements.

His penchant for art found expression later in his life after he was sent to Florence to work as an apprentice for the remarkable painter Andrea Del Verrocchio. According to numerous speculations, the painter developed a complex that he was not as good as his protege, and almost gave up painting as soon as he saw the outstanding work of Da Vinci himself.

Leonardo Da Vinci got away with execution

The famous painter almost faced a death penalty for sodomy, a crime that typically led to capital punishment in the 14th century.  Da Vinci and his companions had to face  a court case. However, the court was later dismissed because no credible witnesses were found.

A lot of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works haven’t been completed

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Despite his genius mind, Leonardo could never accomplish a painting until the end. Numerous of his paintings have been left abandoned. One of the most iconic works of all times, the Mona Lisa project, has been left incomplete.

Da Vinci didn’t complete the painting because he died in 1519. The painting was inherited by his close friend and assistant Salai. There are numerous speculations that that a diseases caused right-side malfunctioning of the painter’s body which  prevented the painting from being fully completed.

Despite being incomplete, the Mona Lisa painting has become one of the most outstanding Renaissance art products from the past.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notebook was bought on auction for 30.8 million by Bill Gates

Image by Open Culture

Leonardo Da Vinci kept a diary of all his perceptions and dreams. He started with  the analysis of the origins of fossils and explored the depth of the ocean and the blueness of the sky. Being the creative genius he was, Da Vinci recorded everything in his diary, titled The Codex Leicester (sometimes Hammer) in the period between 1506 to 1510. This diary depicts Da Vinci’s life experiences in both Milan and Florence.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates paid $30.8 million for the 72-page collection of the famous artist.

Leonardo Da Vinci was an avid animal rights activist

Leonardo Da Vinci had a passion for animals. He adored them so much that he even considered them superior to human beings.  This artist had declared himself a vegan, and dedicated to the consumption of healthy meals that contained no meat.

He was known for liberating animals from cages and confinements. His affinity and love for the humanity and animals make him  a true Renaissance figure – noble, intelligent and full of creative power.

Leonardo Da Vinci liked to write in Reverse

Image by Museum of Science, Boston

Leonardo Da Vinci enjoyed writing mirror scripts that reversed his writing in a way to be readable only when the page was positioned in front of a mirror.

There are speculations that the author tried to be secretive, and there are other ideas claiming that he could avoid smearing the chalk by writing in reverse, because he was left-handed. Occasionally, he would use his right hand but the writing he did with it wasn’t neat.

Leonardo Da Vinci has become an exceptional figure in the world of the Renaissance. His art has thrilled various generations and various movies have been created to depict his life, full of creativity and love for the humanity, the animals and nature.

Some of his most outstanding works, like the Last Supper and Mona Lisa, has been admired and regularly studied by art enthusiasts from all over the globe. Those two works, though incomplete in nature, have left a vivid stamp in the mind of numerous people, being a highlight in movies and songs, and consolidating themselves an outstanding highlight of the Renaissance world.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s multi-faceted personality has become a target of exploration for academics professors, art curators and art enthusiasts from all over the world. He is one of the most fascinating figures of the art world, whose name being iconic and respected up to date.