Top 5 vintage shops in Paris


Top 5 vintage shops in Paris

Paris is the city of fashion, and for all types of fashion-lovers: for those who can afford haute couture clothing but also for those who like original outfits. Vintage shops are perfect if your shopping budget is small but they’re also really fun because of the challenge they represent. You can either find an amazing piece you’ve been dreaming of or get out empty-handed. For those who are ready to take on the challenge, here is our top 5 vintage shops in Paris list!

5.) The “brocantes“, the garage sales

Top 5 vintage shops in Paris 1

Let’s start our top 5 vintage shops in Paris list with pretty unusual shops: outdoor garage sales. You might not know about it but there are a lot of garage sales in Paris! At the brocantes, you will meet Parisians trying to get rid of their old clothes and items, and the best thing about it is that you will be able to negotiate the prices! If you’re lucky, you can find great deals, especially if you’re searching for purses!

You have to know though that there might not be any “brocante” taking place during your stay so don’t forget to check the schedule here.

4.) By Flowers


The number 4 of this top 5 vintage shops in Paris is a small and lovely boutique in the eighteenth arrondissement. The salesmen are very friendly which is the perfect ingredient for a nice vintage shopping session. This store is mostly known for having great pairs of boots but it’s not the place you go to if you want to be sure of finding something…

3.) Guerrisol


Our top 5 vintage shops in Paris had to feature this pretty original chain of thrift stores! To be fully honest, the decoration is usually bad or nonexistent and they only roughly classify the different types of clothes so you have to be good at searching. However, they sometimes have very rare pieces coming from all over Europe and the prices are more than reasonable! You might want to avoid their shop in Strasbourg Saint-Denis, I usually don’t find anything there.

2.) Kiloshop


Next on this top 5 vintage shops in Paris is a must-do. If you love vintage clothes but you’re not really good at searching in messy boutiques, then Kiloshop is the place for you. The clothes and accessories are grouped by color, type, and price so it’s very easy to find what you’re looking for! Most of the prices are “per kilograms”. You have to weigh your items to see what it will cost you! The selection is very trendy and some of the shops are specialized to Japan imported clothes: they’re called Kiloshop Kawaii.

1.) Freep’star


This top 5 vintage shops in Paris list would not be reliable if it didn’t feature the Freep’star store, one of the most famous thrift shops in Paris. Inside, some selected items are placed on hangers and have a price tag and the rest of the clothes cost 1€! It’s perfect if you’re on a small budget and they offer a very wide choice. It’s so great that it is most of the time crowded on weekends and in the evenings, you should therefore avoid these times. You have to be good at searching and the stores are very small which can make the shopping session uncomfortable but it’s definitely worth it!

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  • You’ve now read my top 5 vintage shops in Paris! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Do you like vintage shopping? Have you ever vintage shopped in Paris? If you did, share your thoughts and let me know which one was your favorite store! If you enjoy shopping second hand items, I advise you to join our flea market tour in Paris. In the company of a local guide, you will get to discover one of the most famous flea markets of Paris where most Parisians like to hang out and dig the most original items. I hope to see you soon!

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