Top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon

If you’re visiting Lisbon try one of our top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon. Any of these places with live Fado will give you a deeper understanding of why we love Fado so much and why it means so much to us!

We know there are a lot of touristic Fado houses, so here are our top 5 places with live Fado so you know you’re in for a good experience! If you’re visiting Lisbon and want to listen to live Fado but have no idea where to go, take one of our suggestions! In this article, I will be sharing with you my favorite places for you to listen to Fado. Whenever one visits the city of Lisbon, they have to experience Fado, at least once! You will get to learn more about Portuguese culture. Enjoy!

At O Faia

O Faia

In our top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon, you find O Faia, a place where you’ll get good food and good Fado.

In the heart of Bairro Alto, O Faia offers mouth-watering menus at the sound of traditional Fado with great Portuguese Fado singers. It’s open every night for dinner and closed on Sundays.

At Maria da Mouraria

Maria da Mouraria

Maria da Mouraria is part of our top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon. Amidst the traditional neighborhood of Mouraria, this place is the result of re-adapting an old house where Severa used to sing her melancholic songs of longing.

It opens from Wednesday to Sunday for evening snacks and dinner. This place is a great choice if you’re looking for a more popular and less touristic live Fado venue in Lisbon.

At Coração da Sé

Marquês da Sé

In our top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon, you’ll find a place called Coração da Sé. Located in the characteristic slope of the Alfama neighborhood, this is a great restaurant with live Fado performances.

It opens everyday for dinner, but on Tuesdays, and it’s a great choice to experience a Fado night in a very special environment!

Alfama is probably the neighborhood in which you will the most Fado houses! Pick the one that seems more welcoming to you. Also, note that there’s usually a rate you will have to pay to have dinner and enjoy the show. Prices for a dinner – Fado show show costs between ten and fifteen euros, but the food and the drinks are not included. This rate is only for the Fado perfomance.

At Senhor Vinho

Senhor Vinho

Going to Santos for our next place on this top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon, we get to Senhor Vinho. This place is open every night for dinner with live Fado and it looks like a traditional Portuguese restaurant, so if you’re looking for a great typical place, this might be it.

The restaurant is a bit away from the city center, but close enough even to walk home by the river side if you feel like it.

At Tasca do Chico

Tasca do Chico

Lastly on our top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon is a place that is not a traditional Fado house: it is more of a place where you can snack than a restaurant to have a full meal. But! – it is one of our ultimate favorites!

Tasca do Chico is an informal place where you’ll find Fado vadio, which is a bit different from what you’ll find in other places. This place finishes off our top 5 venues with live Fado in Lisbon, because it’s different and so great that you’ll struggle to find a space in on Fado nights.

If you’re ready to learn more about Fado, join our Alfama tour to discover the deep soulful traditions of the Portuguese. Find out about our Alfama tour here.

Let Fado bring you to Lisbon! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article and that it has inspired you and given you a few ideas! Lisbon is filled with Fado houses. Some are more traditional than others, but one thing I can guarantee you is that it is essential for you to listen to Fado during your stay if you want to experience several aspects of Portuguese culture. Fado is very important in our history. So, come to the city, walk Alfama, talk to the locals and get to know Lisbon and Portugal’s history! See you soon in Lisbon!

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