Top 5 Tea Rooms In Lisbon


tea in Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

Lisbon is a city where people usually eat and enjoy the delicacies and flavors of the ancient country. However, it is also common to find different tea rooms, cafes or bakeries where people go to spend a pleasant time tasting tea along with a snack.

In Lisbon, you can find many places where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, but if you are looking for the best places or the best teas in the city, then we will help you cut your search by introducing you to the best 5 tea rooms in Lisbon.

Take into consideration that both the city’s inhabitants and tourists usually accompany their tea or coffee with a dessert. Pasteis are the main desserts that Portuguese and tourists enjoy with coffee or tea.

In addition to pasteis, tea or coffee rooms often offer other specialties, such as Berlin balls, donuts filled with an egg cream or Azeitao cake, which consists of a cake filled with egg cream.

People tend to characterize Lisbon tea as one of the best because you can feel the true essence in each of them. There is cinnamon tea, chamomile tea, and other infusions that in addition to aroma provide great taste and benefit to health. 

Coffee is also highly appreciated in Lisbon and is usually more ordered than tea thanks to its essence and deep flavor. Among the different types of coffee are “bica” (espresso), “meia de leite” (coffee with milk), “pingado” (cut), “carioca” (diluted), and so on. There are also other delicacies such as Sintra’s quejida or chocolate salame.


Lisbon, sourced from wikimedia

You want to discover the best places to sit, relax and enjoy delicious tea and a Portuguese dessert. Here we will introduce you to 5 of the best tea rooms and pastry shops in Lisbon so that you can visit each of them and discover the unique flavors that this city offers.

Castella do Paulo

Tea, sourced from wikimedia

Castella do Paulo is an outstanding pastry and tea shop thanks to the quality of the ingredients used to prepare its dishes and beverages. The desserts served at Castella are 100% natural, free of chemicals. The owner and the main pastry chef of this site is Paulo Duarte, who has more than 20 years of experience, visiting other European and Asian countries to give more prestige to his work.

It is common that in Lisbon it is very hot in certain seasons; however, many clients recommend this place to refresh themselves. Apple and cinnamon iced teas are preferred and come in large glasses with the sugar dissolved in another container. The tea menu on this site is quite extensive and most of them can be served with or without ice.

To accompany these delicious teas, locals recommend the Japanese “castella,” or “pao de ló,” which is a simple sponge cake with chocolate and green tea. This dish is originated in Japan after the arrival of the Portuguese in the sixteenth century. It is said that Paulo was the only foreigner who could learn to prepare it in Japan, in a house founded in 1682, the house of Shookenn.

In addition to these exclusive desserts, you can also opt for some very famous French biscuits. However, it is almost impossible to resist the many delicacies that the place offers. Without a doubt, Castella do Paulo is one of the best places to taste delicious tea and enjoy unique desserts.

Confeitaria Nacional

Morgaine – Wikimedia Vommon

Being one of the oldest bakeries-pastry, there is the Confeitaria Nacional. It was founded in 1829 and since then has remained under the direction of the same family. To this day, six generations have passed descendants of its founder Balthazar Castanheiro.

Since then, this bakery has been dedicated to offering different cakes, bread and of course, teas and coffees. In fact, this has been the official supplier of the presidential palace, is the predecessor of the royal family.

Thanks to its location and fame, this site is very popular with tourists. This site is an ideal place to get to know a little of Lisbon’s history, enjoy a good tea and cake, admire the tiles, and feel part of this city. Tourists recommend going early or during the evening to be able to contemplate the sights and flavors more calmly since in rush hours the place is full of many people.

The decoration of this place is really a very nice place, we talk about a cream lacquered chocolaty that has a large Austrian style tea room where you can have intimate meetings to talk to some special friends and lose track of time.

To accompany the teas or hot chocolate we recommend trying torradas, which are bread toasts smeared with salted butter. A simple dish, but with the combination of tea or chocolate, become something really unique and special.

Bénard Pastry Shop

This bakery honors its owner, Élie Benard, who founded it for the first time in 1868. Despite being a pastry shop, the term “pastel” was not used at the time until 1962, when strange foreign language façade pairs were subjected to the Chamber of at least 500 kings. 

Later, in the 1940s, the Bénard patisserie was handed over to Manuel José de Carvalho, who was in charge of exclusive events, such as the dinner of Queen Isabel II when she visited Portugal.

40 years later, Maria Augusta Montes, Carvalho’s mother, bought the establishment when the store was practically in a broken bank. After several renovations and new work equipment, it reopened its doors in 1983 demonstrating that it had an innovative trend and a new environment.

The renovations were focused on giving a better context in which to reflect the confectionery spaces that were once there. The huge kitchens became the corridors, almost everything was made of wood and a new dining room was opened in the back. This part is generally used for more prepared meals such as lunches or dinners prepared from Portuguese recipes; salads, quiches, and others.

Something that attracts a lot from this bakery is its popular croissants. These Bernard croissants became famous in a matter of days throughout the city and the country. You can find croissants made with chocolates, sweet eggs, strawberries, etc. When freshly made, these croissants are a real delicacy.

On the other hand, there is custard cakes, which are the most sold at the moment. In this bakery, you can find other types of desserts or snacks that will make you feel very good and provoke you to eat them all. 

Although cakes, croissants, and other snacks attract a lot of tourists and locals, another product that attracts and for which this site is in this post, is for their excellent teas.

In fact, there are different environments where you can enjoy an apple tea, green tea or whatever you prefer and how you prefer it. You can enjoy it on the terrace and have a panoramic view of Lisbon, or something more intimate in the backroom or over the counter. But in short, in this place, you can enjoy very good teas and accompany it in the best moments.

Pastelaria Versailles

This beautiful pastry shop has nothing to envy of the famous Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles. The interior of this pastry shop reflects a style as appreciable as that of the palace itself, with delicate white scrolls and ceiling molds that can be seen in the contrast between pearl grey backgrounds. Well-uniformed waiters with their waistcoats and lighted candles all over the place make this pastry shop a very stylish place.

To make customers’ mouths water, they have a large display case in the service room that is kept full of cakes. On the other hand, they may be serving hot chocolate “á la française” or “á la Espagnole”, or even their famous black tea from Mozambique, or as they present it, the “chá preto de Moçambique”.

Located on Avenida de la República since 1992, this place is one of the most popular places in Lisbon, as well as one of the best cafeterias and confectioneries in Europe. For people who are staying far from this avenue will have to take the subway to the station Saldanha, and from there they can be located on Avenida de la República and recognize the pastry almost immediately.

At first glance, you might think it’s a small place because of its narrow façade, but when you enter you’ll notice that it’s huge. Once inside you can appreciate the elegant paintings, molds, and everything that seems to be a copy of the Palace of Versailles. It is easy to think that with such elegance the prices will be excessively high, but not.

In fact, you can see the different prices on the menu located outside the premises, these can vary if you eat at the bar or at the table. But the bakery is always full and has highly trained and hardworking staff so that everyone who arrives can enjoy good service and an excellent product.

The products offered in the Versailles can satisfy all types of public, its offer is designed for everyone. Even the gluttons can eat everything thanks to the variety offered by the pastry shop and bakery. It seems that it is impossible to get out of there without eating absolutely anything because there are people who go alone for tea or coffee and end up ordering lunch or dinner.

In short, Pastelaria Versailles is a unique place where you can go for delicious tea or a full meal. The staff provides quality care, the atmosphere and the old staff uniform make you feel like you’re in another era. In fact, many tourists have mentioned that this site should be named a World Heritage Site.

A Carioca

Images by Burts – Pexels

Isidoro Teixeira was the founder of this store in 1936, he himself who shortly after opened a memorable store in Lisbon: La Perla de Los Chaimitas, located in New Avenues. From its opening, Carioca was under family management until 1993, when it became part of a coffee roasting company, Negritas Cafes.

Unlike other places, this one is popular because of the coffee they sell. The coffee they serve at Carioca is roasted at Bold’s own facilities in Angels, where there is even a special blend called “The Carioca.

All the coffees that are prepared in this place come from the same source; however, several special blends are made that make this place unique: “Arabia Timor”, “Expresso”, “Presidente”, “Carioca” and Tavares. The latter was prepared in commemoration of one of the owners of a famous nearby restaurant, which was known as Tavares Rico.

This blend of coffee is not available in the restaurant, but perhaps in a few years, Carioca and Tavares will make an alliance and can serve this coffee as one and in the place that bears its name. 

So good and popular are these coffee blends that several of them come in capsules that allow you to prepare it at home. If you want a Carioca coffee in the morning, you can order the capsule and prepare it at home.

Another product that could not be left out is the teas; A Carioca also offers some of the best Lisbon teas and even the most traditional, from the Portuguese brand, Gorreana, from the Azores. In this small tavern, you can find all the teas offered by this brand, and also give yourself a treat accompanied by chocolate, cookies, arrowroot, sweets and other treats that can remind you of your childhood.   

If you are still not satisfied with coffee, tea or sweets, then we invite you to come inside the premises to get to know the old coffee grinders, the wooden panels painted with designs referring to coffee and tea. In addition, there is an excellent service that makes it ideal for a visit. Without a doubt, it is a simple place worth visiting and enjoying good tea.

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