Top 9 streets to see in Lisbon


Updated by Molli 12/12/2019

Today I will be sharing with you my top 9 streets to see in Lisbon. Each corner, each street, each highlight of the city is filled with history. If you want to truly feel the soul of Lisbon, you need to get lost, walk aimlessly through the streets and stumble upon its hidden gems. Lisbon is one of the most charming cities you’ll get to visit. All of it is divided between modern times and centuries old features, which makes it such an interesting city to visit!

Whenever one gets to a new city, it might get a little confusing managing how to get around. Thanks to this article, you will know a few streets, among many others, that are definitely worth seeing while in Lisbon! Read on and find out my top 9 streets to see in Lisbon!

Meet the locals at Rua da Adiça

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In the Alfama neighborhood, you will find Rua da Adiça. This street is one of the most authentic examples of the Lisbon soul and it’s lifestyle. You will see the typical Alfama buildings, it’s fountains, it’s inhabitants, the different generations who have lived there forever.

Walking the street you will see the laundry hanging on balconies and from one façade to another, and it will make you want to write poems. Walking Rua da Adiça is the opportunity to be right in the middle of the daily life of the Alfama inhabitants. Since it is quite a unique experience, you don’t want to miss it!

A good way to discover Alfama is to join us in our Alfama tour (daily) to discover this amazing neighborhood. The tour starts right in front of the Castle’s entrance. More information on Discover Walks website.

Spend time with friends at Rua Nova do Carvalho

Rua Nova do Carvalho

Rua Nova do Carvalho, the “Pink Street” by Pedro Ribeiro Simões – Flickr

Rua Nova do Carvalho, which is most commonly known as the Rua Cor-de-Rosa or the Pink Street, is one of the most popular streets in Lisbon! It is definitely one of the major highlights of the city when it comes to Lisbon nightlife. When people want to enjoy a drink with friends, both locals and visitors rush to the Rua Nova do Carvalho. It is one of the coolest and trendiest spots in the city at night. Plus, it learned to take advantage of its old sleazy reputation and turned it into a stepping-stone. The street was known for being a crossroad for local criminals, prostitutes, but now these are only themes of conversations!

Enjoy the cute Rua do Vale

The Rua do Vale is another typical little street of the city of Lisbon. Away from the touristy places, it is one of hidden gems you will love to photograph so you can remember Lisbon’s little corners when back at home. From the street, you can see the façade of the Church of Mercês at the top. While you’re there, you can also visit the Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar which is dedicated to a twentieth century Portuguese artist Júlio Pomar. If you love art and are curious, it is a great thing to do while at Rua do Vale.

Walk the famous Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo

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Next on my top 5 streets to see in Lisbon is the famous Rua da Bica de Duarte Belo, which is definitely one of the highlights of the city. It is one of the most photographed Lisbon streets and you can certainly find it in tourist guides. Located in the little Bica neighborhood, you have a splendid view over the Tejo river from this street and can also get on its iconic funicular that’s been running since 1892.

Go window-shopping at Rua do Carmo

This song written by the UHF Portuguese rock band perfectly describes the atmosphere of the Rua do Carmo: “Whoever eats with their eyes, already fills their stomach“. This street is one of the main arteries between the Chiado, the Bairro Alto and the Baixa neighborhoods. The Rua do Carmo is part of my top 5 streets to see in Lisbon for several reasons. It is a vibrant street where you see the city come to life. Rua do Carmo is nowadays a busy and lively street, where you see the locals living their lives, despite the fire it suffered from in 1988. You can get to the Elevador da Santa Justa, and the Convento do Carmo by walking up the Rua do Carmo.

Feel like a local on Rua da Graça

Like many European cities, Lisbon is separated into several neighborhoods. The Graça area is one of the oldest parts of Lisbon, and is filled with locals. You can find them at one of the several cafes, restaurants and shops!

There is also a large population of young people in this area of Lisbon, thanks to low rent prices. This influx of a younger generation has brought about interesting street art and new restaurants!

Rua do Açúcar for great restaurants

Rua do Açúcar is located in the Marvila neighborhood of Lisbon. This area was once filled with old, abandoned industrial buildings, but it recent years it’s gotten quite the facelift!

Today, you’ll find a huge selection of bars, restaurants, and even a dance studio and an animal “institute,” where you can go to get help training your pets. Don’t miss the amazing pizza place called Aquele Lugar Que Não Existe, or in English, “The Place That Doesn’t Exist.” Despite the fact that this pizza joint does no advertising, and doesn’t even have a sign outside, it has become a hit and is usually quite crowded.

Rua de São Bento for it’s antique shops

Rua de São Bento

The Assembly of the Republic as seen from the Rua de São Bento by Lacobrigo – WikiCommons

The Rua de São Bento is not surprisingly in the São Bento neighborhood of Lisbon. The neighborhood once revolved around a former monastery, which has since been converted to the Assembly of the Republic, where the Portuguese Parliament meets.

Additionally, you’ll find a collection of really interesting antique shops on the Rua de São Bento! This is one of my favorite places to go, as I love antique furniture.

Rua de São Bento is also a part of Lisbon which the locals and tourists alike refer to as “The Triangle.” The Triangle is where 3 streets meet: Rua de São Bento, Rua do Poço dos Negros, and Rua Poiais de São Bento. This interesting area of Lisbon is truly a place where new meets old, and you’ll find trendy concept stores nestled in amongst the old, tiled buildings.

Rua Augusta for Lisbon’s main pedestrian street

Rua Augusta

The Rua Augusta Arch as seen from the Rua Augusta by kuhnmi – Flickr

Rua Augusta is a must-see for anyone that visits Lisbon. It is the city’s main pedestrian street, so you can feel free to wander at your hearts content. You’ll find outdoor cafes, mosaic tiles on the ground, and overall, a really lively and friendly atmosphere!

At the top of Rua Augusta you can’t miss the massive Rua Augusta Arch. If you want to soak in a great view, head to the view point at the top of the arch which you can reach by elevator.

Plus, if you’ve ever seen the movie Gulliver’s Travels, you’ll recognize the arch as the same arch that Gulliver is wheeled through by the Lilliputians. If you know, you know.


You now know my top 9 streets to see in Lisbon. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article and that it has inspired you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further information about anything.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite streets in Lisbon for this list. But, each person is different and each experience is unique and one-of-a-kind. You will probably see many other streets during your stay in Lisbon and they certainly will touch you in a different way.

While in Lisbon, try to see as much as possible and also enter as many places as possible! If you’d like to see the city with one of our local expert guides (which you definitely should!), click here to learn more about all of the walking tours we offer in Lisbon.

See you soon in Lisbon!

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