Even if you are not the most romantic person in the world, believe me, knowing the top 5 spots to kiss in Paris may come in very handy. Whether you visit these spots to impress a beautiful French woman or to share a romantic moment with your sweetheart, or you know, to prove something to yourself, you will want to know where to go.

Top 5 spots to kiss in Paris

The first among the top 5 spots to kiss in Paris is definitely the top of Notre-Dame (metro station Cité on line 4). This is the famous French Cathedral in the world, thanks to the French writer Victor Hugo and to Disney for the invention and adaptation of the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. From the balcony and the top of the towers you will be able to admire one of the most splendid views of Paris with your Esmeralda.

Come at sunset on a cool but bright evening to make the moment even more romantic. And don’t forget! Entrance is not free (around 6 euros) so be prepared otherwise you will have to ask your companion for money, and he or she might be reluctant to kiss you afterwards. I had my own terrific kiss experience in the gardens around Notre-Dame and am now aiming at a kiss on the top of the building.


In second and third place of the top 5 spots to kiss in Paris, are the Canal Saint-Martin and the river banks of the River Seine. What better spot for kissing than beside the glowing water, in front of Notre-Dame or under the shade of the Canal Saint-Martin’s trees? One cannot dream of a more romantic and passionate moment… of course go during the night, sunset or early morning if you wish to have the best light reflection over the water.

luxembourg garden

In fourth position on our list is the Luxembourg gardens (RER B). Inside these elegant gardens you will feel like a Prince or a Princess courting your one true love. The best spot to kiss inside the gardens is not in front of the Luxembourg Palace and the big central fountain because that’s where the crowd gathers. Instead, choose the shaded areas, on the grass or the far end of the gardens next to the Luxembourg museum’s entrance.

Pont des Arts

Finally, the last spot of the top 5 spots to kiss in Paris is the Pont des Arts, the Bridge of Arts, near the metro station Pont Neuf (New Bridge) on line 7. It is one of the best spots to kiss in Paris since the bridge is car-free. It is also called the bridge of love. In fact, all the romantic couples in Paris make a stop on this bridge and hang a padlock on the railings. As long as the padlock holds on, love will continue!

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