Top 5 places to rent a scooter in Rome

Rome has plenty of historical places to visit, many buildings and monuments to see distributed throughout the entire city.

Some of them are easily reachable on foot or buy bus and with the underground, while others are not so, for this reason scooter can be the most efficient way to enjoy Rome, you will visit more places in 3 hours than you could in an entire day.

If the time you have available is short or if you want to give a special twist to your holiday and feel like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in the “Roman Holiday” movie, then read on!

Here you will find a list of the top 5 places to rent a scooter in Rome!

Rent a scooter in Rome


Vespa in Rome by Studiovers – Wikimedia Commons

Visiting the city on two wheels has its advantages:

  • You will avoid the busy streets and the crowded underground;
  • You won’t need bus tickets;
  • You won’t need to use public transportation;
  • No more timetables and no more wasted time waiting;
  • More places to visit.

But Rome is most definitely not the place to learn how to operate a scooter. Driving around Rome by motor requires a lot of attention, even if the roman drivers are careful, it can always happen that someone makes a mistake.

Remember the essential rules:

  • you can drive in the Centro Storico and through ZTL barriers and access many areas that cars can’t;
  • don’t forget your driving licence;
  • don’t drink and drive;
  • don’t drive the wrong way up streets;
  • avoid bus lanes and pedestrian areas, especially Via dei Fori Romani;
  • mind the tram tracks!
  • with the 50 or 125 cc scooter it is forbidden to go on the motorway.

Top 5 places to rent a scooter in Rome


Scooter by Trinity_eRoller – Pixabay

You can visit the Roman suburbs or admire the Gianicolo in the evening, or even get to Trastevere or San Lorenzo without worrying about nothing! Isn’t that fantastic? You will have so much fun and an unforgettable experience by simply riding a scooter and visiting as many places as possible.

 Here you will find a presentation of the best 5 places to rent a scooter in Rome:


1. Bici & Baci


On a quiet street of Rome by Artem Kavalerov -Wikimedia Commons

A stone’s throw from Rome Termini Station on Via Rosmini, 26/28 you will find “Bici & Baci“, a company founded in 1997 from the idea of Claudio Sarra, a scooter enthusiast.

The rental agency is specialized in renting scooters, bicycles and electric vehicles but also organizing tours.

Here you will find tours for all tastes and requirements, planned and adapted to your needs. You can choose your one vehicle, the itinerary and the time you prefer to live. But if you are not practical, you can always ask the rental office for a guided tour! They have reliable drivers with great experience!

The most important thing is that here you will find eco-friendly vehicles! From 2016 they offer eco-friendly scooters for more responsible tourism!

The rental agency is open every day from 08 to 19 pm. Here you will find all the information you need.
The price for renting an electric scooter for the whole day is € 32.


2. Roma Rent a Scooter


Scooters in Rome by Odile -Pixabay

Near Largo di Torre Argentina, in Via del Paradiso n. 42 you will find the rental agency “Roma Rent Scooter“.

Francesco the owner will suggest beautiful places to visit and the best places in Rome where you can taste typical dishes.

If you need a scooter with a 50 cc engine capacity the price is:

  • for 1 day € 40
  • for 2 days € 80

Instead for a scooter with a 125 cc engine capacity is:

  • for 1 day € 50
  • for 2 days € 100
The rental agency is open every day from 09 to 19.
Here you can find all the information necessary, you can even contact them on Facebook here!

3. Cooltra


Scooter by Fjaka – Pixabay

In Via di Santa Maria Maggiore n. 131, near the Termini Station you will find the “Cooltra” delivery point that will allow you to visit the “eternal city” in a fast and fun way.

Book their scooter through their website and pick it up at the delivery point shop. Their scooter delivery service at Termini station is active every day from 9 am to 8 pm.

Normally they wait for the customer for 15 minutes, so if there are any delays or inconveniences, remember to notify them by sending an email to or call them at (+39) 064884508. They will reschedule the delivery of your scooter at the time of your arrival.

My top tip

Do not forget to send them an email to choose the size of your helmets (from XS to XL), and if you are two on the scooter, I recommend you to add a top case to store safely the second helmet. In their service you will find included the helmet, RC insurance and free cancellation 24 hours in advance.

4. Rome by Vespa


Scooter by igorovsyannyko – Pixabay

In Via dei Mille n. 8 you will find the “Rome by Vespa” rental agency and they will help you find your best experience in Rome.

You can choose between

a scooter with 50 cc engine :

  • for 1 day 40 €
  • for2 days 75 €
  • extra day € 25

a scooter with 125 cc engine:

  • for 1 day 50 €
  • for 2  days € 95
  • extra day € 35

a vespa with a 125 cc engine:

  • for 1 day € 59
  • for 2 days € 115
  • extra day € 4.

If you don’t know I have to organize your visit, they have five organized tours you can choose from:

  1. Discover Rome: 90 € (2 hours)
  2. Panoramic tour: 135 € (3 hours)
  3. The best of Rome: 145 € (4 hours)
  4. Rome by night: 135 € (3 hours)
  5. Castelli romani: 175 € (6 hours)
Check their web site here for more information about the tours, you can even choose to have a private driver!
The rental agency is open every day from 8:30 to 19:00 pm


To rent a scooter with “Rome by Vespa” you must have previous scooter driving experience, an European or international driver license and € 500 deposit on credit card.

5. Treno e scooter vespa rental


Scooters by Skitterphoto – Pixabay

Near Roma Termini, in Piazza dei Cinquecento you will find the “Treno and scooter vespa rental”, initiative promoted by Ferrovie dello Stato, Legambiente and Piaggio.

You can rent:

  • a 50 cc engine scooter  from 9.00 am to 19.00 pm at 22/28 € (or for 24 hours at 20/25€).
  • a 125 cc engine scooter   from 9.00 am to 19.00 pm at 36/45 € (or for 24 hour at 39/49 €).

And also:

  • a 150 cc  engine scooter   from 9.00 am to 19.00 pm at 43/54 € (or for 24 hours  at 47/59 €).

Included in the price you will have a bandana, a padlock for your scooter and two helmets and also a top case for them!

The agency is open from open from 9.00 am to 14.00 pm and from 16.00 pm to 19.00 pm.
Here you will find all the information you need!