Top 5 Places to Propose in Paris


Similar to a list of top places to kiss in Paris, a list of the top places in Paris from which to propose as a difficult task to narrow down. Everything in this city is so naturally romantic and dripping with love that proposing on a sidewalk becomes the event of the year.

Paris – by Anthony DELANOIX – Unsplash

During my time in Paris, I have been witness to no less than seven public proposals in and around the city; not all of them successful I might add. Then there are the public weddings that happen in the parks and gardens when the weather is good — but those are tales for another time.

To make things a little less general, lets look at the top five places in Paris to propose to your lover. I’ll warn you in advance there is at least one very cheesy, cliche option — you’ll survive!

1. On or Under a Bridge in Paris

The Seine River cuts through the city of Paris, separating it into the left and right banks . The flow of foot traffic from one bank to the other relies heavily on the many bridges that are situated every 100 meters or so along the water .

Some of these are regular foot bridges with little character to them. Most, however, are architectural masterpieces that date back centuries.

Pont Alexandra III – by Léonard Cotte – Unsplash

Proposals happen on and under the Parisian bridges quite regularly. By night they are lit up, which creates an ambiance that money can’t buy.

My favorite bridge in Paris is the Pont Alexandre III. You’ll find it near the Eiffel Tower and Invalides part of the Seine. I’m partial to anything that features gargoyles. The gold trim is a nice touch as well!

The Pont Neuf near Notre Dame is exceptionally beautiful as well, though the full effect of the bridge is sometimes better viewed from the water rather than actually being on it.

2. On a Hot Air Balloon Over Paris

I recently told someone who was traveling with a toddler that they should check out the hot air balloon rides that are available over Paris. The rides leave from the…

If you really want to amplify the magic, book the ride in advance and request the sunset slot. This is a proposal ideal for individuals who aren’t fazed by a big public display of affection, and are happy just being the two of them in the sky — and the balloon pilot of course, but pretend he’s not there.

The Ballon Generali takes off from Paris’s Parc André Citroën. The rides are short and fares are affordable.

Aerfun Balloons – by Aerfun Balloons – Sourced from their website

For a longer, deeper ride over Paris you’ll have to use Aerfun Balloons. They take off from Maintenon Station and will set you back €220 per person. Worth it if you consider you’ll be up there for three hours and be served champagne during the ride.

I encourage everyone thinking of popping the question this way to only do so if they are 100% certain that the person on the receiving end is going to say yes. Trés awkward to be stuck somewhere between the Earth and the moon for another hour with someone who has just rejected your very grand gesture.

3. At the Champ de Mars in Paris

Yes… yes. This is it.

Who wouldn’t want to be proposed to in front of the Eiffel Tower, right?! Who cares if its been done three hundred million times before?

The Eiffel Tower has been a symbol of intense romance since it first found a home in the city of love. Year after year millions of hopeless romantics book their trips to Paris with the sole intent of getting engaged somewhere near this iconic structure.

The Champ de Mars is the vast park space that overlook the Eiffel Tower. By day it is virtually impossible to find place to step amongst the many picnickers and sunbathers, let alone get down on one knee.

Champ de Mars – by Guillaume Speurt – Wikimedia Commons

By night things are a bit different, and there should be ample place in the park for you to set up a romantic corner to behold the glistening tower nearby. I’ve witnessed an engagement here and it’s cute as hell — even if it is the most obvious trick in the book.

The saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” comes to mind when I think about this proposal spot in the French capital. It definitely ain’t broke.

4. During Paris Pride in Paris

Once a year, every major city in the world holds their Gay Pride Festival that generally takes place across the city streets and hospitality venues around town.

The festival is a celebration of the equality and progression of LGBTQ+ communities around the world, and a public stance against those countries who deny members of this community their freedom to live as their authentic selves.

Pride takes place in Paris sometime in June every year. The parade makes its way through the city centre until it reaches the… where attendees then enjoy performances, speeches and general celebratory acts for the rest of the day.

Paris Pride – by Jeanne Menjoulet – Wikimedia Commons

Pride is a popular time for proposals to take place around the world, particularly for gay couples (though all are welcome, always). It is an opportunity to seize a powerful moment in terms of the history of gay rights and mark it with two individuals agreeing to enter matrimony with one another.

If you’ve ever attended a Pride you’ll have likely noticed many “she said yes” posters or “husband to be” t-shirts floating around the space. What’s interesting about Pride is that there are usually as many spontaneous proposals as there are pre-planned ones. Love is thick in the air at this festival in Paris.

5.  At a Movie Location in Paris

This next one is ridiculously romantic provided your significant other is somewhat of a French movie fiend; which, if you’ve planned to propose in France of all places, they usually will be.

If you take a free guided walking tour through a central neighborhood in Paris your guide will occasionally point out interesting landmarks that have been used in Blockbuster films around the world. All of which make for really memorable spots to ask the burning question from.

The beautiful fountain at the Place de la Concorde is easily recognizable from the well known film The Devil Wears Prada. It marks the spot where Ann Hathaway famously discarded her cellphone as a final goodbye to the fashion world.

Place de la Concorde – by Moonik – Wikimedia Commons

In the widely popular French film, Amélie, the main character by the same name spends her days working in the Café des deux Moulins in Montmartre that is a real cafe open to the public. This movie tends to carry fanatics in its wake, if your spouse-to-be is one of them then consider this the perfect proposal point in Paris!

Midnight in Paris is the Woody Allen film that introduced audiences to the most beautiful parts of the city and some historic characters who used to call it home. The Musée Rodin is perhaps the most picturesque of all the scenes in the film, recognizable by the many statues that are found in the museum’s garden area.

It will be fun to watch the film in question years after the proposal and point out the exact spot where mommy/daddy asked to get married, assuming the marriage lasts long enough to do so. No pressure.

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