You decided to visit Paris and, of course, you want to discover the world reknown french food. You will of course discover it during your stay, or bring back home some typical dishes. But, what about learning french cooking, to feel like you’re in a Parisian restaurant every time you eat at home? I am here to help you discover how you can become a master of this art, to amaze all of your friends! Here are my personal top 5 cooking classes you’ll find in Paris.

« L’atelier des chefs »


Top 5 Paris cooking classes latelier-chefs

This group has different places in Paris. But what’s good with this cooking class is that they have really small groups. That means a famous chef will only have about 5 people in his group, so that he can give advice and lessons adapted to each person. I you want to know how to cook fish, and your neighbor meat, he will teach you how to cook it and your neighbour too. The classes are fully personalized, and that is what makes them efficient and funny, despite the fact that the chefs are, indeed, famous and really good.

« The Lenôtre School »


This is probably the best cooking classes concerning the chef’s competence: 10 of the chefs teaching here won the prize of France best worker, which is the final consecration for a chef in France. Nothing more to be said!

« What’s for dinner »

Created by Amandine Geers, who wrote a lot of books about food in France, these classes will help you discover and learn how you can eat well, most of the time with organic food, but respecting the french cooking tradition.

« Thierry Marx’s Foodlab »

Thierry Marx

First of all, Thierry Marx is one of the most famous chefs in the world. He will teach his art of molecular cooking to professionals or amateurs. This is obviously something you should try, as you won’t find someone who knows better what he is talking about: he invented it.

« Alain Ducasse’s School »


Given in highly modern kitchens, with a famous chef, this cooking class will teach you how to ally french tradition and « high cooking ». This is the place to go if you want to discover and understand french gastronomy. With that, for sure you’re gonna have a lot of success in your French cooking!

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